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Tweet Tweet Come Out Please Wherever You Are...

Twitter found me, no wait I found Twitter. I would love to follow you, if you also Twitter and I haven't followed you yet. Please leave me a comment or message with your link. My google email connected me with the majority of you, but if not, please share. If you'd like to follow me, you can find me babbling in 140 characters or less, right here . Or you can just share you're link so we can create a chorus of tweets!

Insert Head Under Pillow, Now!

Quite often I dodge the weather conversation with those that haven't spent much time in Colorado. The majority of the time the question arises, don't you get so much snow, how do you handle all the snow ? You see, it's sort of a fallacy that Colorado is a year round winter wonderland. Snow sometimes in June, like the day before my wedding, yes. Snow of mass proportions two years ago when I had a newborn and needed to get to the doctor, yes. Snow on Christmas Day this year, no. Now don't get me wrong, the snow that falls in the Rocky Mountains keeps the rivers flowing from the Continental Divide all the way to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans respectively. But I live on the Front Range. Nestled close to the Foothills, not in the mountains. Our weather is desirably milder and we even boast over 300 days of sunshine a year. But last night, was a miserable night. We had the most intense winds that I recall in quite sometime. Or like ever. Our location to the mou

Snippets From a Lazy Holiday

If you could peek inside my house right now you'd find, half of a lovely egg and potato frittata sitting on the stovetop, ready for a nibble by any passerby. Sj and J playing Wii boxing, it's hilarious and may even warrant a little video footage. GL fresh out of the bath running laps around the house, naked of course. There's a Christmas Tree bag full of unwrapped gifts in our downstairs (the one we don't use) bathtub. It looks like a body bag. Some laundry is haphazardly strewn about near the washing machine, calling out in it's own way, wash me. All the ingredients for the Peppermint Cookies are sitting on my kitchen counter, as I am on the cusp of baking. It's our job to provide dessert tonight and I have decided to make Peppermint Cookie ice cream sandwiches. Yum. My hair is in pigtails and I am still wearing 50% of my pajamas. Time to get a move on. Celebrating awaits us. Hope your holidays will be lazy and lovely. A big smile and hug to all my lovely f

FAT MINT COOKIES (The Best Chocolate Peppermint Cookies Ever)

(update, December 2014, I've renamed these cookies FAT MINT cookies because well, they blow any skinny door to door sold chocolate peppermint cookie out of the water) This weekend, I donned my festive apron. It has a European Holiday feel, complete with some faux fur trim and decorative ribbons. Only the best for holiday baking. I scoured recipes far and near, looked over all the recipes everyone shared with me (thank you!!!). I made my specialty list, ran out to the grocery store, then settled in for a baking marathon. Surprisingly it didn't take all day, within a few hours I had seven dozen cookies made and a bit of a stomach ache from overindulging. When honing in on what exactly I wanted to make I couldn't let go of the fact that I really have a thing for chocolate and peppermint. Well, peanut butter and chocolate isn't so bad either, but chocolate and peppermint is HOLIDAY to me. I found a few recipes, but actually tweaked them to my liking and came up with t

What Happened When I Sent My 5 Year Old To The Shaun White Drawing School...

It's a beautiful thing that a young man like Shaun White has become a household name. Snowboarding and skateboarding are so mainstream, I don't bat an eye when my mother says did you see Shaun White win the Gold Medal in the Halfpipe? My mind instantly races to think, did my mom just say Halfpipe and Shaun White in the same sentence??? Not to mention the obvious "Gold Medal- Snowboarding-Olympics". Crazy! When I was younger and very much intrigued by boys that rode skateboards, they always got the thumbs down. Skateboarders were nonchalantly categorized into the group of kids that were up to no good. If the grown men that I grew up with had anything to take away from their youth, it would be skateboarding is not a crime . Early Fall, we decided to purchase our new skiing/snowboarding gear for the upcoming season. While perusing the clothes for my five year old on the Burton website, I came across The White Collection. Oh, very cute stuff. Collaboratively designed by

Scattered Holiday Update...And a Plea For Recipes

Currently I am home. It's frigid outside, so going out isn't really an option. Well except for school drop off and pick up. After the big Birthday weekend, reality hit me like a brick. As of this morning, little things have yet to be done. Like Christmas cards. If I was on the ball, I would have spent hours picking out cards, but not this year. It's Costco cards all the way. They have some cute selections and better yet, they'll be ready tomorrow! Considering we took the photos of the girls last week, I am not really sure what my excuse is. Other than I am a slacker. The biggest thing to do right now, is to cocoon myself into baking mode. It's festive around here, but not festive enough. Not with out the smell of something, anything baking. I need sweet treats to get me through the day, the kind where I can just reach my hand in as I walk through the kitchen and give myself a little pick me up. Maybe the type of sweet treat I can sneak when two pairs of little ey

My Jaunt to Australia...

