Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fresh Thymes Eatery, Join Boulder's Community Supported Restaurant!

Countless times a month I find myself at 4pm in the center of Boulder, wishing there was a healthy marketplace to quickly run in and grab a meal for my family. We are all well versed into the overwhelming feeling of running into Whole Foods becoming way more effort than one can muster, but the take out options at restaurants just leave us feeling disappointed. Granted Boulder has a such a bountiful restaurant scene, but there's truly a huge gap between the casual dining market and us health conscious consumers. Finally, a new culinary concept is about to shake up the food scene in Boulder.

Enter Fresh Thymes Eatery!

Christine Ruch is an amazing chef that has dedicated her life to creating nourishing meals that seamlessly combines bright and delectable flavors with high quality ingredients (cue: GMO free, organic, sustainable, allergy friendly). Christine is not only a chef, but a teacher of whole food nutrition and food allergy awareness, which has given her this incredible depth and wisdom into how food affects our body. To top off that knowledge, Christine has a chef's palate like no other I've ever experienced. To describe her cooking as full of flavor is truly an understatement. Christine combines the freshest ingredients with flavors that easily entices our taste buds! I have no hesitation in telling Christine that what she does in the kitchen is true brilliance.

Can you feel the clouds parting and the suns rays shining down? I can.

Beyond her wisdom in the kitchen, Christine wants to make her food available to a diverse customer base. When coming up with the Fresh Thymes Eatery concept, she decided to venture into the Community Supported Restaurant (CSR) model which is similar to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) which has flourished in the past decade. A CSR gives consumers the opportunity to invest in what we value. We truly want to know where our food is coming from and we want to trust what is in our food, which is hard to find even in a town like Boulder. We now have an opportunity to invest in the person that wants to be a pillar in our community. Not only is Christine a chef, a teacher, and a mother, she's also an incredible source of knowledge for the changing landscape of our food culture. With allergies and food intolerances on the rise, trust is one of the most precious commodities that is missing today when we spend money on prepared foods. Please understand that Fresh Thymes Eatery is not exclusively a CSR, but rather a wonderful and progressive option!

The short on a CSR:
Invest upfront for a one year membership (beginning at $250 and up).
Stop into Fresh Thymes Eatery and cash in on your investment, monthly.
Reap the rewards of supporting something you believe in, clean and healthy food.
Join via Christine's restaurant website (secure paypal of course).

I have to end with some personal insight about Christine. I had the good fortune to meet Christine in the Fall through our daughters. It quickly became clear that Christine was not only talented, but has this incredibly beautiful way about her in the kitchen. When Christine would generously offer to cook for a gathering, I would sit back and watch our children and of course the adults immediately empty the dishes Christine prepared. There is a ground swell of fabulous people encouraging Christine to follow her dreams and cook for our community (some of us may have begged). Once you meet her, you'll understand that there is truly no one like her in the retail culinary world of Boulder. I am grateful she is here and I've donned her Boulder's very own Organic Barefoot Contessa.

Fresh Thymes Eatery is slated to open in June, in the SteelYards on 30th Street in Boulder! Stay tuned for the Grand Opening announcement. I'm counting the days.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

A Recap of All The Mundane Things You Haven't Missed In The Past Month...

Did you ever play Don't Break The Ice as a child? I remember sitting at the far end of our wooden laminate kitchen table simply observing my three older brothers all hunched over the brightly colored plastic game. During the action they would hoot and holler, elbows were thrown, all in attempt to keep the little red man safe in the plastic ring, trying most to avoid falling through the ice. I most fondly remember pulling the game out of the closet when my big brothers were off to school. I'd carefully set up the white chunky ice blocks and have at it, all on my own, imagining I would be the reigning family champion!


That story has nothing to do with what I wanted to post about, but it just came out. There may have been an appropriate segue, but that was fleeting obviously. I've been questioned lately about my presence or lack of presence here and while I wish there was a simple answer, but there isn't. My blog has suffered because my laptop's logic board failed back in January. It was a hand me down laptop, older and failing in many ways. The bottom line it wasn't worth the $400 to put into it to bring it back, I feared the occasional sticking space key would permanently start to fail, whichwouldleadtomywritinglookinglikethis, or many other maladies would consume 5 year old macbook. Even though the laptop was a bonus computer to me, we have another family computer that stays on a desk at the opposite end of our great room. What I didn't anticipate was the mental crevasse that exists between me and a walk across the room to my desk.

Don't fret, here's a recap of the last 6 weeks:
My laptop died.
My brother and his baby, I mean chocolate lab, came to visit for 5 weeks.
We started to majorly overhaul my backyard, pass the advil.
My parents came to visit for a week.
My husband was working Iceland for almost two weeks.
Spring Break!
A huge spur of the moment, whirlwind, family trip to Seattle to work with Nintendo.
I'm now a member of the Screen Actor's Guild!
I didn't blog.
I proctored our state standardized test at the school I work in part time.
I made a list of all the things I want to write about.
The Monsanto Protection Act passed, slipped in a Veteran's Bill.
I finally did the taxes (I love doing our taxes).
G had a Kindergarten performance and my parents were here to attend!
I'm planning a summer vacation and it does not involve NY.

I'll stop there. I'm back, I've got a lot to say, so stay tuned. I need to figure out Feedly. Boo Google killing reader!