Day 4 and She's Already Writing About Writing

The funny thing about setting aside time to write daily is that you may sit down with one idea and find a completely different post lands on your screen. Yesterday I was ready to blather on about my internet outage, but instead I focused on gratitude. It's strange how conscious I've been of this process unfolding in front of me, as it has been quite sometime eons since I've posted daily. This time around it's easier to sit with my words, to digest them, to reread, to polish. I find myself cutting and pasting and creating small paragraphs of the same text below the paragraph I'm currently working on and also having no qualms with deleting sentence after sentence. I'm looking at words in new ways, building sentences that simply flow with my thoughts, opening new windows and drafting two sentence ideas for other posts that arise in the moment. There's a lightness to my experience, by just allowing my words to be released. And there's nothing quite like the cliché of a blogger writing about their writing process. Be done Denise, be done.