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Junk in MY Trunk

Yes, I said it, Junk in my trunk. Probably in your trunk as well. While I could post a picture of the real junk in my trunk, I am going to keep this much more friendlier and show you the contents of my vehicle. Now, after I did the purge, I realized it wasn't so bad. Recently, I have been taking a few random things here and there back to their appropriate home, but there were still too many things lingering around. I needed to do the official purge.

With the increasing price of gas, did you know that for every extra 100 pounds of junk you carry around you can lose about 1-2% fuel economy. Yes, I lug around an extra 100 pounds easily.

The Trunk:
Two strollers, one single, one double. Sunshade for backpack, but where's backpack- oh in the garage of course! Grocery bags (must have!), clean shopper (super must have!!), paper towels, extra clothes, winter vest, husband's courier bag..on and on!

The Junk:
What's not going back- mirror for when GL was rear facing, oodles of cd'…

we've outgrown Right on Red

If I had the power to change once piece of traffic law, it would be the right on red. It has to go. See the right on red, has turned into, I kind of stopped now slow down asshole coming at me, because I pulled out first! Haha! Oh and I don't care if you have a green light or the right of way, I sorta stopped, it's my turn! Seriously, I think it's a nightmare. Right on Red made perfect sense 50 years ago, when there were a few hundred thousand cars in the entire United States.

Now, with millions cars on the road, we need changes.

Really though, this isn't a joke. Driving nowadays is one disastrous moment to another, with tons of oops and near misses, and blessings from little angels sitting on the hood of my car.

First there is the dude on his cell phone, driving 55mph then 80 mph then 60mph then 80mph all in one mile, in the left lane. The actual speed limit is 65mph. I prefer 70mph, and having the opportunity to use the passing lane, which for the record is the LEFT lane…

Scrabble for One...

Part of my turn off the television week was to include a heated game of Scrabble. I just didn't know it would turn out to be with myself. I can hear it now, "oh, no you didn't". Yes, out of desperation, I played Scrabble alone.

I pegged Saturday night as the big night. We had some friends over for dinner, put the kids to bed, and then my husband went to poker. Oops, forgot about the poker thing. So, I took matters into my own hands and played myself in Scrabble. Technically I suppose you need two players, but I challenged myself.

I didn't even cheat.

Well, maybe I swapped out my tiles just for fun, once.

And, I may have peeked at the Scrabble dictionary once, to check a word.

The hubby and I don't play that cut throat, challenge almost every word version, we just go with the flow. Don't worry we pipe up if we think someone is trying to pull off a 65 point non-existent word. Most of the time, it's just a big laugh.

I am very good at unscrambling words in my …

Bloggy Giveaway WINNER!!!

Congrats to DENISE @ You Never Let Go! Her number was drawn today with the help of! Thank you everyone for entering!

the Television Challenge

It's over, a bit premature, but the NO television challenge has ended at EatPlayLove. I nestled into some Talk Soup coma last night followed by Flavor of Love, Anderson Cooper, and of course What Not To Wear. Oh and even a little Tyra, talk about will watch anything. And I did see Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi snuggled up on a bench together for some public service message about global warming. Thanks to a quick lurk at Fox News. Strange.

You could blame my hubby for bailing on our Scrabble Night, by falling asleep with GL! Tonight's the night, the Scrabble Show Down!

In case you were wondering we did watch Top Chef. The television has been off all week, but we plugged it in Wednesday night. And there was one Baby Einstein Episode around Thursday dinner time that was just a plain ol' necessity.

My Thursday 13 already covered most of my feelings on the topic. I definitely embraced the challenged and gained a new perspective, all a positive impact on my family!

Lastly, I can&#…

The Costco Banana Saga Continues

Please let me start with, friends you are not alone. I have put a call into the Department of Agriculture trying to get to the bottom of this possible Banananapping of Costco Bananas.

If you need further information, please read more here. If you are with CNN and need an interview, please contact my publicist.

Here's the cold hard evidence friends, yes, 17, I said SEVENTEEN inquiring minds want to know. Oh wait, include me, make that 18 inquiring minds want to know. Let's not forget maybe some blogger friends, so let's up this number to 30, yeah I said it THIRTY people, I feel a movement coming on here.

Please look closely at my keyword data, all pointing to my banana post, a few weeks ago:

Let me say, if you find bananas at a Costco in your town, let me be the one to report it. Leave me a comment, please I will be forever indebted.

That Kinda Week

Baking homemade bread,
my maternal lineage.
Life's simple pleasures.

Give something away,
comments are indeed so good,
but will they be back?

The big box is off,
calmness is overcoming,
how about one show?

Dad is home today.
Candyland in the morning,
fun, laughter, all day!

This is my first participation in Haiku Friday. I decided to go with a week in review theme for my Haikus, really try to grasp what's been going on around here in a new refreshing way. I liked it, maybe once a month, it will return. You Haiku? Find out more here.

this just in:

One girl is at school
and one peacefully napping.
Midday rendezvous!

The Whole No Television Thing- TH*13

What I Have Learned From Day 4 of NO Television:

1. Television isn't really that big of a deal to me or apparently my family. Day one I unplugged the television and dvd player, so it wasn't still leeching power. I think Sj asked one time to watch TV on that day. I asked her yesterday, on day 3, so do you miss the television? She replied, No mom, it's not a big deal.

2. We are not serial television watchers. Meaning, I don't really have a must see television show. Now don't really means, I love to watch Bravo's Top Chef. I always get sucked into junky reality television because I can't commit to watching prime time shows to keep up with the story line.

3. I am so HAPPY, ELATED, THRILLED, and OVERJOYED that I did NOT get lured into watching the Pennsylvania Primary Coverage on Tuesday. I read about the results in my New York Times email and that was it. My blood pressure didn't stir, I didn't succumb to hearing the same information repeated 1,000 times o…

Step Right Up, Get Ya FREE Ticket!

Bloggy Giveaway is CLOSED!!!
Sometimes the blogosphere just works in mysterious ways. Before I knew it, last night I clicked myself right into a sea of giveaways!I thought, it's my time. Time to spread the love, spread the fun and excitement that blogging has brought me! Time to for me to enter the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival! How festive. 
See entry Details below!

So, you wonder what's the prize, what are you going to WIN? Well, that my friend is a luscious tub of Strawberry Body Butter from the Body Shop, with Strawberry Seed Oil to moisturize, Normal Skin. Your skin will be soft and sweet. A $20 retail value!

Here's EatPlayLove's "Official" Entry Guidelines:
1. Leave a comment on THIS POST, with something you Love to Eat, please include your email in the comment, your blog url, or I can link through your Blogger I.D. Your choice. That's how I will contact you.

2. Sorry, but due to the restrictions of having 2 children in tow at all times, I can only ship to t…

Good Crunch With One Hand

When I was a young girl, one of my no fail lunch requests was a bologna sandwich. Yep, how American. Although, our meat was not from the grocery store, nor was it Oscar Meyer, it was freshly sliced from our neighborhood Italian Deli.

When I became old enough to start making my own lunch, the process always seemed to unfold in the same way. It began with two slices of Freihofer Country White Bread, placed on the plate in a mirror image. I always tried to draw a smiley face or picture or my initials with the squeeze yellow mustard, which was applied to both slices of bread. The next step was always smoothing out the mustard on both slices of bread, uniformity was key. I love uniformity and maybe even to a fault. Then the cheese, first a slice to sample, then 2 slices for my sandwich, then the bologna. Voile.

Usually it never felt complete with my potato chips on the side. I would open up the sandwich, pile on some chips, put the top back on and give it a good crunch with my hand. Every bi…

Quirks of Bathroom Business

Truly and wholeheartedly, I count my blessings when I recall the ease at which Sj potty trained. We went from diapers to panties before I knew it, all it took was some perfect timing, catching her behind a tree, making a poop. I ran her to the potty, she successfully completed her business and from that moment on decided diapers were a thing of the past. I never bought Pull-Ups, we just went straight to those quilted cotton panties. Yes, it's mandatory to use the word panties, for to Sj it's very grown up. Even if those aforementioned panties have characters such as Dora or Bob The Builder on them.

Now, we have been working on the two huge obstacles that have been in the way for Sj and total potty independence. And of course as a mother of a daughter that is entering Kindergarten in a few months, these quirks need to be worked out before I can feel settled kissing her on the cheek and sending her on her merry way to school.

The first quirk Sj has in the potty department is the c…

Sat Her Day

When I was first getting into the swing of things blogging, I would start a new post and save it. Sometimes it would take me a few days to get back to that post to publish it. I typically would put the day in the title box and always, never deviating, I would put Sat Her Day, for Saturday. Don't ask me why.

Funny enough today is my day. Well, kind of. I'm going to a luncheon at a nice local hotel, to hang out with hundreds of other Moms. Daddy will be in charge for a whopping, 6 hours today. And, I will have no children tugging on me or demanding something Right Now, for 6 hours. Wow! We are all members of local chapters of a fabulous organization called MOMs Club, or better known as Moms Offering Moms Support. I joined Moms Club when Sj was around 6 months old, with the encouragement of a good friend. I'm glad I did. I was initially a bit out of my comfort zone, but in a short period of time that quickly changed.

It's been 4 years now and I've met so many people, ma…

Like, Totally Excellent

Two of my daily blog reads graced ME (blush) on the same day with my very first Blog Award.

My friend over at Never A Dull Moment was one of my first consistent blog reads, turns out we live about 15 minutes away from each other. You know this darn blog universe is not so big and scary, it's kind and refreshing. Give her a read, if you haven't been by.

The other recognition came from my friend off in lovely Northern California, A Mom Two Boys. I just adore her fun writing style, she always seems to make me laugh, which on most days is a dose of exactly what I need. She understands my neurotic side and gives me props for worrying about bananas. Thank you.

And here is the very first award:

Now in proper Blog Love fashion, I must pass the award along. I am choosing two blogs because I received two.

First, I am passing the Excellent Blog along to , Mama Zen. She's a writer that makes me feel at home, I enjoy her words. And to top it off, she's always reviewing books, which keep…

Stuff, Stuff, and MORE STUFF

I'm disenchanted with my stuff, my children's stuff, and my husband's stuff. And of course our collective family's stuff. I spend my days picking up stuff, organizing stuff, buying stuff to put my stuff in, cleaning stuff, and throwing away stuff.

How much stuff do we need?

Every month, I cycle through the girls' toys, ditch broken toys, put some away for a rainy day, put some away just because it's better when we have space from some toys, and recycle/donate toys we have outgrown (or I simply have grown tired of). I haven't taken on this task in a few months and I can feel it. It feels like our toys have reproduced.

Happily I can report that the girls actually use the majority of their toys, sometimes I think it's safe to give one the heave-ho when Sj pulls it out, plays with it obsessively for the day, and snuggles it at bedtime. She came down stairs with a teddy bear she was given at birth and don't think she's rarely played with. She gave me th…

I'm Loathing Las Vegas

My husband went to none other than Las Vegas for 72 hours of debauchery & gambling an intensive work conference. If you could only hear the repetitive nature of our conversations regarding this trip, how the conference was just going to consume close to every waking moment of his time.

J has attended the NAB Show in Vegas for about 6-7 years now. Every year I get the long, serious, look me straight in the eye speech about how it's work and he has to go. The technology is amazing and it's all the cutting edge cameras. With out this knowledge he would have an incredible deficit when it comes to purchasing new cameras or related equipment. Although, I couldn't quite tell you the last time the company bought a cutting edge camera, but that's just my side of the story.

What my husband fails to mention is the hard work and long hours that he puts in at the card tables or how he forces his liver to work overtime. It is very time consuming to research which 5 star restaurant…

I Didn't Get The Aging Memo

I'm not quite sure how this post is going to transpire, but I've been mulling over aging lately in my mind and with some friends, whom luckily have had similar sentiments and thoughts. Being thirty something I think is a time when you start to recognize defining moments in relation to age. In that same regard, I feel like some time has slipped away and I never really got the memo that I am categorized as older, even to folks in their late 20's.

I have a terrible habit of trying to figure out someone's age when I first meet them. Sometimes I could swear I had to be younger than a person I just met, but then I find out I've got 5 years on them. Isn't it strange how we perceive our age in relation to others? I definitely feel like I'm more of an early 30 something than a late 30 something creeping into the big 4-0. For the record, I am not a late 30 something, but it all just slowly rolls itself into one big ball.

Having two small children can keep you active an…

Vail Season Closing Weekend

Simply because of my husband's occupation, I've spent many "Ending Season" weekends at various ski resorts. This weekend, we went to Vail, which was no other than closing weekend. I have to tell you, if you have any remote interest in skiing or the culture, there is nothing like closing weekend.

The atmosphere at the resort was upbeat and lively. Of course many folks on the last day chose to dress up in costume or "outdated" ski gear. A few times it was difficult for me to decipher if someone was in costume or just hadn't picked up new gear since the 90's. None the less it was a hoot. Bring out your wigs, spandex, brightly colored one piece suits, shorts, or gorilla suits and hit the slopes.

Traditionally the service goes way down hill on closing weekend, because everyone has their bags packed and are ready to head out of town as their shift ends. Pleasantly enough, we didn't find any of that this weekend. The bars were packed until closing, how …

Mountains are Singing my Name...

I can hear it..I should be packing. It's my name..being vocalized by Ben Harper. I'm off to a last weekend of skiing for Sj & J. And for a Ben Harper concert with my family. There really isn't anything like a musician you are very fond of calling you by your first name, well not for me anyway.

Oh, why do I love Colorado...random Ben Harper shows, not a tour, just a pop into town to play a gig. Life is beautiful friends, pictures and posts to resume when I come down from Cloud 9.

photo source

Glimpse Behind The Blog Scenes

It's Friday, so I am going to have some fun around here. I've never posted the bizarre searches on Google that bring people to my blog. Honestly, sometimes I don't make the connection, but I have to admit, on occasion I have set myself up for the randomness.

Like these google searches:

pictures of the clitoris turning into a penis with testosterone
They must have been disappointed to find some shoes I found on sale and random meanderings of a stay at home mom. But I did have to bring up that Oprah show, guilty as charged. I wonder if they could send me the link, if they find the real McCoy.

betta sick won't eat, vertical floating Betta Fish
This has to be one of more popular search hits. Our poor Uniqua's story, pulling at the heartstrings of Betta owners all over the country. I wish I had better answers. That last ditch attempt to save your $5.00 pet store purchase. Please, pass me a tissue.

why are there no bananas at costco?
Now this is obviously my favorite. Someone o…

Thursday Thirteen: 4th Edition

Hidden Perks & Downfalls I have associated with blogging...

1. It all starts with one page load. You read a blog, maybe post a comment. More than likely you'll be lured by a link to another post or blog. Before you know it you've clicked, clicked, clicked your way to twenty other blogs, that you wind up bookmarking.

2. If your friends or family read your blog with any regularity, they may begin to associate blog content for real conversation. Soon your phone stops ringing and you've been deserted by your closest confidants.

3. On a related note, blog postings may also confuse your friends or family that they've had a discussion with you on the particular topic. It's happened quite frequently to me. The, "no, I didn't tell you that, you must have read it on my blog"! Beware of lurkers, slipping in conversation!

4. It's easy to become lured by bigger and better blogs. Take for example Blogger, it has all the built in shortcuts to make your blog stan…

Bare Pantry, How About Risotto?

Sometimes I feel lackidasical about my dinner cooking duties. I have to be honest, I don't cook dinner every night. Especially on the weekends, I officially hand the kitchen over to my hubby. But during the week, I make a wholehearted attempt to prepare something healthy and fresh. That is when I am in the mood. Sometimes, my husband gets the 5 o'clock phone call from me, "I'm not cooking tonight", click. He always comes through the door prepared, whether to cook or with take out.

And to top it off, I am not a meal planner. I once had meal planning envy, you know the type, with the cute little chalk board listing the dinner menu for the entire week. Corresponding grocery lists on the front of the refrigerator. See, I love organization, bins & baskets, a place for everything, but I can't seem to muster up that little extra drive to become a meal planner.

I must have an addiction to flying by the seat of my pants during one of the hardest hours of the day for…

Is That a Kitty Cat, Meowing?

While little sister was off taking care of various baby dolls. Sj, was off meowing, licking her paws, drinking milk from a bowl, and talking only in "cat talk". Meow. Meow.

I take the pledge right here and now to not become a cat owner, no matter how persistent my 4 year old is. No cats!

I dug up some eyeliner from a make up bin tucked away in my closet, to complete the look. The next day I was wondering what the faint lines were on her face..Duh! It was the remnants of kitty-ness!

Hints of Maternal Instinct

Observing my second daughter emulate her big sister has been so eye opening. No pressure now to keep Little Miss Sj on track, being a fabulous role model. But in all "light hearted" seriousness, my toddler has been showing the signs of maternal instinct for at least a month now. It's crazy. She loves her baby dolls, she walks them, checks the blanket to make sure they are covered, pats their bottoms, makes fake crying sounds, feeds them bottles, and snuggles them.

It's her big sister that walked into the kitchen the other day, with the stroller in one hand and shirt up, nursing her doll with the other. I thought, that looks oddly familiar, although I don't think I've ever mastered the nurse and stroll, just the nurse and cook or walk around if need be.

I guess the straw basket is her purse, complete with a duckie! No need for money.
Oh no, is my baby ok? I must pat her and fix her blanket, over and over again!
Time for bed baby, snuggle up in Daddy's shirt.

Open Enrollment Final Saga

Not much more to write after today. The long awaited "WAITLIST POSITION" letter arrived. Which basically said, no damn chance in hell. Taking into consideration, our position on the list is higher than the size of an entire kindergarten class.

1st Choice- 21
2nd Choice-23
3rd Choice-28

Oh well. Now it's the serious contemplation of selling our house. Or leaving it all be for kindergarten and trying again in 1st grade.

Decisions, decisions.

End of story, folks!

Spring In My Step

Lately, I have suppressed my desire to own every pair of shoes that delight me. I have plenty of shoes that make do. Practical, cute-but practical, athletic, snow season, warm weather, and sexy-but not so comfortable shoes. With the change of weather, my shoe radar has been going off. I maybe had in the back of my mind, it would be nice to pick up a nice new pair of spring kicks. Now mind you, I haven't been actively seeking out new shoes.

But..they have found me.

I was teasing myself with a walk down the size 10 aisle at Last Call! Neiman Marcus Outlet. I always look at the shoes on our visit to the Colorado Mills, a couple times a year. I never, ever find anything. I love slipping my toes into exorbitantly expensive shoes, taking a stroll down the aisle, over-examining in the mirror. I usually get a raised eyebrow from my hubby and a those work for me glance. 99% of the time, it's a no. Typically they hurt like no tomorrow. Or the heels are high enough that I would have to duc…

Banana..Fo Fanna..Me Mi, No Banana?

Alrighty folks. I am exclaiming from the top of my lungs. The banana crisis is here. How can this be? Oh bananas, how I do love thee. I wish I savored the last banana I had, but I didn't realize there would be shortage problems.

In our last two vegetable deliveries, we did not receive any bananas. I thought that was strange.

Costco hasn't had bananas in a couple of weeks.

Even stranger.

Whole Foods, didn't have bananas, organic or not.

Just plain bizarre.

Rumor has it, Sam's has bananas. Hmmm.

Last night we popped into Costco to pick up some photos, I uploaded. If you haven't taken advantage of that service, you must. It's such a huge time saver. We bought some bread, eggs, and organic chicken.

We perused the aisles, talking about the banana shortage and wondering why no one else is talking about it!

Then we got to the register and the cashier said, "What no Bananas?"...

I exclaimed, "oh my.. are you reading my mind?"

Then the cashier and their shadow…

Some Confusion, Mainly The New Low..

I am not sure if anyone caught Oprah yesterday. Yes, I am an Oprah fan. But maybe Oprah has stooped to new lows, new attention seeking lows. It seemed a little hokey to me.

Here's the basic synopsis behind the show. A 34 year old man, named Thomas was pregnant. Yep, Oprah being the bearer of all official news, was not going to be duped, for she had a live clip of the ultrasound footage. She also had bare bellied pregnant Thomas, with close ups of his facial hair. How could this be? Gasp.

Well, you see, Thomas was really born Tracy. Tracy lived as a woman oh into her 20's. Then she took testosterone, had her breasts removed, grew some facial hair, shopped in the men's department, and lived with a woman. That same woman transferred sperm from a sperm bank into her husband's vagina so he, I mean she could conceive.

The catch, when reassigning her gender, she didn't have any surgery on her genitalia. So Thomas, was a man in appearance with a Va-Jay-Jay. Although, he was l…

Wow, I Stayed Awake!

I've been handing cash, plenty of it, over to none other than the big blue Blockbuster Video. Even GL says, " moo-eey" when we drive past it now. Oops. Actually, I feel like patting myself on the back for all my movie watching. It feels like I'm coming out of my cocoon. You know that, I am a new mother and when night falls, so do my eyelids kind of feeling. Well, considering I am not a new mother anymore with my 16 month old, it was certainly time I stepped up my staying awake at night game. Bring on the rentals.

By the way, my movie renting absurdities have prompted me to look back into the DVD by mail options. We are considering Blockbuster over Netflix, just for the return in store option. We were Netflix fans for years. Our biggest concern is selection, considering BB has been notorious in the past for only offering censored movies, we didn't know if they would have the diverse independent selections of Netflix. Your insight, as always would be greatly appreci…

Booster Seats vs. 5 Point Harness

Last year, I was sent an email forward of this YouTube video. It broke my heart for the family that lost their son.

My oldest daughter is the size of a six year old and she is 4. I've kept her in her Britax Marathon (up to 65lbs and 49" tall) even though she is tall and weighed enough for a booster. I've met some moms that are in a rush to get their kids into booster seats, either because a younger child needs their current 5 point harness carseat or they feel their children are ready. I'm even disappointed to mention a mom that I know (who's husband is a state trooper) had her 3 year old in a booster with out a back. I cringed every time I saw their car pull up. Not to mention it is against the LAW in Colorado to have a 3 year old in a booster.

This weekend, I purchased a booster to have for my daughter for short trips around town in our second vehicle. I still don't feel comfortable with her in it. 95% of the time she still rides in her Britax. I feel like it…



Here's the Truth:
I am very content with my two girls. Even if you could guarantee me a boy, not sure if I would take the plunge again. Especially today, when I am in the middle of 5 teeth erupting in GL's mouth at the same miserable time. No sleep, constant chewing, gagging, and nursing galore. Fun, fun!

As a little bit of a cheeky wife, I really wanted to see what my hubby's reaction would be. He fell for it big time. He called me over lunch today, where I immediately brought up the post. He read it while on the phone with me, so I had the fabulous first hand, don't have time to think reaction.

Which went a bit like, "Are you crazy, we've talked about this, I thought we were on the same page, not happening".

So, after I knew I had him, I played it up for a bit. Even Sj was on the phone saying, we're having a baby brother, we're having a baby brother!! It took awhile before I said, ok honey before I hang up why don't you look at the…

One More Try...

Well, you see it seems as if mother nature is calling my name. Or maybe it's Uncle Biological Clock, tick tick tocking. Long ago, I romanticized about having three children. With two girls already gracing our family, it's time to try for the boy. Now that GL is 15 months old, it's time to get my uterus back into action.

I've started doing my research on the internet, on how to get pregnant with a boy. I've found loads of resourceful websites with great ideas. I have to feel certain about which ones will be most effective before we start, I don't want to jinx this conceiving a boy thing.

So, here are some of my secret "conceiving a boy" notes:

My gender selecting book says to have sex on the day you ovulate, use a position that offers the deepest penetration. The woman should have an orgasm since the waves can help pull more semen into the uterus. Also lots of foreplay because there is an alkaline level in the vaginal secretions that tends to favor male s…