Oscar Party Nosh

The 88th Academy Awards ceremony honoring the best of Hollywood of 2015 airs on Sunday, February 28! My favorite display of Hollywood grandeur is always the Oscars, there's no topping it. When I gather with a group of friends, I like to make my day as easy as possible so I can fully enjoy the show. Here are some tips from Whole Foods Market to create a fun evening without breaking the budget:

Create a display like a craft service pro! Small plates and appetizers, finger foods like Sriracha chicken wontons or premade meatballs (look for Nature's Rancher). I like to offer lots of protein to balance out the other fun treats on the table. I love the ease of creating a charcuterie plate and it always looks so lovely.

Keep them entertained! I love the idea of having a blind wine tasting.  Simply choose 3 varietals from Criterions roster to serve as the standard, and pair it against a popular bottle of the same variety (for a total of 6 bottles). Cover them both with paper bags and have guests compare. For extra points, create an awards ballot of your own to choose a winning wine.

Switch it up with citrus! Citrus is in season right now, so grab a bag of clementines to create a centerpiece and also allow for your guests to snack on them, a double duty centerpiece and treat! Have lemon and lime wedges cut and ready to go for water to create a more festive feeling to your entertaining. 

Disclaimer, I was compensated by Whole Foods Market as a WFM Ambassador for this post. Content is purely at my discretion.