The Best Non-Toxic and Speedy Way To Clean Your Oven (yes, baked on grease!)

In preparation for my parents visit over Thanksgiving, I spent sometime deep cleaning my kitchen today. My mother loves to putter around the house and for fun I'll find her doing chores like scrubbing the inside of my toaster oven. In an attempt to give her some time to relax, I thought I'd clean the oven, toaster oven, and wipe down my cabinets before their arrival! I couldn't recall the last time I cleaned the inside of my oven, but it only took once glance to recognize it had been too long. Years ago (yes, I said years ago) I did one of those self-cleaning cycles, but to be quite honest I am not a fan of the fumes and when it's hot out, it's hard to convince us to run the oven all day. Then when it's cold out, who wants to open the windows to run the oven all day just to clean it, plus it seems like a waste of gas. There is no way I would ever buy those toxic smelling oven cleaners, so I've resorted to wiping out spills and quite often overlooked the baked on part. I set out to clean the neglected oven. Actually when you opened the door it looked a little like this:

That photo is after I scrubbed the inside of the door. I used my go to Choreboy scrubbers, Bon Ami, Ecover cream cleanser, Seventh Generation free and clear all purpose cleaner and the oven STILL LOOKED LIKE THAT!

Then I did some research and I learned a perfect non-toxic oven cleaning technique.

Let me share it with you!

1. Spray your favorite all purpose cleanser on the dark, baked in spots that will not easily come off with a cleaning cloth and a little elbow grease. I love Seventh Generation's All Purpose Cleaner. 

2. Wait 3-5 minutes. 

3. Use a razor blade to scrape the baked on, thick mess off! Make sure the parts you are scraping with the razor blade are still wet, this is very important. 

4. Wipe down with a wet rag following to shine and polish! 

I used a basic razorblade, I don't recommend this. Use a real scraper.

The after shot of my oven door! For real! 5 minutes later and a little scraping. No toxic cleaners were used, which is the best part! 

This is the type of scraper I recommend, they cost about $2 and are way safer! 

Happy Cleaning....

All products mentioned, I purchase for use in my home. This post was not sponsored by any companies.