Off Trail, A Boulder Caught My Eye

Yesterday it reached the sweetest and most perfect sunshine filled 70 degrees. With a drop in temperature and snow in the forecast, I spent the entire evening after work outside.  The warmth was still lingering this morning when I stepped outside, which drove my motivation to head out for a hike. As I approached the very first intersection onto the main trail, my eyes gazed west at the heavy clouds that had rolled in, hiding the tips of the mountains. Before I knew it, the wind started to pick up. My hands were instantly drawn to the comfort of my fleece lined pockets. I realized this storm was blowing in faster than I anticipated. A mere 30 minutes ago, my choice of a down jacket seemed excessive, which made me snidely chuckle as my hood went up over my wool hat. 

The change in weather didn't bring me down. Living in Colorado you have to take it as it comes. I continued along the rutted out trail when a large boulder up on the hillside caught my eye. I'm not sure why, but I went off trail, stepping over downed trees, drawn in to the rock. I found one that particularly suited me and I raised my knee to my waist and pushed my leg straight to pull my body to the top of the boulder. My right leg planted down deep into the moss covered rock that had at some point been released from the depths of the mountains just to my west, as my left knee lifted as my foot planted into my inner thigh. Small little snow balls fell from the sky, the wind blew, and my arms raised to the sky as I completed Vrksasana (tree pose). My heart deeply and rhythmically beat, I worked to slow my breath. I found myself moving through other asanas, easily, it felt natural. 


It was innate to stop moving, tune in to the birds chirping, how the branches creaked as the wind blew them to their maximum bending limits. My senses were on, absorbing everything around me, reminding me of why I've called the Rocky Mountains my home for 20 years.