Self Isolation: Day 63 Why The Hell Not

My blog appears as the landing page when I open my internet browser. I usually just begin typing away and don't even give my blog a second glance, but today I paused. I haven't written since September 2019, a brief moment of eagerness and potential to reboot this space. I made it six posts before abandoning my enthusiasm. We are currently 63 days deep into our self isolation and safer at home phase of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

63 days and here I sit thinking, maybe I should throw up a blog post. 

The places we have arrived in just two short months were completely unfathomable to me. Like, if you told me I'd walk into CorePower Yoga on a Thursday night (March 12 to be exact) to teach my regular class and walk out learning school had been shut down, then within days the yoga studio would close down completely, I would've said there's simply no way. Well the reality is, there is the possibility and we are living it.

I've spent the past two months essentially sheltering at home, relying on others to shop for my groceries that we have delivered or pickup curbside. Getting a slot with delivery or pickup was so incredibly stress inducing, then it was a total crapshoot as to what would be in the order. All of the food scarcity issues I've suppressed from childhood came bubbling up to the surface. We don rubber gloves, face masks, unload the groceries into our garage staging area. We use Clorox Cleanup to disinfect all of our groceries and even leave some on the table for a few days, if they aren't perishable. I move all of our produce to the kitchen sink and wash each piece individually with dish soap. I have started to measure time by our grocery pickups once a week. Wow, a week has passed it's our pickup day tomorrow. We haven't stepped foot in King Soopers in months, a place we frequented a few times a week and sometimes more than once in a day.

Our life has taken on a natural rhythm and our routines have become reassuring to my sense of well being. My daughters have taken to cooking dinner once a week and dessert a few times a week. Meals are the centerpiece of our days. My creativity has blossomed. I've also embraced my ability to lounge around for hours on end. So many things are simply out of our control, it feels safe behind the walls of our home, everyone inside finding time to do their own thing and connecting in the simplest and purest ways.

Moonrise from the parking lot at NCAR: