2015 * CREATE

cre·ate |krēˈāt|
  • bring (something) into existence.
  • cause (something) to happen as a result of one's actions.

Create. In 2015 I'm setting my intentions on creating. Once again I've chosen a simple word that is full of endless possibilities (2014*Nurture). Eleven and eight years ago respectively, I made the most beautiful creations of my lifetime, and I happily spend my time arms wholly wrapped around them, tending and nurturing their needs. As my girls grow and develop the need for their own space, I experience small glimpses of time that I can use to tap back into my creative side, a side that often drives my daily life, without the attention it deserves. My creative side is often soft and whispering to me, but  I want to give it a voice. 

In 2015, I will make time and space to create.  In the most practical sense, that ultimately means creating balance and time to do things that fulfill Me. Yes, Me. I want to embrace the bubbling over of my desire to create with my hands, an open heart, and a wisdom that has arrived in the most profound and yet wonderful ways. Create what? I'd love to start with a journal of writing, a full sketchbook, I want the white canvases that sit dusty in a storage closet to come to life with vibrance. The loudest and most reoccurring whisper I hear is to pick up my paint brushes again. I vow to listen. More practically, I want to create routine that will lead to harmony in my home-family life. I thrive when creating organization, when everything falls into it's place, and maintaining that through routine is the piece that is lacking for me. I will reclaim it. Harmony will naturally give way to more time to create. It's the creative circle that will surround me, harmony through routine, golden nuggets of time leading to expressive outlets, and around we go again. 

Here are some ways I've set my intentions on create. 


  • everyday routine
  • time and space for self expression
  • openness to nurture relationships in my life
  • expressive momentum
  • confidence to achieve
  • the ability to hear my heart's whispers
  • a new connection to the artist inside
  • a lens to see myself that is gentle and assuring 
  • space to experience my full being

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