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Maybe She Was Born With It, or Maybe....

Today just so happened to be one of those days, that had a slight stir about it. I decided to take the girls out this afternoon, even though I knew in the back of my mind, that I should have stayed home. Our outting pushed back dinner, no big deal right? Well, kind of because we had to be out of the house by 6pm, to make a very special, 8th Grade Graduation in Boulder.

With that said, there was a bit of a mishap right between the water boiling and the macaroni being placed in the pot.

The girls were running around the upstairs, through the bathroom into the hallway, into my bedroom and back through the bathroom. Round and around. I envisioned someone falling or hitting their head on the doorway. I was bumped a few times.

All the while, I was curling my hair with a very hot curling iron. Then out of sheer dumbness, I started to put on mascara. Don't ask me why, I wear mascara about once a month, I guess with May ending in a couple of days, I thought I should get my mascara quota in…

13 Things To Do While Mom Is Gardening

Keeping two mischievous girls occupied while trying to work around the yard has proven to be a challenge. Maybe even more of a challenge than actually all the physical labor. In case you were wondering, I gathered 13 photos of what the girls have been doing around here the last couple of weekends.

#1- Sneak the neighbor's dog treats, even though "she is on a diet".
#2- Remove my pa#3-Help of course, I can haul quite the load. Everyone, watch your toes!#4- Pout, sometimes what we do best.
#5- Vacate the premises. Mom's favorite of the bunch. Yes, the girls are back there!
#6-Sand, sand, and more sand. So much fun, until GL realizes she loves the reaction from others when she throws the sand.

]#7- Swing! Wee.. Still working on the pump on your own.#9- Eat a specially prepared Bento lunch, mom fixed me. American Bento, a beautiful thing! #10- Umm, create "glop", so mom thinks I ate my lunch. But really I stuffed it all in my cup of milk. Eeew.. Then I can drop it…

The Difference A Day Makes

Weekends always seem to end too soon. How can it already be Sunday night, when it feels like the weekend just started?! I love the difference a day makes. I think three day weekends should become the norm. Even though we had something going on everyday from Friday night to Monday dinner plans, it was just right. It didn't fly by too fast. We were so accomplished with one extra day. To top it off the week goes by faster because we already blew through Monday. 

So many times I can reflect on those little twenty four hours and how different life can be a day later. Take for example Miss GL's cold last week. Sunday was the onset of the runny nose, Monday was the onset of cough after sundown, Tuesday a bit better, Wednesday was fine. Each day the progression of the illness lessened, just the way my racing mind likes it. Thank heavens!

Or even better yet,  a day later when deciding on airplane tickets. My hubby and I have been looking into purchasing tickets to visit family in New Yor…

Take Back The Ground

Let me apologize, as for some reason with the change of weather has come a change of blog talk. It seems as if I could start some gardening blog, maybe I should call my blog Eat Play Love Dig or Eat Play Love Weed or Eat Play Love GrowaGarden. Ha.

You see, I am a little eye lid heavy and very sleepy right now. I should be in bed, sprawled out, snoozing away. We've been busy little bees around here. No, no photos. I want the before and after and my after isn't quite where I want it to be at this moment. I suppose the walkway inspired me to re-connect with the earth, the weeds, the backyard I have so casually turned my back on. It grew out of neglect, sometimes rampant with weeds that I paid dearly for the last two days.

While re-connecting with my space, I simply used old fashioned means to remedy my yard. I used hoe, a pitchfork, a shovel, wheel barrow, and my hands to take back the ground from the weeds. I didn't run out and buy chemicals as a quick fix. I loathe chemic…

Overflowing Baskets are Hindering the Bubbles

With it being a wonderful, glorious holiday weekend, I have visions of running free in the mountains in my head. Sun shining on my face, the girls giggling, my hubby chasing them. 
Maybe we could even blow some spectacular bubbles, watch them float off into the sky, and pop with little sprinklings of bubbles landing on our faces. 
But, I am home. Amidst some laundry. That was a joke, some.... I mean lots of laundry. Can you find my daughter in that laundry? She's there, I swear she was a minute ago.....
Boy do I wish I was Hammy (my doggie nephew) right now, lounging around, being fed, outside playing fetch, someone scratching my ears.  Can I get some kibble? 
Have a wonderful weekend my friends. Gardens will be born tomorrow. Barbecues will be fired up. Graduations will be celebrated! I think I can smell summer.  Fun, fun!

Stuffing Envelopes and Unpainted Walls

Today's the day that I reveal, 13 Uninteresting ...aka Boring Things about myself. I was tagged by Kristin H. over at Jilli Java and The Garden of Eden...

1. I have 3 older brothers, which all live within 5 miles from the house I grew up in where my parents still reside to this day, I however live 1,800 miles away.