This weekend, I found my way to Authorblog in Melbourne, Australia. Stop by and see what I divulged in my interview! Time to get some sleep, I am jet lagged.

Synergy, Law of Attraction, Or Just Birthday Luck...

This morning I headed out to breakfast with one of my oldest friends. We have a birthday breakfast thing, with out our kids. Just the two of us and good food, oh and plenty of conversation. But it was such a great time I am thinking twice a year is a travesty, that maybe we need to have the birthday outing every month. As we strolled into the South Side Walnut Cafe this morning in Boulder, we didn't find a wait and were seated promptly. Luck was on our side. I ordered the Eggs Marcos with bacon, cream cheese, and cheddar, a side of rye toast and fruit. You can't really go wrong with that combination. They serve a wonderful local Chai Tea at the cafe as well, Bhakti Chai , made right here in Boulder. Oh wait, lets not be modest, it may be the best Chai I've ever had, or pretty darn close to it. If you're a chai fanatic, check it out. Then the magic just kept on happening. Our waitress comes over singing Happy Birthday to me. To my embarrassment, thank yo

then Santa patted the velvet bench, wanting me to join him...

Almost Wordless Wednesday, Not exactly what I had in mind for our trip to see Santa. Although GL wouldn't have it any other way (note look of terror on her face). Next year, right? Wait, that's what I said last year.

Tuesday Tips: What's Your Holiday Message?

Now while some of my views may differ from this video, I would say the overarching theme speaks loud and clearly to me. It was posted by Domestic Accident and I think it's brilliant.  $450 Billion Dollars spent on Christmas in the United States. Gasp! It's funny to think if I agree with the message then how do I always wind up getting caught up in the commercialism? Right now I can tell you I am fighting it! Gloves on and out of my wallet. I'm stepping away from my credit cards.It's just so hard to have discipline to not just go for it.   We did very simple and thoughtful gifts for the grandparents and the girls are getting a short list. By the way, if I only want a Wii, that's not being selfish is it? Just Kidding. I'm really not getting a  Wii. I am content with my new boots for my anniversary, birthday, and Christmas present. Content as a clam.  Spread your love, give someone something unexpected like your time, or a home cooked meal. Try baking cookies

All I Want For Christmas Is A Nice New Wii

Dear Santa (cough, cough Nintendo),   Your elves have been working overtime this holiday season. Especially in the marketing department. I can only imagine the team of geniuses in that department, the ones that devised the plan to hire four women to tour around the country hosting " Wii Fit Enthusiast" Parties.  Your elves took over a Denver house, dressed in black Lyra and green t-shirts, filled the kitchen with catered food, and best of all set up a few televisions complete with Wii's and Wii Fits. All of us that were invited, played with much laughter and a raised heart rate. Seriously. I think while boxing I broke a sweat. Then I was even sore the next day. From playing a Wii Fit. Wow! Honestly,  I was uncomfortable trying out the Wii Fit for the first time with a group of women that I had met moments before. But I just went for it, weighed myself, BMI right there in front of the crowd, let it all go. Really, I haven't played many video games in the last decade

Happily Breaking Some Rules

Oh the bloggy awards. I see them as a friend stopping by with a muffin and a chai just because. Or like a little pat on the back. Now I will be the first to admit that most awards have rules of what to do and how to give the award, yada yada yada.  I had two awards come my way last month and had yet to pass them out, no better time than the sleepy weekend, to stop by give a fellow blogger a muffin and a chai a little bloggy bling.  Now if you like to play by the rules, than click on the link that I provided from the person that passed the award onto me, I linked to their "proper" post. If you are a little non-traditional and throw caution into the wind, please pass it along as you see fit.  Jen at Never A Dull Moment  (my blogger friend that lives 5 miles away that turned into my real life friend) passed along this Superior Scribbler Award to me. Now I suggest stopping by her place if I pass this on to you, because this award comes with a linky loo thing. You can add you

Sing Happy Birthday Again, Again, Again...

