Gasp, What To Do With All The Halloween Candy?!?

We are knee deep in the post Halloween sugar laden dilemma, what in the world do we do with all the candy? A listserv of local moms I belong to started the Halloween season with a list of candy companies that source their chocolate from child slave labor. Of course, I fixed up a batch of fresh popcorn to see what kind of ideas would roll of out from the group with what to do with all the demonic processed sugar our children spent hours gathering from strangers. There are local dentists that pay per pound and ship the candy off to the troops and the food bank isn't interested, so gasp it's almost like we are left to make decision completely on our own. OH MY, what to do with the candy? I pride myself on being non-traditional, but we allow our daughters to eat their Halloween candy. Yes, I said it, they consume their favorites by week 1 and then we combine both piles and slowly it just fades into the background. As it turns out, the candy doesn't turn into some big power struggle, it just loses it's excitement. Fascinating...


  1. You eat it??! What are you thinking! You'll all turn into Oompa Loompas....

    I thought it was peculiar the dentists have such concern about the kids, yet they have no compunction about poisoning the troops... Hmmmm.


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