Monday, May 14, 2012

Giddy About Motherhood

From the whispers that started between my girls on Saturday afternoon, straight through bedtime on Sunday, the anticipation and excitement my girls felt just naturally energized Mother's Day. As for Sunday itself, there were countless moments through out the day when I just sat back and felt giddy. 

Giddy about motherhood. 

My path to motherhood came unexpectedly on one hand, but with perfect timing on the other. I was ready to be a mom. My decision came with sacrifices such as my teaching career (which I consider to be on hold) and many things that were a habitual part of my life were pushed aside. As you would imagine, many of life's luxuries began to fade into the background when going from two incomes to one, one child to two. I sort of chuckle sitting back thinking about creating a list of "sacrifices", what I traded in for motherhood, but in reality those things are all a drop in the bucket in comparison to the fulfillment that my daughters have brought into my life. 

Giddy about motherhood. 

I have found the deepest sense of joy in the simplest moments since becoming a mother. Watching my husband with our girls, a man I once met as a boy, who has grown into his role as a father as if it was second nature. Just the other night I could hear GL reading her book out loud to J before bedtime instead of vice versa. She's five years old and the words roll off her tongue with ease, I smile when her voice still carries hints of a squeaky toddler tone. As for my Sj, her wisdom comes naturally. She puts words together on a piece of paper in ways I could have never imagined. Sometimes I just sit in the living room, discreetly observing the hum of my life, my family life, a beautiful life. 

Giddy about motherhood. 

On Mother's Day I allowed myself the opportunity to bask in the depths of happiness that my life may have never known, if I had taken a different road. I feel the gratitude that feeds my spirit, all a gift from motherhood. 

Giddy about motherhood. 

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eat Play Love Has Arrived...

Nothing quite solidifies the fact that one has truly arrived more than encountering a mug in a retail establishment, with their online identity emblazoned on it. Now mind you, this gorgeous hand made in China mug, was found at Home Goods. The words Eat Play Love are emblazoned on not one, but two sides and it serves about 40oz (I'm not kidding). Talk about boutique quality.

I snapped up both available mugs. I sent one off to my inaugural fan club member. I may have also requested that my inaugural fan club member take over as President, due to the sheer and overwhelming response for membership in said fan club. I mean, I am like blogging royalty now aren't I? My own mug, cast off at a unique and affordable Home Goods store?!

Bring it universe, I'm owning you.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Tips: Budget Bathroom Organization! Find What You Need In A Snap.

Our home was built in 1962, we have one large cabinet for storage in our bathroom that is separated into a top and bottom. On the bottom we store our towels and in the top we store all of our toiletries, medicines, and related products. The cabinet is not deep enough to fit a shoe box size storage container, so for the past year I had a very disorganized cabinet. I had a couple of rubbermaid containers sideways, trying to organize all of our go to products from nail clippers to neosporin and it was a disaster. I was getting so frustrated every time I needed an item and had to spend 5-10 minutes digging around these bins or on the shelf sitting out loose.

I finally had enough! I knew there had to be a better way.

It dawned on me that I could use food storage containers to help me organize the bathroom cabinet. Plus, it helped me break down the supplies into smaller easy to find categories! I made a minor investment at our local $1 Store, I didn't feel like I needed name brand containers for this project, so the money in my opinion was well saved.

I took my cabinet measurements with me to the store and actually measured out the width on the spot, finding the containers that fit the best. I had a guesstimate as to how many bins I was hoping to fit on the shelf for my needs, I actually got 3 extra bins to fit which I was excited about. I had the stickers in my office, so the only out of pocket cost was $12 for the bins. Unfortunately I do not own a label maker or this project would be perfect in my mind. I have turned 3 haphazard shelves into 1 fabulously labeled and organized shelf of bins. I have 2 extra shelves of space now, I keep our go to items like hair ties, hair dryer, brushes, and vitamins on one shelf, which I would like to pick up open bins for.

The best part is how efficient it is to find an item and now my family members know exactly where to put an item back!

Categories I used to label:
Sharps (nail clippers, hair scissors, razors)
Nail Polish
Fever/Allergy (thermometer, ibuprofen, tylenol, allergy meds)
First Aid (band aids, arnica, neosporin)
General Creams (calamine, diaper, anti-itch, ace bandages, rubber gloves)
Sinus/Cold (sinus rinse, saline, vaporub, lozenges, cold calm tabs)
Asthma (inhalers, spacers, flow meter)
Hair Care (shampoo, conditioner, styling products)
Mouth Care (floss, toothbrushes, lipbalm, toothpaste)
Face Care (cleanser, lotions)