Friday, August 21, 2015

Colorado Peaches And Chilies, Eat Local And In Season with Whole Foods Market!

August is such a bountiful time of year, fortunately for us in Colorado it's peak Peach and Chile season!   Whole Foods Market is highlighting #inseason produce so we can find the freshest and most likely, locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

For the past three weeks, every time I head into the market I pick up a bag of no less than 8 peaches from the western slope and it doesn't seem to carry our family of four more than a couple of days. We've been adding peaches to crepes, plain yogurt, oatmeal, salads, sliced with cashew butter for an amazing snack, and even in a quinoa salad I made a big batch of to pack for lunches through out the week. I find they are the most perfect snack when hiking on a hot day. I often joke with cashiers that peaches should come packaged in an egg carton to protect them. I typically hand carry them out of the store to protect them from bumps and bruises on the commute home.

For more peach recipe inspiration, check out these links below!

Recipes from Whole Foods Market:
Rum Butter Glazed Grilled Peaches
Arugula Salad w/Peaches and Blue Cheese
Peach Coconut Freeze
Chicken w/Grilled Peach and Chipotle Salsa

Six Ways To Savor Peaches by In Jennie's Kitchen

Disclaimer, I was compensated by Whole Foods Market as a WFM Ambassador for this post! Content including photos is purely at my discretion. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Inspiration For Packing Healthy Lunches!

As Back To School is upon us, it's time to get inspired and reinvigorated for lunch packing season. I was featured on two Denver News Stations sharing how I pack lunches for my daughters.

Here are my top tips to start the school year off right!

Avoid the sandwich rut, deconstruct a sandwich, pack the components with crackers instead.

Choose small portions and a variety of foods to help picky eaters open up to new foods.

Aim to pack 3 fresh produce items, in any combination.

Invest in lunch boxes which make the morning rush a cinch! My favorite is the Bento Sets by Bentology (I'm an affiliate):

My former lunch packing blog, Colorado Bento contains over 100 lunch packing ideas which I've combined into Eat Play Love! Click here to scroll through to gather more ideas. 

Get your children involved in their lunch packing. Hand them a small cookie cutter and have them cut out the melon the night before, have it ready to grab and go when packing lunches the next morning! 

Breakfast isn't just for dinner, how about breakfast for lunch?

Don't be afraid to use leftovers, include lots of fresh items to accompany left over pizza!

Here are more photos to gather ideas!

 Quesadilla, veges, cantaloupe.

 Mac N Cheese, pear, vege booty, canned mandarin oranges!

 Plum, Carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, fresh figs, pretzel sticks, and pancakes!

Chicken meatballs (w/ketchup), champagne grapes, carrots, snap peas, 
pirate's booty, and a little piece of angel food cake. 

If you scroll down on the right side, you will find the bento packing and lunch ideas broken into categories, there are many posts to scroll through like Bento Tips, Breakfast for lunch, Laptop Lunches,  Hot Bento, Snack Bento, and a dozen others! 

Happy lunch packing!