Oh My Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +, You are Lovely!

We all seem to know the feeling of dread the next morning when half the night was spent awake with tossing and turning. For me, I was up from 1:30-4 am and thought for sure I should just throw in the towel and get up for the day. I did finally fall back to sleep for 2 more hours. I felt so discombobulated in the morning, that I instantly prepared myself for my coworkers and family to tell me how exhausted I looked. I took a hot shower, I had two cups of tea. I made sure to not skip a step hydrating my face, I went for eyeliner and mascara instead of my quick mascara touch up, I even put on lipstick before heading out to work.

What happened when I walked into the office was the exact opposite of what I anticipated. Not one, but two coworkers instantly complimented me on my skin and how radiant/glowing I looked. I told them, it must be the lipstick. They instantly quipped, no it's your skin! They inquired as to what I was  doing to my skin? I laughed. Not even a week ago I started using some new products by Trilogy, Whole Foods Market sent me to test out.  Could they already be having such a fabulous and noticeable impact on my skin? Why yes, they are. Funny enough a friend was in the office when I walked in the next day and she commented on my glow. I mean seriously, I don't ever think I've used skincare products that had such a quick and noticeable impact on my skin. 

My routine has been using the cleanser I normally use with my Clarisonic, followed by the hydrating mist toner, the rosehip oil antioxidant + (which is really liquid magic), and the ultra hydrating face cream (hello winter in Colorado). 

Trilogy: Simple Skin: cleanse, treat, moisturize.

A little about Trilogy, two sisters from New Zealand discovered the powerful benefits of using rosehip oil in their skin care routine, and then went on to develop an entire line of 40 products which are free of synthetic ingredients. Hooray! I believe it's so important to treat our skin the way we treat our bodies, with products made from ingredients found in nature. As for Whole Foods Market, all of their beauty products meet the strictest standards for quality sourcing, environmental impact, results and safety. For more information on these standards, as well as a list of 400 unacceptable body care ingredients visit the premium body care standards for the most up to date info!

Whole Foods Market is offering a Bare Faced Beauty holiday kit, so you can try out the rosehip oil antioxidant +, it also has a great bag, hydrating mist toner, and the make-up be gone cleansing balm. 

Disclaimer, I was compensated by Whole Foods Market as a WFM Ambassador for this post. Content is purely at my discretion. 


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