Honoring Presence In The Home

Sometimes when I truly pause in my space, my eyes fall upon the collection of dust on a hair clinging to the underside of the footed pot of a plant in my living room. Then my eye leads to the discarded parakeet seeds on the floor under the baseboard heating unit. I immediately find the vacuum and start to get in all the nooks and crannies I overlook on my weekly sweeping sessions. I use the attachments to freshen up my driftwood mirror that catches even the smallest of particles and within moment find myself laundering the living room curtains. I pull out the couch and move all of the furniture to clean. I empty the vacuum and realize my vacuum needs a deep vacuuming. Damn you, moments of heightened awareness.

My thoughts grapple with why though out the week I don't ever seem to notice the build up of bobby pins, candy cane wrappers, dust, birdseed, or loose change that feels so incredibly present when I am cleaning it up. I don't want to feel bad or guilty, but of course I do and an overwhelming sense of shame creeps in. Why aren't I paying attention? (enter Screen Time data here. le sigh.)

I recognize the joy that comes from my eyes glancing down and just seeing aged hardwoods, not aged hardwoods that haven't been cleaned. Sometimes I feel like I am just dealing on such a surface level of maintenance that I avoid really looking deep (metaphor for my life). I'm working through this lackadaisical housekeeping style, knowing I am not honoring our space by checking out when I'm home. I want to feel present and action oriented, which leads to a greater sense of calmness and relaxation in our space.

Presence at home is caring for my home. My intention is to start honoring it.