Light barely filtered through the blinds as my youngest daughter climbed up into our bed. I glanced over at the clock, 6:15. Although I momentarily wished for an extra hour, I realized it could be worse. I whispered in GL's ear, "Good Morning Birthday Girl". She giggled and whispered back, "Sing Happy Birthday Mommy". We sang Happy Birthday time and time again, our voices escalated with happiness during each new round. Big Sister, Sj, awakened to our giggles. She also climbed into bed with us. We snuggled. It's our thing, the morning snuggle. Happy Birthday continued once again. It doesn't take long before Sj happily discovered a fresh blanket of fluffy white snow had fallen overnight. I smiled knowing the snow, which continued to fall was a wonderful reason to spend a lazy birthday at home. A monkey birthday cake is baked (a comical monkey, wouldn't you agree), a new baby doll nursery took over the living room, the Christmas tree glowed, the girl

the LOVE captured...

I should have included this with my post! This is from Spring of 1992, a few months into the start of it all...

Soft Brown Leather, Seventeen Years, and A Little Mariachi

Little did I know years and years ago that opening the door at a party would change my life forever. On the other side of the door was a teenage boy from a neighboring high school. Someone I had never met before. Someone I would in turn become friends with, then really close friends. A few years after we met, we started "going out". From that moment of going out, our lives just continued on together, with out ever taking a break from our relationship. We officially consider our anniversary December 2, even though we were together before that. I suppose when a relationship blossoms out of friendship, it's really hard to pick one specific day. Yesterday was that day. The day we chose years ago to celebrate our anniversary. Seventeen years later. Our December 2nd anniversary always trumped our wedding anniversary because we were together for six and a half years before tying the knot. It just didn't seem right to forget about our original anniversary. Now quite

Tuesday Tips: "Made With Love Project" A Perfect Gift!!!

At the Coldplay show I recently attended, someone ahead of me in line bought a pack of bracelets. I decided to buy a pack as well. At the time, I had no idea they were made by a non-profit charity or that Chris Martin wears them. I get so many compliments on my bracelets. I wanted to suggest them as gifts to anyone in your life that likes something unique and that supports a great cause. Personally, I would buy the twenty pack and grace a few friends with them. I adore mine. They have a unique odor, which I smell through out the day. I can't quite help myself when thinking, Chris Martin smells this same smell everyday. I know I am a bit kooky, but it's a good thing. Made With Love Project The bracelets are made from recycled rubber by a women's cooperative in Djenne, Mali. The women are paid three times the going rate for the bracelets, thus providing them with viable means of support. The money made from the sale of the bracleets goes to L'Empire des Enfants

Eggs, Milk, Bread, And A Surprise For My Car...

There's a new grocery store on the block (so to speak) and it's of the natural variety . To me, it's not quite up to par with the Whole Foods standard I have come to enjoy and expect, but none the less you can find a good bargain right here in the neighborhood. For the record there is not a Whole Foods in my town and I most prefer the one in Boulder, which is about twelve miles away. When it's a lazy Sunday afternoon and we need eggs, bread, and milk I run to the new local Sprouts Market in a heartbeat. It's nice to not have to drive on the highway to get to the grocery store for just a few things. The atmosphere is better than the traditional neighborhood markets and they do offer some great sales. Then something strange happens and I rethink the likability of Sprouts. Like I mentioned it was a Sunday afternoon. A quick in and out to the market, for a few things. Oddly enough as I am walking out to my car about to load the groceries into my vehicle, I noti

Thursday THANKSgiving Thirteen

OOh, it's been quite sometime since I've participated in the lovely Thursday 13, so today I give some reflection in the honor of THANKSgiving Day! I'm thankful for... 1. Being home, listening to the laughter of my girls, kitchen brimming with delightful smells, dryer clanking, and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the television. 2. Homemade pumpkin pie, made yesterday. 3. Chris Martin's voice playing on my iPod. 4. This little blog, a place to say what I need to, connect in a way I didn't know possible. All my delightful blogger friends scattered around this country, that put a smile on my face everyday. How did I get so lucky? 5. My hubby being home more than away the last few months. I know the busy season starts up in January, but this time has been so wonderful. I have almost forgotten about the time he has to spend away. 6. Beautiful weather, we've had delightful sunny Autumn so far. A few precious little snowflakes fell earlier, just t

She Happily Types As Chaos Ensues...

