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School Is Out For Summer

School starts early here in Colorado. Like August, early. Although this particular academic year, school started a week earlier then normal. But of course there was a big huff and the schedule has changed back, a bonus this particular summer for my daughter. Now she's out of school and gets to go back to school a week later. Growing up I always started school the Tuesday after Labor Day in September. After fifteen years here in Colorado, I still feel like school in August is strange. But now it's summer. And I haven't made any camp or class plans. Eek. For the first time ever, I didn't want to feel constrained by camp plans. Granted my daughter is only five, but we have a wide variety of camp options from performing arts to sports to academic camps. There is a part of me that just wants to go with the flow. Anyone want to take bets as to exactly how long this philosophy is going to rear it's ugly head? Sj needs something to keep her occupied during the week

Hitting The Parenting Lottery

Sometimes I feel like I hit the lottery because my daughters get along. I know there's a long road ahead of us, but they are at an age (2 & 5) where they just play well together. I almost fear writing that. Like it's going to throw a switch in the universe and the sibling rivalry will begin! Like most children they have their moments through out the day, with a squabble over a coveted item or the physical balance gets out of whack and someone gets a push, pull, or tug a bit too hard. But they bounce back fine. My two year old seems to be most content being in her big sister's shadow. And let me praise my five year old, she has the patience of a saint with her sister. Just this evening, my oldest was having a snack of raspberries that she washed and prepared all by herself (hello, exploring independence). Of course GL asks if she can also have raspberries. Sj stopped what she was doing, which happened to be munching raspberries off of her finger tips, to go into the k

Thirty Days Isn't Enough

When I was offered the opportunity to join a gym for 30 Days, I initially scoffed at the experience. To me a gym was a scene, full of people that intimidated me. Then my thoughts turned to what do I have to lose? Without taking that too literally (I have WEIGHT to lose) I thought I would face my fears and preconceived notions of the gym scene. Three weeks later and those notions are gone. Yes, the grunting men that grab their arms as they flex in the mirror exist. Of course there is a handful of long haired women, with full makeup, painted nails, and a perfect tan parading through the gym. But there are more people like me than I could have ever imagined. I've actually become intrigued by all the interesting types of people that I've watched. The best part is, they are all doing their thing and not staring at my every move ( oh, the things we can imagine when we are scared ). After the intimidation factor was out of the gym equation, what have I gotten from this ex

One Of My Brilliant Ideas, A Swimming Pool...

Six and a half years ago we purchased a home in the Fall. Considering it was October when we saw the place, it never crossed my mind to inquire about central air-conditioning. Unfortunately our furnace is metal octopus in a four foot crawl space, so getting central air just isn't an investment we want to make. Our home also has a huge backyard by my standards and a wee bit of a pesky weed problem. I mean we have grass and green stuff that grows, but in one section under our Cottonwood we've battled weeds for years. Let's recap my situation, no central air, a big back yard, pesky weeds... Anyone see where I am going with this? I had a brilliant idea that we NEED a swimming pool. Now don't get all dreamy and imagine a real swimming pool with that infinity-edge cascading into a view of the ocean (this is Colorado after all). Or a young handsome pool boy pouring frozen bottomless umbrella drinks. Imagine a yard that is half decent, half disaster and a dream of a pool

Who I Was And Who I Want To Be...

Oh my goodness, I've had a funny day. I recently was given a new computer, well it wasn't brand new but it was much newer, faster, and has triple the memory of my old computer. So to me it's new. My old system, which is still sitting right next to me was at that point where I was running out of hard drive space, even though I moved tons of files to a separate drive. As a result of the new computer, I was able to transfer all of my photos and music back to one place. Yippee! That's a celebration in itself. While poking around transferring files, I came across some pictures I had scanned a while back. Well, I took one of those scanned photos and turned it into my new profile picture on Facebook. Let the fun begin! My oh my, what a response was elicited from this photo: Yep, that's me, when I was young and very self conscious. I have about a hundred photos from that day, just a simple photo shoot in my cousin's backyard for a class she was taking. I received t

Coldplay, Send Me A Postcard...

