Discovering Music

Another violin has entered our home. I played when I was 9, quit by the time I was 12. My oldest has been playing since she was 9, when an orchestra program was launched at our school. Now, my youngest has chosen to join the orchestra and learn to play the violin. For three years now, G has joined us at performances and hung around school during orchestra practice watching her big sister.

When I took her into the local music shop to pick up her 1/2 size rental, her smile was wider than her face. It was obvious she was waiting for her moment. As it turns out, she's very focused. Unlike her big sister, she practices on average five days a week for at least 20 minutes per session. She would power through when her fingers were hurting from plucking the strings and her determination allowed her to quickly progress onto bowing. Tonight I sat on the floor outside her bedroom door unbeknownst to her. She sounded so wonderful for a newbie, it's hard to believe she's only a couple of months into lessons. I began to hum along with her song, after she finished she stepped outside her room to find me. "Mom, have you been listening to me this whole time," she inquired. I told her I couldn't help myself. Being a part of her discovering music, reading notes, placing her fingers, practicing songs until she gets it just right, is pure magic.