Just An Average Friday At Work, Hanging With Birds Of Prey

I casually strolled into an assembly today with my new camera in hand, to take some photos for the school's website. I thought I would grab some large group shots and a few close ups of the birds of prey an outreach organization had brought in to celebrate our 10 years as a Green Star School. There was an owl, a hawk, a falcon, and your everyday BALD EAGLE. But it turns out, I became an active part of the assembly. The birds were marvelous, I was as enthralled as the kindergartners in the front row. The entire presentation was captivating and interactive. One hour and over a 100 photos later, I snuck out of the back of the gymnasium and into my office as the younger kids were letting out. I decided to pass on staying for the second assembly with the older students.

My decision to leave would wind up biting me in the ass. It wasn't even 15 minutes into the next assembly when I received a text message with a photo of my oldest daughter interacting with the owl. I high tailed it down to the gymnasium, but I had missed the moment. As I was decompressing with a colleague about how disappointed I was, the newspaper photographer stopped to give us his card and he mentioned my daughter's name. The guilt rushed out of my body the minute I saw his amazing candid shots of my girl. He was even kind enough to email them to me within the hour. Thanks to the photographer for saving the day!

How cool is this moment: