Hilarious Entertainment For Kids, Bean Boozled!

After the Warren Miller Movie we went out to dinner with a large group of friends. We were hanging out talking when the kids asked if they could go next door to the candy shop. My girls came back begging for Bean Boozled, so I agreed to buy a package (large box with spinner was $8). I can't believe how much entertainment came from a package of jelly beans, it bought the adults another 45 minutes of catching up. The premise of Bean Boozled is you spin and then you have to eat the color jelly bean you landed on, the only caveat is the color could be a great fun flavor or a disaster gross flavor! The kids had patrons of the restaurant stopping by the table to watch them take a spin! We even convinced two super cool Boulder Police Officers to play along when we were waiting for our vehicle that was right in the middle of a bomb squad call. If you are looking for cheap entertainment for a group of kids, I definitely recommend Bean Boozled!


this is NOT A SPONSORED POST! just simply sharing a fun time that was had by all!