Snow Outside, Blanket Fort Inside

We woke to snow, a light dusting. Even though there wasn't much accumulation, snow still comes with the reality that it's cold outside. We talked briefly over breakfast about things we could do with our day,  but the majority of options were out of the house. The notion of staying in for the day felt so charming. With no activities to run to in the afternoon, we opted to stay put. The girls begged for a blanket fort and my oh my did J indulge them. He didn't just build a blanket fort, it felt like a rent controlled studio in the Village! The girls grabbed blankets and pillows, the space was so comfortable for lounging around, that's exactly how we spent our day. I'm surprised they didn't request to sleep in there, although they did ask if it could stay up through the weekend. Of course we said yes, if it means more relaxing, easy going days. Why are blanket forts so magical?