About Me

I've called Colorado home since 1994, the summer I packed up my car and headed west from my native home, New York. I love life in Colorado. I feel so fortunate to be raising my two daughters in such a wonderful  progressive community. My husband has a really cool job, I commonly refer to him as the guy that chases snow around the globe, which he does much of winter. Before I became a mother in what feels like a former life, I was once a fifth grade teacher. Now I work in a public school, while balancing my love for social media.

In my free time, I can be found hiking as the mountains afford me an incredible sense of inner peace and solitude, reacquainting myself with painting, cooking nourishing meals, baking sinful treats, decorating my house on a tight budget, practicing yoga daily, drinking a cup of tea, spending quality time with my family, cherishing an occasional girls night out with friends, traveling, and trying to lessen my impact on the environment. Yeah, I'm kinda crunchy. I love blogging, it's brought me much joy and many amazing connections.

Best of all, I'm just trying each day to live a simpler life, full of gratitude.