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Off and Climbing

Expect the unexpected. They grow up quick. Before you know it. Cherish the moments. All of those overused sayings are relative to my life in this very moment. GL has taken to motion. A casual little belly crawl here, then a sprint to grab whatever Sj abandoned across the room, off the belly onto the knees. Aaw, How cute! Look at her go! Typically in the morning, I can convince GL to spend some dish-doing time in the play yard. I place her in, grab some new kitchen gadgets to appease her, and pray she will remain occupied for 10 minutes, just enough time to empty and load the dishwasher, maybe even put in a slice of toast and feed Sj. Not today, today, GL wanted to just hang out, using her fine motor skills to pick up every crumb on the kitchen floor. I gave in. I thought, well there are plenty of crumbs to keep her occupied (she doesn't eat them, transferring them from hand to hand is very exciting). Then, IT happened. My mommy brain whispers to me, where's GL? I look around, …

I Heart a Good Demolition

Living in an older house, with many updates, the upstairs bathroom was always crying for a little love. The bathroom was a bit outdated, with lovely "almond" colored sink and toilet, gorgeous vinyl flooring, and a grand oak cabinet, meant for a bathroom much larger than ours. So, we started to do the math, figure out where to save costs, picked up items that were in stock rather than special ordered. Ultimately, that means being dragged to every big box hardware store within a 15 mile radius. Hey, in my defense, they all stock different items, especially if they are a "high volume" store. You learn these things when you spend more time there than at your house. The most fun during the remodeling project, in my opinion was the DEMO.. Give me a pry bar and a hammer and I am off and running. Here is the old bathroom:

Now, here enters Pops, a week long trip to Colorado. A solid 5 days of work. Numerous trips to the hardware store. The plumbing was the most frustrating, …

Measuring Time

Time, moments, minutes, escapes me, it's lost, it passes, it's cherished. My childhood memories are clearly marked by the measure of "school time". For example, I cut my foot open and received 40 stitches, the summer going into 3rd grade. I would literally have to do the math in my head to figure out what my age was. Strange, I tell you. These days, time is flying by. I seem to blink and a month has passed, or a season is ending, a few more wirey hairs are appearing from my scalp, and sometimes I have to give a real close thought to how many birthdays I have celebrated. On the other hand, I wonder why some parts of my day seem to drag on and on, if time is just flying by? Late afternoon, after quiet time, but before the whole dinner routine, moments seem to linger. No matter what time J comes home from work, his truck arrives not a moment too soon, on what could be the longest day on earth. Why is it that the longest nights are only the ones, where I am a…


About 7 weeks ago, I decided I needed to get moving. I did a free week at Core Power Yoga and absolutely became addicted to it, but then the free week was over and the addiction subsided. I couldn't justify the cost, when really the money would be better spent on a Rec Ctr pass, where I can take the girls for child care as well..So I decided I was going to try running. Those of you that know me, also know, that during any conversation about running, I would immediately chime in with no hesitation, "I am not a runner". Turns out, I can run. I gave it a shot. It took some mental coaxing. I asked my runner friends, how do you convince your brain that you shouldn't just start walking at any given moment? The best answer is time. During week 3, I had my break through. I ran the entire time, no walking, no telling myself, just make it to the stop sign, just make it to the tree, just make it...5 more feet. I love getting out all by myself, I love the intimacy of listening t…

"It was worth a shot asking.."

Being 6 weeks shy of her 4th birthday, is truly a magical time for Sj. I have started writing down some of her daily quotes, because they are just too memorable to forget. Her vocabulary is just booming and she takes many opportunities every day to explore her new found words. On rare occasion, those new fandangled words don't fit in the context she is using them, but more times than not she's right on the ball.

I have come to the conclusion that my blog needs a weekly dose of Sj, quotes, her words of wisdom, just how they unfolded from her tongue. During a quick stop to Vitamin Cottage, we found ourselves laughing hysterically right in front of the dairy case. It's general consensus among parents of young children that a quick stop into the market, is never that. We are rushing through the store, J and I are finding ourselves bantering with Sj about how many enticing food items she may not purchase. Yes to the Soy Dream Orange Smoothies, no to the yogurt. I promise Sj, sh…

ONE Big Cupcake

**********click on photo, it will enlarge**********

I love to dabble in the world of the unknown. Unchartered territory. A friend casually mentions she wants to make a huge cupcake for her darling baby girl's first birthday. Of course the brilliant minds at Wilton have created a huge cupcake pan. The Wilton food stylist did a wonderful job for the promo pictures, allowing any hopeful mom to believe, that they too could make such a splendid edible display for their special occasion. Turns out the pan is available from a high end kitchen shop for $27 bucks before shipping.

Here enters the dilemma, spend $35 bucks total on the pan alone, hope the cake turns out as fabulous as the pictures..or just "casually mention" your idea in my presence and voile, my mind is off and running. I have always wanted to own a cute little bakery, maybe even a cottage, converted into a bakery. Smells drifting, luring in the innocent passerby. Until I give it serious thought, start work at 4 am,…

can't escape a Rescue

Sometimes nature seems to whisper to us in the strangest places. As I exited Flatiron Crossing, my G4, clutched awkwardly to my chest, my eyes immediately fixated on my vehicle. My inner voice reassured me, I am only steps away, and I will not drop my computer on the ground. Relief. With a quick glance to the ground, I see a rather large insect just peacefully staring back at me. Praying Mantis. I give the fella a closer look and notice it seems to be injured or maybe just startled. One wing is strangely flopping around and I can't tell if all of it's parts are intact. I proceed to make my way to my truck, unload my clunky desktop to it's place in the passenger seat, complete with a safe and secure seatbelt. As I am walking to the driver's side, I think to myself, I can't just leave that precious Praying Mantis alone, possibly injured, in the local mall's parking lot, where danger lurks around every corner (if you are an insect that is). So what do I do?? I di…

If it was so easy, everyone would have one

Today is the day, my blog was born. In the middle of a huge snowstorm, mid December, holding my newborn in my arms, I wished for a brief moment that I had given birth to a summer baby. Today I am creating, Eat Play Love, my summer baby. Now comes the worry and frenzy of trying blogging for the first time, fonts, navigating, HTML (yikes!) and the best yet -is it hip enough? And of course, I name this very first post in honor of my darling husband, who reacted to my concerns with, "If it was so easy, everyone would have one."