There seems to be a huge disconnect between the person I really am and the person I think I am. I think I am organized, on top of things, and like to run a tight ship. I love baskets to house things, everything in it's place, neatly organized closets, empty hampers, fresh sheets, empty kitchen sink, and sparkling floors. But in all reality, if you could look around my house right now, in this very moment, you would see the evidence of anything but the person I just described. I believe it has been one day of running around and my house looks like I haven't picked up in a week. At least a week. Maybe longer. I happily piled the dishes in the sink this morning when making my pumpkin pie. Sort of in a passive way, pretending as if they didn't exist, merrily humming along to my blaring iPod and enjoying the aromatherapy from the pie baking. I emptied the dishwasher, but left it open and never quite got to all the dishes from the sink, before it was time to head out. Even th

Oh Little Blue Box, You've Outdone Yourself...Seriously

Now that the eight political glossy mailings are no longer gracing my mailbox, there's a new culprit force feeding their products to me via mail. I am at the point where this is just darn right silly. Absolute hilarity. It involves a little jewelry store known the world over as Tiffany and Company. Now don't get me wrong, there's a whole dreamy side of me that likes girly sparkly things, complete with diamonds, platinum, and a little blue box wrapped with a white satin bow. Typically a nice little catalog would come my way before the holidays every year. It's always a delightful smattering of realistic items (sterling silver) with a touch of the Tiffany's high end, touch I said. I would always browse the catalog, then place it in my husband's bathroom, as a joke. I really don't expect jewelry from Tiffany's. I just have fun thinking his regular reading has been replaced with a Tiffany's catalog while taking care of his business in the Loo. For

Artist (check), Left Handed (check), Blue Eyes (check)...

Pisces (check), Sensitive (check), Sexy hands (check), Long and Lean (check)... Sounds like my kind of man. But he's not my man. I adore my man, but tonight I'll be taking in all that this other man has to offer. And all of those attributes above Chris Martin of Coldplay shares with my husband. Funny enough. Although my husband doesn't have the musical side to him, I wonder if Chris enjoys going for a bicycle ride? Now if I could only convince my husband to write me a love song, complete with lyrics and music. You'd be picking me up off the floor, seriously. I am sure my husband would follow with, if I could only be a waif like Gywenth and bring home an Oscar or a multi-million dollar paycheck. Guess we're stuck with each other. There are so many things that intrigue me about Chris Martin, one especially being that he divulged in a recent Rolling Stone interview that he spent many years having lots of female friends, but no serious relationships. This m

How I Adore The Pilgrims

Motherhood has been a journey for me. When my first daughter was born, I spent close to near every moment with her or close by her for at least the first few months. Slowly I was able to let go and you would find me out at Target (five minutes away) for huge half hour jaunts. I never took my commitment to motherhood lightly. Then came along daughter number two. My time with her wasn't so closely coveted. I knew she would be okay with her daddy or nana or the plumber that came to fix the toilet ( just kidding, kind of ). Seriously the second time around, I didn't feel like Momma Bear protecting my new cub. Granted we still spend almost every waking moment together, but I have come to embrace my independence. Time is to be cherished, with your children and decompressing with out them. A few months ago, I happened upon a perfect situation. One morning a week, my girls go to a dear neighbor's house for a few hours, so I can get some time to myself. Now granted, I wi

Tuesday Tips: Thrifting

Through out my childhood, I grew up going to garage sales on Saturday mornings with my mom and her friend. We'd have a list from the newspaper and our hunts would take us all around town. I learned to decipher the nuances of what sets special things apart from the usual garage sale junk. Nowadays, I am sometimes tempted to pull over to the side of the road when I see a garage sale sign, but honestly it's not like it was back in the day. Now peoples twenty year old discarded items are mainly plastic or mainly overpriced, but there's nothing like the rush of a good find. Once a year, I always find a true garage sale gem. During my teenage years, I discovered thrift stores. I became enchanted with vintage dresses and looks that you could only really find by digging though endless thrift store racks. I would say on average about ten trips to various thrift stores, I would walk away with only a few decent pieces. Thrifting for me became all about the hunt. Thrifting takes pati

