Post Announces Grape Nuts NON-GMO Project Certification

While I did enjoy my fair share of sugary cereals as a child, Honeycombs being one of my favorites, I gave up the cereals from my childhood when I became an adult. My body can't handle a ton of sugar in the morning and I really need to go heavy on the protein to make it through until lunchtime. We really try to keep sugar content and ingredients to a minimum when selecting breakfast cereal for our girls. I consider cereal to be a backup breakfast plan, we typically love a hot breakfast in the morning, but we know that's not always realistic.

Grape Nuts was a cereal we always had on hand growing up, that was known as my mother's cereal. I laugh thinking about pulling any random box of cereal off the shelf to find them near empty, but the Grape Nuts box always felt solid, it was a go to.  I grew to love Grape Nuts with a sliced banana as a teenager. When I read that Post had decided to take one of my all time favorite cereals and certify it GMO Free via the NON GMO Project I ran out to buy a box. I haven't bought Grape Nuts in about two decades. Let me also clarify, you'll be hard pressed to find any other products by Post in my pantry, but I do have a nostalgic weakness for Grape Nuts. I can guarantee, with the addition of a very small label I have grown to love, it will always be in my pantry.