My New Year Reset

The one upside of having a birthday during the chaotic lead up to Christmas is the reset on my personal year starts a few weeks before the New Year. My introspection kicks into overdrive as soon as my birthday hits. In perfect harmony with reflecting inward, this year I received a deck of tarot cards on my birthday.  I've been studying various spreads and delving deeper into card meanings. I'm enjoying the insight and what I've been learning with my morning readings. I also can now laugh at my previous hesitations to embrace tarot over the years, I really had no reason to fear my own intuition. We live, we grow, we learn.

My yoga practice has turned into a consistent part of my daily routine, there's no questioning it. I feel little glimpses of growth in my daily practice, how my back bends deeper as I reach up and behind me in crescent moon, how my face nestles into my legs in a forward fold. I have even caught the brief moment of my toes rising above my head in locust pose. The beauty of practicing yoga is that I have no fixed expectation of what my body will be capable of or what makes a perfect practice. I just show up to my mat and see what happens, quite often it's humbling, smile inducing, very sweaty, and vulnerability guides me.

I've been beading malas as an opportunity to bring some creativity into my self-care. Malas contain 108 beads, each hand knotted, and sealed with an intention. It's methodic, soothing, and grounds me in the energy I want to be embracing. The semi-precious stones each have unique qualities that heal and are symbolic. Bonus, I have lovely handmade treasures to give away or to add to my own collection.

One of the greatest decisions that came to me during my period of self reflection, was my use of Twitter. On January 1, I deleted the app from my iPhone and then proceeded to log out of the website on my laptop. I've had Twitter on my iPhone for 10 years, I was a daily user, with only short breaks from it. Twitter has turned into a algorithmically driven political vacuum which is so polarizing. The heightened frenetic state people are operating in while on Twitter has made it an undesirable space for me. I found myself wanting to yell into the great void, don't you see how this platform is manipulating you into regurgitating corporate driven news to keep their money machine flowing!!! Instead of trying to cut through all the political noise to connect with others in the way I always appreciated over the last decade, I just walked away. I've decided to keep instagram as my social media platform, enjoying others visual journey.

I'm consciously using the ScreenTime app on my iPhone. I'm opening paths for my life to be full of more in person interactions, creative pursuits, and putting a reinvigorated intention in my days. I love the changing of the calendar and how so much inspiration flows into my life. Once again, I'm going to allow Eat Play Love to chronicle my journey through this year. I hope you come along.

With love, light, and gratitude for all of you.

ps...the last photo is of my new tattoo, that's it's own post. XO