Drawing My Curtains Back

September ushers in the strongest felt seasonal contrasts, the strange and unexpected fading out of morning sunshine. The sunlight feels too slow to grace us and the dark makes staying in bed too easy to do. A solution to combat my lingering in bed was to draw my bedroom curtains back, day and night. A few times in the wee hours of the morning by surprise, my bare windows allowed the intense glow of the moon to rattle me right out of a deep slumber. Although I find it's hard to be disappointed when natural light, be it from the sun or moon, finds it's way into my home. This otherwise hard to find pure white moonlight illuminates our bodies in the dark. My squinting eyes glimpse out the window to capture highlights on tree limbs and leaves, cascading deep shadows, light draping the landscape in a way sunshine never could. I roll over to my default fetal position, pulling my worn in cotton quilt over my shoulder, moonlight on my back, and fall back into a slumber.

Drawing my curtains back has proven to be one of my best ideas yet.


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