2. I loathe unloading the dishwasher, but don't bat an eye at a big pile waiting to be loaded.

3. I never like the way I look in eye make-up, although next month I will be getting a little help from some ladies at Sephora to work through this problem.

4. I was a strict vegetarian for about 10 years or so, now I am just a strictly natural meat eater.

5. The equivalent of nails on a chalkboard to me, is the sound of someone trimming their toenails. Eeew. Might have to do with my disdain for feet.

6. On the fourth of July about 14 years ago, I pierced my nose. I still wear it.

7. I've had two volunteer positions this past year, Scholastic Book Clubs for Sj's entire pr…

In The Beginning...

***Click on Photo to Enlarge***

Here is the monstrosity I call my backyard. Oh how naive my husband and I were when we snubbed our noses at small lots, in favor of this large yard with huge mature trees. Now, looking back on it, I would love one of those smaller yards, quaint yards as we so longingly refer to them. Yards with out Cottonwoods that drop 40 bags of leaves every fall.

We are taking it all in stride. Our first major project was ripping out the concrete that was buckled serving as a carnival attraction patio. We created the tumbled Pavestone patio and it's held up wonderfully. Not much else has transpired in the landscaping department, except the wonderful additions of the shed, swings, and sand box. Well, in my mind I have a million and one plans, but lack the funding. Maybe I'll win a backyard makeover, don't you think it desperately needs it?

The photo was taken last week, before we started the finished project. I took the photo with my new camera that I was sur…

Tiled Oasis

The art of adjusting the shower with our new "tankless" water heater has been a work in progress. After five months, I believe I have honed in on my comfort zone. Something wonderful to understand with a tankless water heater is that the hot water supply is endless (unless you are trying to be green) and it is not affected by flushing toilets , dishwashers rumbling, or a load of laundry. Pure Bliss, until my reality creeps into the zone.

The reality is, I never knew my love of showering until I gave birth to Sj. The shower was the only escape for my postpartum fog that would not allow me to venture off anywhere, not even to the market alone. Well, I did go to Target once when she was a newborn, I was there and back with the little hand mitts in 7 minutes, roundtrip.

Yes, that neurotic. Trust me, not so neurotic the second time around, not even close.

Truthfully, the shower became my little oasis. A place I could slip into, feel refreshed, maybe cry for ten minutes, sing,…

Digging, Shoveling, Leveling, Laying, Aching...Result Crushed Stone and Pavestone Walkway!!!

I believe I am notorious for setting myself up with an easy Backyard Project. It sort of goes like this, we'll just whip this out in a day, here's my vision, we've got these supplies, we need these, no problem. Well for starters there are always problems, but the better saying would be there aren't many problems with out solutions. We solved the major problems and time will tell if our hard work was done properly.

So my vision was taking up some flagstone that was haphazardly thrown down to create a walkway. It had become covered with weeds, mulch, and various other oddities. Then I thought we could make a crushed stone walk way from our current patio to the gate at the north end of our home. We had enough tumbled pavestone left over from our patio project in 2004 to use for a border. See where I am headed, heck we only need some paver edging and the crushed rock for the walkway. That would be a thirty foot walkway about five feet wide. Easy, peasy!

There was digging for…

They Call It FLUFF

So it's Friday and this woman, with 2 babies in her tummy is all over the place! Yes, it's Angelina Jolie. Everytime I hear her name, I wonder where are the babies going to be born? In which foreign country will these two little Brangelina's thrust their way into the world??? Normally, I could care less, but considering it's fair territory and quite early in the game for predictions, I am going with France. How about you?
The second random thing I couldn't get out of my mind is the whopping Government Stimulus check Jon & Kate will be getting! $3,600.....
but then I thought oh what about those baby making Duggars...$6,300..... Damn. I'll happily take my $1800 and run.
So now, my brain can return to it's normally neurotic state worrying about my children, how I didn't pay the bills yet today like I should have, the state of the laundry is there a load waiting to dry, who's crying , when is my husband coming home, how I need to read my two chap…

Parents Please Take Your Seats

Last week I attended my very first "parent of a kindergartener" meeting. It was the official orientation for us first timers and a sprinkling of well seasoned parents chiming in with their "been through this" knowledge!

Yes, I was completely dumbstruck by the fact that my first born is actually going to kindergarten. Wasn't it just yesterday she would cry for me when I dropped her off for her big-girl-45-minute-all-by-herself "twoodles" class? My mind continually raced to wrap itself around the notion that Sj is going to school. Not touchy feely sing and play pre-k.

Real School!