He Chases Snow

When people ask me what my husband does for a living, I typically quip with "he chases snow". Sometimes that's enough for most people, maybe with a raised brow. But of course, there are always further inquiries. When my husband chases snow, it means he has to have skiers (aka talent), a camera man (or two), guides, helicopters, lots of fresh pristine snow, and just the right timing. Obviously that's the simplified watered down version, but it's true. My hubby has his hands in all aspects of the making the film from budget to post production. Hundreds of hours of film, turns into one feature length Warren Miller Ski Movie that tours the country right around now, every year. Living in Colorado, everyone gets so excited when the snow starts hitting the mountains. We have a few resorts already open. But me, there's always a part of me, that feels sad when fall ends. I am sad because I know how busy chasing snow makes my husband. Even though it's been ten ye

Didn't Know How Lost I Was Until I Found You

Let's time warp back to December 1984, what would we find? Definitely a cassette tape of Madonna's Like A Virgin inside my Sony Boombox. I don't recall owning the album, you know I was high tech, going cassette all the way. Black rubber bracelets and potentially some big hair, maybe when no one was looking a faux mole above my upper lip and some of my mother's red lipstick, singing into a wooden spoon in the mirror of my bedroom dressing table. My bedroom was adorned with one Madonna poster, it was black and white and she was complete with the hair, lace, Boy Toy belt buckle, all of it. All of 1984 summed up in one poster. Madonna was the first musician I looked up to. No wait, the first musician I IDOLIZED. I practiced her choreography from Lucky Star and Holiday over and over again. Wanting to get the pop of my feet just right. Although Madonna is quite the dancer and no matter how many thousands of times I watched the video, I could never perfect it. I'd n

One Black Trash Bag....Later

This past weekend, my house was brimming with house cleaning. Not just tidying up, but getting into closets, sorting toys, sheets, mounds of laundry being tackled! Oh how do I love a cleaning groove. But it was during this groove that I had a personal moment of clarity.  When I am in the zone, I find myself calling out to another member of the family, usually Sj to bring me something I am in need of. Take for example my huge pile of discarded clothes from my dresser and closet, it out grew my shopping bag and a white kitchen trash bag. I needed someone to bring me in a big boy, a black yard trash bag! Oh that feels good, just thinking about it. After moving into the girls' bedroom, I decided I needed yet another black trash bag. This time to conceal items that were disappearing from their room. Not necessarily permanently disappearing, just needing to be moved out of the current space. Sometimes I find it's easier to just remove things that are ready and sort into trash, giv

Tuesday Tips: What's In Your BOTTLED Water?

Bottled water is everywhere. If you really break it down, it's pricey to our budgets and more so to Mother Earth. So what's better bottled purified water, bottled spring water,  tap water, or filtered water? If you don't know, us Coloradans take water consumption very seriously. A bottle of water is as important of an accessory as a cell phone or designer bag. But on a more serious note, hydration is crucial at our elevation (5,400 ft), not to mention the dry climate and blazing sunshine. Recently I was sent a report from the Environmental Working Group about the quality of bottled drinking water. Considering there is a lack of regulation on the bottled water industry, I was shocked to find out what types of contaminants were found in major brands of bottled water. Walmart's Sam's Choice bottled water was purchased in various parts of the country and then independently tested, by the EWG.  Hands down Sam's Choice Purified water, received the worst offender

1 in 1,216,793 Wanting A NEW DAY

One million, two hundred sixteen thousand, and seven hundred ninety three people voted for Barack Obama in Colorado, and I couldn't be happier to be one of those. One of those embracing the importance of women's rights, fiscal discipline, ending the war, education, new forms of energy, and being progressive (gay rights, separation of church & state, proponent of Stem Cell research). This is more than likely my last political post. Mind you, I still have what my father would call a "shit eating grin" on my face. I saw on Larry King the other night and was waiting for this song to appear. And it did over at my pal's Blog , so thanks for sharing. I definitely feel like it's A NEW DAY. This is the one day I wish I lived in Hawaii, where 72% of the votes went to Obama, largest margin in the USA, second place lovely Vermont with 67%. Election Facts, on cnn . **In case you were wondering, 1,020,135 Coloradans believed McCain/Palin was

Insurmountable Joy

Exactly eight years ago, I became a bit jaded about elections in the United States. Hanging chads, voter fraud, and "my brother the governor" will rule me the winner of Florida. I still believe that election was unfairly won. Maybe it was or maybe it wasn't, but that's just how I was left feeling. Four years later, I was left feeling absolutely disenchanted by politics, staring at "too close to call", and once again Democrat's defeated. The beauty of the United States is that we all are entitled to our opinion, sometimes driven by emotion or sometimes driven by fact, but most generally speaking for myself, always heavily driven by emotion. I believe the leader of the most wonderful country on earth should do what's best for the American people, the greatest good for the greatest number philosophy. Not what's best for corporations, destroying the environment in the name of widening the profit margin. Clearly we know who came out on top of eight

Feel Proud To Be American

Exercise your right to VOTE. It's a beautiful thing. Oh and one more thing, you won't be able to wipe the smile off my face when they name Colorado a BLUE state tomorrow, it's been a long time coming... * taken in NYC by me! Isn't it cool?

