Oh What A Night!

Tonight I was invited to a free preview screening of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, which releases on Friday November 20th. Typically, I would decline a midweek drive to Denver to preview a movie, but I knew my girl would go absolutely crazy if I took her. I need to note, she's only been talking about the release of this movie for about 6 months. In the past few weeks, we've been getting the daily, I'm so excited Mockingjay Part 2 is coming out in 18 days, 12 days, oh my goodness, it's THIS FRIDAY.

I accepted the offer to attend and kept it a total surprise. On our drive down to Denver, I made up some story about a blogging event, and she was asking if some of our blogworld friends would be there. I played along right up until the moment we entered the theater. She could not believe it, her excitement was met with some anticipation and sadness because the moment had arrived that the trilogy would be over. There were parts of the movie I would cover my eyes, she definitely got a big kick out of my response. I also predicted the ending and I have not read the books yet (I think I have to now). It was a definitely a moment to remember, mainly because I know how much it meant to her to see the movie before it was released. We spent the entire car ride home breaking down the movie, she's already counting the days before she sees it again! I'm going to have to end with, two thumbs up.

Disclaimer, I was given free tickets to attend the preview screening. I was not asked to post about the movie and as you can see, this is not a review. I just wanted to relish the moment with my girl.