Tuesdays Are A Gift

Tuesdays feel like a gift to me, it's my regular day off of work. Everyone is out of the house either at work or school. I try my hardest to avoid turning Tuesdays into errand day, wasting the day running around in my car. Post office, grocery store, bank, or a return to Target can all wait until any day of the week other than Tuesday. Instead, I have a leisurely breakfast with a chai and allow the morning to simply spill into the afternoon. Today in particular turned out to be the most wonderful day weather wise, 73 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Surely those perfect conditions prompted a couple of hours reading in my hammock. I didn't even allow the crunch of the leaves under my feet as to prompt me to do something preposterous like, raking leaves. I mean, it's Tuesday after all.

there was a delay in posting, my internet went out last night at 9:30 and wasn't back up until this am. Boo.