We Like The Straight To The Mouth Kiss

Have you ever felt someone squirm inside, when upon greeting them you embraced them in a hug? Or better yet, moved right in for a friendly kiss, feeling the other person's anxiety as you moved closer, then found a quick turn of the head. I completely understand the concept of personal space, an invasion of personal space, and the boundaries that some people feel too worried about crossing concerning their personal space. See for me, I grew up with minimal personal space boundaries. As we, Italian Americans ( yes, I am generalizing here ), love a good straight to the mouth kiss when greeting someone we know. So from toddler hood, I anticipated a pinch on the cheek and a big wet sloppy kiss to follow the pinch. It's always been the signature move of elders in my community. Let me clarify, not only elder relatives, but family friends of my parents that I hardly knew. We love a good embrace, a nice kiss, distinctive signs of love and caring. Living in Colorado, one can imagine

The Natural Cobweb Look Achieved

As we were walking into our front door yesterday, SJ commented to me, " we shouldn't wipe down those yucky cobwebs stuck with bugs. They are so Halloweeny!" I quickly replied, "the natural look is what I was going for." So on my to do list for tomorrow is cleaning the entryway of inhabitants. Happy Halloween!

When Toothbrushing Goes Awry

Yesterday morning, I was in a bit of a rush to get out of the house worrying about being on time for the girl's flu shot appointment. We were brushing teeth in the bathroom, moments from walking out of the door. I was crouched down at GL's level to give her teeth one final swipe. As I reached out to pick her up and stand up at the same time, a pain radiated from the center of my spine and shot out to my sides. I immediately reacted with a yell. My brain's initial reaction was to just keep on moving and pretend like the pain didn't exist. But it did. My eyes were welling up from the waves of pain that would come from the center of my spine if I moved in a particular way or any way really. I tried desperately to forget about it and we all headed out the door. To GL's dismay, I could not bend over and "Zip It", it being her jacket. She must have chanted "Zip It" about twenty times. By the time we made it to the Doctor's office, I was lit

Tuesday Tips: Mother Earth Must Be Cringing With Election 2008

Although I half heartedly attempted to gather some real facts for this post, I came up short. I'm sure they exist, so for this Tuesday Tips, we are getting an emotionally charged post. With "Being Green" being the overused buzz word of the year, my goodness wouldn't we all agree that the Presidential Campaign of 2008 threw the notion of Being Green out the window? Here's a list of my gripes with the Election Waste: Junk Mail, glossy color paper advertisements wasting valuable resources and paper. Even if they are recyclable they are terrible. Every day in the last month, I must receive no less than 5 politically charged mailers. Jet-setting around the country. I know the environmental impact of flying on private jets is horrific, not even jumbo jets. I can't imagine the atmospheric destruction that was caused from McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden visiting a different state every single day. With their ticket typically in different parts of the country in a sing

Time To Watch and Wait...

The next ten days may be incredibly long, but for me, my duty is done. Friday morning before heading off to Aspen for the weekend we cast our ballots. Here's hoping true change sweeps the country November 4th! Although there is a part of me that loves voting on Election Day, I didn't want to take any chances this year, so we decided to go early. Of course we took the girls, I grew up going to vote with my parents. I thinking voting is such an important value to embrace with our children. I love America and I love being an active part of a Democracy! No matter who gets your vote, I hope you value your right enough to go cast your ballot!

What's Up With Cupcakes...

Sometimes New Yorkers tend to be a bit snarky (a witty mannerism, personality, or behavior that is a combination of sarcasm and cynicism) . One fine day, we were walking down the street and I overheard someone say, "I just don't get cupcakes, what's the big deal?". Of course, the popularity of cupcakes was being called into question by someone residing in New York City. How typical. Let me share what the big deal about cupcakes is, they are delightful little manageable treats. Cupcakes are portion control at it's finest. Cupcakes are portability at it's finest. Cupcakes need no forks or utensils. Cupcakes need, two free hands, one to peel back the paper wrapper, one to place up to mouth, and one open mouth ready to indulge. Why in the world do we need to get down on cupcakes, I think they are brilliant.  So where did I indulge in cupcakes on my New York City getaway? Two places, but I have a third cake experience to throw off the competition. First, t

Just Wondering??? A Google Reader & Blogger Blog Following Talk

If you don't use Blogger or Google Reader, please delete. This email will contain not one piece of relevant information to you. If you do, please read on, for I am confused and a bit mad.  If anyone else out there gets frustrated when you "follow a blog" then that blog gets put into a special folder in Google Reader. A special folder you don't realize exists until a week has gone by. Then you try your hardest to figure out how to just get all your blogs in the INBOX of Google Reader, but they want a damn folder of their own. A blogs I am following folder, seems kind of silly doesn't it. I mean all the blogs in my reader I am following, Duh? Does this sound crazy or remotely familiar to you? Because I really just want all my blogs in one folder, not two.  Carry on...

Repressing Granolaville To Fit In The West Village

Packing my bags for NYC, I left most signs of Granolaville ( that's what my host in NYC calls where I live in Colorado, it's not that far off in all honesty ) behind me. I valiantly attempted to leave my fleece jackets, stainless steel water bottles, and synthetic layers back home in my closet. Instead I planned outfits I thought would be most appropriate for hitting the streets of the West Village.  After our arrival to the West Village on the lower side of Manhattan, our host informed us that we had a 9:30pm dinner reservation. Aah, was that announcement echoed with laughter, for KS and I are usually in bed by that time or definitely in our comfy cozies for the night. But we were game. We were taking this,  on vacation living it up, thing very happily in stride. That same evening turned out to be the biggest night for us. The city was permeating our beings and we were definitely ready to hob knob until the wee hours of the morning.  The beauty of the days following was not

The Most Comfortable Bed On Earth

The weekend getaway to New York City, left me teetering on the edge of under slept, hungry, and somewhat foggy. After a day of travel, I had to pick myself up by the bootstraps and get my ass to Grad School for my class that evening. Lucky for me, my hubby was kind enough to actually drive me both ways, I think he was concerned about my conditional fogginess as well. I am happy to report that I did not fall asleep in class, although I felt myself about to nod off when asked to skim a long article.  My head nestled right into my pillow when I collapsed into bed, after what felt like the longest day on earth. Nothing really compares to resting in the comfort of your own bed, the one I take for granted night after night. But last night I relished in it's comfort, my favorite sheets and comforter wrapped around me. I awoke refreshed, thank goodness, ready for my first day back on the job.  I know you are wondering, how was it, how was the weekend away with no kids? There are so man

Notes From THE City

Growing up, New York City was always referred to as "THE city". Before my departure in conversation I would just casually mention how I was off to "the city" this weekend. Now that I think of it, some of my friends in Colorado probably were like, huh the city?  Delightfully enough, the city has been wonderful, the west village is incredibly quaint and charming. I've fallen right into the culture, with my swift pace on the street, dinners after 9 pm, and plenty of window shopping. With not being on a tight schedule, just being free to meander through the streets, we've happened upon wonderful spots. Yesterday I quite randomly found a mini pair of Tretorns to match my pair for Sj. How stinking cute is that? Although I have yet to set my eyes on Balthazar, we've managed to find some wonderful culinary gems. Today Balthazar is in the cards for me. Last night, we had fish and chips, from A Salt and Battery which was once featured on Bobby Flay's Throwd

Funny How That Happens, Five Years Later

The passing of the last five years has almost completely gone in a blink of an eye. Obviously there were the moments that felt like they lasted forever (hello newborn phase!), but for the most part I am still in awe that my oldest daughter is five. Long ago, I would measure time by school years, throwing in the oh, that was in "fill in the blank" grade when that happened. But now I happily measure time by the milestones in my daughters lives. Funny how that happens. The other day I was packing my suitcase for a trip I am taking this weekend and it hit me, this was the first time in five years I was packing my suitcase just for myself. It was five years ago and a couple of weeks when I first packed a suitcase with little itty bitty newborn baby clothes in my hospital suitcase mixed with my comfy post-partum leave the hospital clothes, some fresh socks, toiletries, and my favorite music. Over the years it slowly turned into diapers, toys, books, way too many pink outfits, oh a