Monday, February 20, 2017

Pica's Mexican Taqueria in Louisville, A Lovely Addition to Downtown!

Pica's Mexican Taqueria in Boulder has been a staple lunch go-to for me since it's opening in 2010. It's nestled just between my husband's office and mine, so monthly I get the want to escape to Pica's text. We've definitely honed in on our menu favorites, one being the tostada that comes with a heaping mound of lettuce, cabbage, and tomatoes that always leaves me just properly satiated. I also love their soups, tortilla or posole. Pica's has that lovely freshly prepared vibe and the flavors are complex, but well rounded which is my kind of Mexican.

tostada + chicken 

When I was invited to bring my family into the new Louisville location to enjoy a dinner, I jumped at the opportunity. We were thrilled to hear Pica's had expanded and knew it would be a perfect addition to the restaurant scene in downtown. Having the opportunity to experience the dinner menu, which is different than the Boulder location, I decided to branch out from my usual order. I went with the Chiles Rellenos which is a Platos Especiales. For me rellenos are always a staple order to really measure the Mexican food experience from place to place. The batter was just crisp enough and the cheese inside the chile was just perfectly melted when my fork cut into it. I definitely was happy to have branched out!

Chiles Rellenos 

We also enjoyed in house freshly made chips and guacamole, a lovely margarita, the girls had their favorites, a chicken burrito (kids meal) and a chicken quesadilla. Beyond the food, Pica's offers fast and friendly counter service which I appreciate when dining out with my family. I feel it's important to mention, they also have a really lovely and well appointed dining space, the attention to detail definitely sets it apart from other counter service Mexican restaurants.

Thanks so much Pica's for having us in. 
(Art by one of my local favorites Kristin FitzGerrell)

All content is at my discretion, we were graciously invited to come check out the new location on behalf of Pica's! 

Expand Your Cheese Palate

One of the highlights of working with Whole Foods Market the past few years is being introduced to artisanal cheesemakers. The world of cheese is so expansive, I think it's easy to default to favorites as well as not really know where to begin to explore new cheeses! Don't be shy when shopping at your local Whole Foods Market, their cheesemongers are some of the most talented in the country, they are a wealth of knowledge and will lead your palate in the right direction. Plus, they are very generous about sampling before purchasing. 

February seems to provide ample opportunity to have friends over for a social gathering and there really is no simpler way to delight your guests, than with a lovely charcuterie board. We recently picked up some Satori cheese from Whole Foods, a Merlot and a Balsamic BellaVitano. Oh my were they lovely and the first to disappear from the board. Sartori is a family-owned fourth-generation artisanal cheesemaker from Plymouth, Wisconsin. Each of the varieties below are based off of their BellaVitano Gold, a creamy, nutty, Parmesan-inspired Italian farmstead cheese.
  • Rum Runner - A Whole Foods Market Exclusive!
    • Buttery and slightly sweet, soaked in locally made rum.
    • Pairs with: Dark beers, smoked meats, and red grape
  • Merlot BellaVitano
    • Berry and plum notes!
    • Pairs with: Crusty bread, dried fruit, and hoppy beer

Disclosure, I was compensated by Whole Foods Market as a WFM Ambassador for this post. Content is purely at my discretion.