Sj is seriously going to "10 page orientation hand out" school. Kindergarten. Like go school shopping school. Buy school supplies from a long laundry list of specifics school. That would also remind me "please learn to wipe your own bottom after pooping by the time you start" school. My summer may be more intensive than I envisioned.

About mid-meeting, a frie…

Oprah Set Off The Flashback

A long, long, time ago let's say way back in 2001, before children mind you, my hubby took me on a film shoot with him. It was closing weekend in Telluride, so they offered up lots of perks to get him out there. One of the perks was pampering for me, at the Golden Door Spa as well as lift tickets. But you see, my hubby makes a living solely based on the skiing industry and me, his love of 16 years, doesn't really care too much for skiing or snowboarding. Yes, we are working on this, but honestly I really do enjoy the spas much much more.

One evening, I was invited along to have dinner with "the talent" (a professional skier), his wife, and my hubby. We were eating at Harmon's, it has the classic Colorado restaurant feel, gamey meats, fireplace roaring, dimmed lights, and antlers adorning the chandeliers. The food and conversation were flowing.

When all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, there he was. Tom Cruise.

My initial thoughts were, holy shit, there…

20 Itty Bitty Toes

Aaah, Spring! The arrival of sunshiney beautiful days followed by snowy rainy bizarre-o weather all in 48 hours. Today would be the 42 degrees, snowy-rainy bizarre-o day, yesterday would have been sunshine filled 78 degrees. 

On those days it's beautiful out, the first thing I reach for when heading out are my sandals. Only problem is I like to have freshly painted toes, it helps welcome the change of weather in my mind. Naked nails on a 70 degree day are such a drag.

So, I dug out my little box of nail polish and decided to give my toes their first adornment of the season. Occasionally I allow Sj to have her toes painted after i've completed mine. She waits so patiently, watching my techniques. Sighing when I make a big oops. She runs her hands over the bottles, eyeing the color she likes best. 99% of the time, it's some shade of pink. Not like I have a wide array to choose from, but hot pink it always is.

As it turns out this time, after I finished painting my toe nails, …

Berry Flower Birthday Cake

When friends gather for a birthday, my immediate response is, Can I make the cake? Sometimes they are happy to hand over the task, other times they have something perfect in mind, so they pass. See the thing is, I love*L O V E*love making cakes, well more like decorating cakes. Having frosting just oozing through your veins simply from handling it, what a joy.

This weekend the opportunity arose for me to offer...a cake. And the host accepted. Happy, happy, joy, joy!!! My first step was honing in on flavors and decor of the cake. I went with vanilla cake and frosting to compliment fresh berries to adorn the cake. It turned out splendidly, with a few little oozes from the juice coming out of the sliced berries. I learned making this cake why professional bakeries always coat fresh berries with that gel/shiny glaze, because if you don't they leak. The leaking berries held up.

Step 1, always place a little frosting on the top of the cake holder, in this case a cutting board, acting like…

Have a Wonderful Day!!!

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

...For The Very First Time

The other morning, I ventured out of the house a bit earlier than I typically do to meet some friends at a coffee shop. It was an early coffee to kick start a birthday. While my girlfriend was celebrating her coming into a new age, I was also celebrating a first.

It was a bit rainy and there were puddles scattered through out the parking lot and sidewalks, that particular morning. Now this may sound really funny to like 95% of you reading this, but I was in complete amazement that the bottom of my jeans were soaking wet. I was wearing flats and my new jeans were so LONG that they hit the ground and may I add, maybe even puddle a bit. In these jeans, I could actually wear a small heel and make my legs look even longer. Woah!

Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun! Do you hear the music playing behind me as my arms raise up to the sky and the heavens open?

I had to joke about it in that moment because mind you, never, ever in thirty some years have pants been too long for me. Yep, 5'11" in case you …

a Trip To The Market- Thursday*13

ONE day while perusing the empty kitchen cabinets, I realized we needed more than a few things from the store. Out of nowhere, the cabinets were bare. How does it always work that way, in the morning they are fine, but by dinner time empty. So I loaded up the TWO girls and made my way to the market.

THREE tomatoes on the vine, placed gently in Sj's kid sized shopping cart. Beware other shoppers, a FOUR year old is in full control here! I contemplate if it's a bonus or a hindrance that this particular market has kid sized shopping carts. FIVE freezer items; edamame, mini blueberry waffles, flax and fig waffles, peas, and a broccoli-cheese pocket. Hey Sj, pick out a SIX packet of yogurt, which ever flavor you like. SEVEN more items on my list. And of course, to top it off there must have been no less than EIGHT distractions trying to get to the check out.

I count NINE employees, as I stand in a long line impatiently waiting for my turn with one of the two cashiers actually doing t…

What in the world?

