Gymastics Is Not A Sport Of My People

Sometimes I have the funniest timed epiphanies. I was standing at gymnastics pickup, looking down at the grey speckled wall to wall carpet, avoiding a myriad of rambunctious toddlers, when I noticed a mom walk by with a pair of socks on I own. I'm sure you're thinking, so what's the big coincidence? There must be dozens of moms in Boulder own wool socks from Costco. What stood out about these socks, was that they went almost to her knee!!! They were peaking out of the top of her boot that went above the mid calf line. Woah. They are crew socks and this woman was so tiny, the sock went so far up on her leg. I'm not joking the socks are basically ankle socks for me. It made me feel tall and long, mainly because I am, but it was like WOW YOU ARE TALL. All that from a simple pair of socks.

Then, not even 5 minutes later a mom stands right next to me wearing a sweater I own from Anthro. At first I thought to myself, my that's a cute sweater, and then I realized hey I own that sweater! So what's the big deal about the sweater? Well, it went down past her butt. I swear, it barely hits the top of my jean pockets. Apparently she has a short torso and I have a oddly long torso because the same sweater looks dramatically different on me. And then I thought…Wow you really are tall, tall, tall, Denise.

Next week I am swooping in moments before gymnastics lets out, so I can feel normal and not compare myself to all the Mary Lou Retton sized moms. I mean seriously, what in the world is my tall child doing pursuing gymnastics, this is not a sport of my people.