Thursday 13: Shit I Want To Blog About

Maybe you've noticed I'm actually blogging on the regular again. Let's flashback to 2008 and relive the good ol' days by revisiting one of my all time favorites, Thursday 13. All my blog posts have labels, you can click on a label and see other posts I've written over the years on the same vague topic. The last Thursday 13 post I wrote back in 2009 was titled, Thursday 13: Ways Bloomberg Could've Spent the 100 Million Dollars.

Thanks to a combination of iPhone notes and the voice memo apps, I am able to quickly write down snippets of ideas I have to turn into blog posts. Well that's the idea anyway. Let me confess, at the time they seem brilliant. Sometimes looking back over the list I have to grasp at what in the world I meant by my three or four word whim of inspiration. Today, I am revealing the inside scoop on random thoughts that have yet to transpire in this space, but they will. I swear they will. 

Please note, no random thoughts have been edited or modified to make any sense for this Thursday 13 revival. means those ideas were published! 

1.  I know how to walk into my future


3. no more closed doors (keeping a clean house) ✔ (kind of)

4. Escaping internal dialogue

5. Phones away kids at play

6. Worst words to say to a child, I'm bad at math

7. Does integrity matter?

8. Screen Time (insert chuckle)

9. Applesauce   ✔ 

10. Facebook validation

12. What does passive aggressive in social media look like?

13. Fashion is NOT a reward