See that rating with stars, right down there (look below, end of post). What in the world is that? Why don't I see it on other blogger blogs, and why do I want it? How can I make it go AWAY? bizarre!?!

Now, that I have given this some thought, I feel like someone is messing with me. Even.More.Bizarre.

This Is What I Found Out, Here:
Some users may be seeing star ratings on their blogs without having opted in to this new feature. This is an experimental feature that was accidentally enabled on some users' blogs. We're working to remove star ratings on all blogs currently. In the future, you'll be able to choose to opt-in to this feature; it won't appear automatically.

So obviously they are testing this out on the top blogger blogs! Mwaaaaah hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, I am ready for it to go bye-bye!
**Ok Blogger took the stars away** Disregard this post!!!
Now, I don't feel so special.

Collective Consciousness

If someone offered you a pair of glasses that changed your view of the world when you put them on, would you wear them?

That's exactly how I am feeling about A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle. I feel like he is giving me new lenses to see the world through. Not like my old way of seeing the world was wrong, but I felt a little nudge within me to discover things a bit deeper in my life. Of course the book kept coming up in conversation and I thought, I may as well give it a read. Honestly, I had nothing to lose.

Turns out just in the first four chapters, I have started to discover what I have to gain. Reading this book, grounded me in the reality that life is a journey. My path is always changing and I can help steer it's course. I can learn to let go of notions and feelings that held their grip so tightly on me it affected my sleep, or my mood, or how I mother my girls, or how I love my husband, or how I nurture my friendships.

Right now, I am embracing the opportunity to examine the…

Recipe Club, Come Join Us!

The house is about to be brimming with food, moms, and children. I am hosting recipe club, the theme is appetizers. It's a monthly event we have in MOMs Club on our calendar.

I am making Bruschetta with a recipe from my dear friend, Love2Cook, who should be here today! Instead she is loving life, chasing her two kids around, in our Nation's Capital. We miss you, we'll be thinking of you with our full tummies.

Roma tomatoes (as many as you want) chopped
basil (as much as you like )
red onion - I add about 1 tablespoon finely chopped
garlic (1-2 cloves)
balsamic vinegar - 2 tablespoons
extra virgin olive oil - 2 tablespoons

Mix everything together and marinate in the fridge for as long as you want. As you let it sit, the flavors meld together better and it's really delicious. Serve with toasted bread of your choice. I like baguette slices. I also use the leftovers for pasta. It's a really great spring/summer dish.

Here it is:

Here's the Spread:

We ended up ea…

I Never New oLOVE Like This Before

Through out my entire childhood, I watched my mother clean the floors on her hands and knees. I don’t think our family ever owned a mop. Oh wait, I do recall we had a dust mop, but not a wet mop. Sometimes she would use a little rubber pad underneath her knees, but for the majority of time, she just went for it. I will not go into the details of her arthritic knee and the correlation between her dedication to cleaning the floors on her knees and the current state of such knee.

I too became a hands and knees floor cleaner. A mop could never compare to such diligence and elbow power. I’ve introduced numerous mops into my house over the years, as I personally don’t see the need to get down on my hands and knees every damn time. Nothing really got the job done, the way I liked it. It was only a make-do situation. Still, I found myself going back to my old fashioned ingrained ways.

But my life may be changed forever. Will there still be a need to reacquaint myself with all the little nuances…

And the W I N N E R is....

With the help of my very own Vanna White, we have determined a winner of the EatPlayLove, contest for my Peeps.

This Kinda Week

Hubby is away,
oh it's trash day as the truck,
rumbles down my street!

Sometimes I miss those
that no longer invite me
into daily life.

Sigh, Colorado.
Sunny 80 on Wednesday,

Meltdown, tantrums, wow!
Let it all out, set it free,
mommy will hug you.

Monkey all day long.
Constant climbing, being W I L D,
can you play nice please?

It's so nice to reflect on the week in a new way. You Haiku?
More info here.

Some LOVE For My Peeps

Contest has closed!!!

Remember that Bloggy Give@way last week? The one where your jaw dropped because over 100 folks left a comment. Around this little blog. My friends keep on mentioning it, trust me I found it just as interesting. It was a bit bizarre.

If I had an addictive personality, I would consider diving into the Blog Give@way genre, head first. I can honestly say, I was curious to find out what it was like, to have a ton of traffic. Things are pretty mellow around here at EatPlayLove. It was a rush!

I now equate that little whirlwind experience to a naughty affair with an amazing musician or a shopping spree with an American Express Black Card. Yeah, that good.

But now that I am back into the swing of my little blog that could, I really want to share some love with my peeps! YES, YOU!

There is no website linking random folks here for a give@way. It's just you happening by like you normally do. Or like you sometimes do. Whenever you take a moment to leave a comment, it always m…