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When A Path Diverges

A year ago the path I was walking diverged. As I looked ahead, I saw the same pea gravel trail with some slight elevation gains, it continued on as far as my eyes could see. To the right there was another path; it snaked up the mountainside. There were small blooms alongside the rocky path, as my eyes tried to get a sense as to where the path lead, a storm cloud appeared at the summit. I realized if I kept going straight, things would be fine. I probably wouldn't be sore tomorrow, it didn't even appear as if I would get rained on. It was just a matter of carrying on. Is that really what I wanted from my experience, just to carry on? For some reason I abruptly turned, I took the path up the mountain, the path that seemed unpredictable. I knew I would be sore tomorrow, but I would also feel the gains from the challenge. I did have my hiking boots on, I was ready for this. A mile up, I questioned what I was doing, did I really have the strength to take this path? I rested on a