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In My House, We Recycle Old Food

Oh how do I welcome Friday, although weekends aren't necessarily equated with down time around here. I'm feeling like there is a lot of negativity in the media these days and it's getting me down. So out of the goodness of my heart, I thought I would share a little story with you. Something I overheard in my dining room the other day. It's a priceless story and hopefully you'll leave here feeling better after you hear it. Because to be quite honest, I can't believe I am actually going to share this.

This conversation took place between my hubby and my five year old daughter, on his birthday this past Wednesday.

Sj: Dad I made you this gift, open it, open it!

Hubbs: Wow cool, what is it?

Sj: It's a shaker, a musical instrument, I made it myself, without Mom's help. I washed the yogurt cup, filled it up, and wrapped it all by myself. Do you like it?

Hubbs: I love it. What did you put inside to make the noise?

Sj: I picked dried stuff off the floors.

Hubbs: W…

Crocs™ Make Me Smile

Today, you can find me over at the Crocs™ Blog. I wrote about the photo shoot and our life in Crocs™. I'd be thrilled if you would make the click through and check it out over there! I promise, it will make you smile.

My journey through motherhood has been a very natural progression, with the exception of a smattering of awkward moments riddled with some fear and anxiety...Continue on here!

Open Enrollment, Year Two....Sigh

Last year when I was trying to Open Enroll my daughter into a "choice" school for Kindergarten, I was very open about it and even touched upon some general feelings I was having about school choice and social class. This year, I just kind of kept mum about it. No need to tour schools, as soon as Boulder Valley Schools Open Enrollment began, I submitted my application. Then we waited a couple of months.

Then we received the post card with our choices. Then we waited some more.

Then we received a letter in the mail. The kind of letter that makes your heart start pounding like you just found a wad of hundred dollar bills mistakenly stuffed into an envelope in your mailbox. Or the kind of letter that makes you feel like someone just stuck a dagger through your heart, as for when it's open, it's words contain the exact opposite of what you wanted it to say.

I visualized driving to the school everyday. I mapped it out and put it on my Dreams board. I thought about lunche…

Pajamas in Public? Apparently I Did NOT Get This Fashion Trend Memo

Sometime over the last five years, a new fashion trend has emerged that quite frankly I've become appalled by. I don't know exactly when the shift took place, but I am over it. And what trend is this I am referring to?

The pajamas in public trend.

Hello people? Pajamas in public. Seriously pajamas are storming the world over, beware Levis your market is being barraged by our friend, flannel comfort and coziness. Now I am no stranger to running out of the house to the post office when I am in my lounge wear in the early evening. Heck I even picked up my daughter with my nightgown tucked into my jeans one day. But I did say tucked in, it looked like a floral shirt peeking out of my jacket. For the record that was just a bad day anyway, the thought of getting out of my pajamas was horrific. But I didn't throw on my slippers and hit the door. I put on jeans! At least I appeared to be put together.

But we have to draw the line. I believe it started with High School aged kids,…

Glimpse Into The Photo Shoot!

Wanted to share this photo from today...(Sj is in pink corduroys first in line)! Writing soon, I promise.

When Reality Kicks Opportunity In The Ass

Sometimes I think about making a long list of all my responsibilities, just for the heck of it. Out of curiosity, to see it on paper. First there's the obvious taking care of my family, keeping the household running, finances, all the things the typical Household Executives are responsible for. Then there's other things on the side, like volunteering to be a Girl Scout Troop Co-Leader or overseeing the entire Scholastic Book Club Orders for my daughter's former pre-school (and soon to be my youngest daughter's new pre-school in the fall). Of course let's not forget Graduate School, which is something I wanted for myself, but wonder why. There aren't quite enough hours in the day for all that the course requires, but yet I am managing to stay afloat. Of course there is this blog (and Rocky Mtn Moms Blog where I contribute), which I don't quite have the overzealous energy for that I did in it's early days, but I am keeping it going. I like to call it, qu…

Latest Airplane Tragedy, Hits Close To Home

Not again, the thought raced over and over in my mind. That's all I could think as I took in the broadcast images of a three story fireball and billowing smoke. Occasionally the flash of the intact tail of the aircraft was recognizable in the fiery chaos, the visual reminder that yet again there's been another airplane accident. This latest accident in Buffalo, New York resonated deeply within me for a few reasons. Some reasons, I choose not to talk about very often...

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Funny Things Happened, When A Shoe Fell Off...

A few weeks ago at Kindergarten pick up, I was carrying my two year old and her red shoe fell off. Her shoe is a little big on her, but she's at that age where she must wear it anyway. Another parent, whom I've conversed with every now and again was kind enough to pick up GL's shoe for me. He casually mentioned to me the same shoe company, which is locally based, was looking for kids for a national ad campaign.

Insert, seed planted.

