The First 25 Miles In Vasque Skywalk GTXs

On Mother's Day a clunky wrapped box was placed on my lap in bed. It felt a bit too heavy for shoes, but I wasn't anticipating a new dish set, so my curiosity was instantly piqued. Alas, the reissued Vasque Skywalk GTXs I had been swooning over for months now were inside, they weigh in just under 3lbs for the pair. The Skywalks were really popular in the mid-90s when I was living in the Adirondacks and just the sight of them takes me back. I could not wait to get them on and out on the trails!

First I think it's important to share, I hike in Brooks running shoes. I have a light weight pair I love in the summer for hikes shorter than 7 miles and I own a worn out pair of Scarpa low cut approach shoes. I haven't owned proper hiking boots in years. When I put on the Skywalks they were as expected pretty STIFF, but not uncomfortable. I booted up and set out for my first hike, which turned out to be about 4 miles. I had a tiny hot spot on my right heel, mainly due to lacing adjustments, but overall I was happy with how my feet felt when I got home. The major adjustment for me on the trail was the height of the sole, I have to be more conscious of lifting up my feet. The trails I hike are rocky, so rocks that really stick out sometimes catch the sole of my boot. The ankle support has proven to be a major plus to me and I am almost embarrassed that I have spent so many years just hiking in sneakers.

At this moment in time, I've put about 25 miles into my boots in less than 2 weeks. The boots are still firm, I have developed one blister, but nothing that even irritates me when I am out on the trail. The Gortex construction does make your feet heat up in the summer and also makes taking them off even sweeter. I look forward to hundreds and maybe if I'm lucky, thousands of miles on the trails in these boots. Oh the places we'll go.

If you want more details on the technical aspects of the boot, check out the Vasque site. This is not a sponsored post, I'm just a happy customer.