Clearing Out The Hotspots

My nightstand is a hotspot, which is currently hotter than hell. Miscellaneous things gather on my nightstand. When I glance over I see nasal spray, pillow spray, a coffee mug (currently in use), an empty water glass, a vintage blue glass soap dish full of special stones, shells, and a pin from a Coldplay concert. There is a small ceramic tray with lip balm, a photo card, a hair tie, and a Himalayan salt heart. I see miscellaneous papers like grocery store receipts and tags cut from clothes, a little baggie with a button. Body butter, a pen, a travel size toothpaste, and a small notebook for random thoughts. There are items to be discarded, which I haven't taken the effort to simply pick up and throw away. My brow begins to furrow.

The hotspot aka hot mess has flowed into randomness on the floor next to my nightstand. Currently, 4 library books, a couple of issues of Real Simple, two journals, a lip balm, paperwork from my work from home job, and a legal pad. There's a half empty Therabox, a monthly subscription box, I have been receiving as a gift sitting there screaming at me to be recycled. I start to ponder, why do I need to have 4 library books going at the same time? Why do I allow hotspots?

I'm ready to clear out the hotspots in my life. I want to feel at ease, be free of things that pile up. Today I will begin to tackle this first hotspot and open my eyes to the other trouble zones, where all-the-things-chaos is guaranteed to flare. One spot at a time, one spot at a time.