Vision Board In The Making

Light was streaming through my picture window in just the perfect way this afternoon to highlight the dust collecting on a stack of current magazines I keep on the shelf of my coffee table. I reached down to clear them off and put them away in a basket, when I realized my magazine storage basket was so stuffed to the gills that it was pulling apart on two sides from being too heavy.

Immediately I thought, time to deal with the magazines. I'm not even going to get into how old my stack of current magazines are, but let's just say my pile was at least 50 deep.

I grabbed an armful, a pair of scissors, and decided it was time to make a vision board. A cold and snowy day turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to sit around with a hot cup of tea and chop up magazines. I sorted a few piles of clippings, one for my vision board, one with recipes, one with quick workout routines I could try at home, and one with house inspiration.

My vision board is to inspire me, help me focus positive thoughts, and stay on track with my goals to NURTURE many aspects of my life. I found great quotes, photos of beautiful places, and images of women living in a healthy body. Below is a glance at my vision board components, it's just not fixed onto a surface yet! 

Finding your roots
Stronger connections
Make 2014 your year to shine
Better love your everyday life
Loving your body begins with what you feed it
(heart) yourself
Create sexy
Treat yourself
Simply delightful
I want my jeans to go on easier
Poetic wanderlust
Artful blogging, creative blogs
Art is (love) life
Get out there
I want my jeans to come off easier
This is your moment to be beautiful
Save a lot splurge a little
Never stop exploring
Living your life's purpose happens when you begin choosing the state of mind that feels the most ...fundamentally correct for you
Simplify, simplify
Set your soul free
Turn a little money into a lot
It will be a love, love, love relationship
No more excuses
Get real
Explore everywhere
Make it happen