Sometime later that evening, I tracked down the information on the casting call. They were looking for kids age 4-8, with a particular shoe size. I emailed it to my husband. I mulled it over in my mind. Should I submit her photo? What harm would come from simply submitting a photo or two, either they would like her or not. Then I proceeded to dig through the last six months of photos in my iPhoto library to find pictures to submit to the company. The original casting call requested a head shot and a full body shot. Considering we have never giv…

Giving Time, Some Here, Some There...

Have I ever mentioned that in my spare time, I volunteer with my Daughter's Girl Scout Troop, as a co-leader? Have I ever mentioned I don't know how I get roped into these situations? Honestly it's not that bad, I did say co-leader, which means I help out whenever needed. I am not required to be at every meeting. Most of the parents volunteer so it makes my rotation very manageable. Sometimes I just laugh though, thinking how did I get myself into yet another commitment.

But we all do it, don't we? Over extend ourselves, putting our children first.

As I go through the motions with my daughter, I learn more and more about being a Girl Scout. The organization, the promise, the plethora of opportunities, and of course most recently the cookie sales. Sj set a goal for how many boxes of cookies she would like to sell. Her goal was set with her eye on the prize, sell 230 boxes and get an Eco Ellie Elephant stuffed animal. Wowzers, that's a lot of boxes for a stuffed anim…

All Those Babies...

Oh Nadya, Nadya Suleman the woman who's the biggest news story these days. Funny enough even though I am content with my two girls and have opinions about overpopulating our planet, you won't find me attacking someone else's choices. It saddens me that we are so quick to judge and blame, criticize and chastise. 

My opinions of her waxed and waned as the news reports flooded every avenue of communication without much information. For me the story first unfolded with a woman had eight babies in California. My response, Good Lord, eight babies. I sat watching the news conference as the Doctors shared, they thought there were seven, but voile baby number eight made her way onto the scene. Then it didn't take but twenty four hours for the judgements to hit the presses. Oh no, she already had six children. She just wanted another. She didn't have a husband. She doesn't have a job. Now she has fourteen children, of which many "may" have medical needs. 
Enter …

Inauguration Story, Would She Go Back?

This is a guest post, written by a friend Mandy whom attended the inauguration in D.C. She was so fired up, I asked her to write a post about her experience. Let's see if she would make the trip again...

When I think about my trip to last week’s inauguration many words come to mind; joyful, proud, hopeful, and biggest of all would be surreal. Nothing was truer of this than on the Sunday before the swearing in ceremony. The day starts early, with me having to drag myself out of bed at 4:30 a.m. to catch my 8 a.m. flight. This was no ordinary flight. I knew that the moment I got to the gate to find I was the only female there with about twenty guys standing and sitting around waiting for the plane. I later found out that we had forty sheriff deputies on the flight to help with security detail in Washington. Surreal – I picked a random seat and ended up in a conversation with a congressman’s wife, then I look up and see another congressman at the gate, and the governor and his …

Tuesday Tips: Another Reason to BAN High Fructose Corn Syrup

Well, first I am not going into a big diatribe about my disdain for HFCS/High Fructose Corn Syrup because I already did here. Please take a moment to read it, if you would like more information about the ills of High Fructose Corn Syrup.

For years I have believed HFCS is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic in this country. But now I hear of this news, this appalling news.

At least 33% or sometimes 9 in 20 samples of High Fructose Corn Syrup found to contain Mercury. Mercury is toxic to the body. Scary enough teens can consume up to 80% more HFCS than a normal consumer.
Does anyone hear a voice go off in their head when the terms Mercury and Autism are spoken? Once again we are doing our children wrong. I am sad and angry. 

"Mercury is toxic in all its forms. Given how much high-fructose corn syrup is consumed by children, it could be a significant additional source of mercury never before considered. We are calling for immediate changes by industry and the [U.S. Food and Dru…

To Ski or Not To Ski...

Late Thursday evening, my husband casually mentioned to me the opportunity to head up to the mountains for the weekend. I jumped at the chance, as I am always interested in a little getaway. More importantly escaping the duties of home, laundry, dishes, cooking, a birthday party, and even a meeting. In turn I had to pack the bags, prepare the food list, and spend a couple of mindless hours knitting on the drive up. Even though I was hoping my knitting would keep my mind off of things, it didn't. I was drawn back to a slight hesitation I had in the back of my mind, the feeling that always winds up overwhelming me as we drive west on Interstate 70...

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She Can't Be Missed

The weather has been beautiful up in the mountains this weekend. Our five year old is really making progress on her skis. Me on the other hand, you can find out how well I did tomorrow.

Sj thinks her Burton Ski Outfit is too brightly colored, but you'd be surprised by all the teenagers that think it's so cool. Ha! Btw, this is a mobile post from my iPhone, I can't believe I did it!