Music. Live music... It's getting to me right now, summer tours. In the Fall when I saw Coldplay in Denver, I was left wanting more. Isn't that always the case, never satisfied? Seriously, my expectations were surpassed greatly with their live performance. Our seats were good, but could have been better. I don't see many large venue shows, but that night Coldplay played to tens of thousands and it felt intimate and alive. To my delight Coldplay is now back in the States touring. And to my dismay all in the same breath they aren't coming to Denver/Colorado. But they are playing in Nebraska. Last week, I got all wrapped up in the idea of going to see Coldplay in Nebraska. Heck, it's the closest I can get and it's a seven hour drive. I updated my status on Facebook looking for company: " is in search of wonderful company to drive to Nebraska with me on June 13th...There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it's British Blonde Gold.. ."

Key To a Successful Workout, Music...

I sort of just chuckled when I wrote the title. I don't always write the title first, but today music is my inspiration so the title came first naturally. But what made me laugh was the title hinting at my in depth knowledge of working out. You know because I've been visiting a gym for two weeks now, of course I know the key to a successful work out. I have all the answers. That's a joke, I definitely don't have all the answers or many answers at all. If I did, I wouldn't be scared of some lycra fashioned into something we refer to as a swimsuit . The key to my motivation is music. I first connected the importance of selecting the right music when I started running last year. In the moment, I slip my headphones on, select the music to get me going, maybe midway I'd have to change up my music to push me through to the end. Listening to music through headphones creates an intimacy which doesn't compare to listening to music over speakers in my home o

To Gift or Not To Gift...

It seems to be birthday season around here. In the past four weeks my daughter has been invited to six birthday parties. SIX. Some of the parties even coincided on the same Saturday literally back to back. Most of the invites were from classmates. While I appreciate parents inviting "everyone in the class", sometimes I just think seriously everyone in the class ? It just so happens that for four of the parties, we were out of town. I declined the party invitations. To be quite honest, my daughter doesn't really hang out with many of the kids in her class outside of school. They are school pals. I also agree parties can be a way to better get to know one another outside of school, but in general I think the all class invitations are just out of politeness. I believe in having parties with friends. My daughter is lucky enough to have good friends from a childhood playgroup and others that she's grown up with. We are still figuring out the balance of school friends an

Ok, Maybe It's Not About the Bathing Suit, It's About ME...

One week ago I announced I was ready to wear a swimsuit this summer. I also admitted it's been quite sometime and several excuses since I've faced the reality of actually wearing a swimsuit. Funny enough the truth is, it's not really about the bathing suit. The bathing suit, the pool, the lounging, and splashing pool side aren't the obstacles. Would everyone at the swimming pool stop and stare when I disrobed, umm no. Deep down, do I really think people would judge me? I don't. It's just another mental obstacle I've created. Facing myself is the problem. I haven't quite come to terms with the body I envision myself living in. I just know how I want to feel. I long to slip jeans over my hips with out a little extra tug at my upper thigh and to be able to button them with ease. I hate having to figure out which t-shirt is going to be long enough to cover over the waist of my jeans by a few inches. Lately I just haven't felt comfortable in my

Come Home Mama Bird...

Last week I barely was through the front door when my daughter came running towards me. She was demanding I immediately go to the backyard and see the discovery she made with Papa! I walked through the house and out the door to find, this: A bird's nest perched on a wooden peg rack we have attached to the back of our house. I hadn't noticed the nest because it was built underneath our kid sized table umbrella. What a discovery! We love birds, so of course it was instinct to check and see if there were any eggs in the nest. I ran and got a mirror, but there were no eggs. What a disappointment. For the last week, Sj has been hiding behind trees watching every bird that enters our yard. She peeks around from the backside of the huge trunk of the cottonwood, watching American Robins gather small pieces of dried up grass and watches them fly away. Why are they flying away? The birds we've been observing are busy building nests in other places. Turns out we haven't found

Here's The Swimsuit I'm Going To Wear...

Of course you want to see what kind of swimsuit I have dancing around in my head, don't you? I've had my eye on this Juicy Couture Swimsuit over a year now. Yeah, I'm buying it: I'll take the windblown hair and photoshopped thighs as well! Find it here .

Desperately Seeking A Bathing Suit Body, A Confessional

Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I find myself doing a double take trying to fully experience what my body has evolved into over the past thirty some years. Don't get me wrong it's unmistakably me, with a few extra pounds and newly appearing wrinkles. Who knows what exactly a few extra pounds is quantified as, I am one of those silly women that don't own a scale, I just go by the way my jeans fit. Currently, those jeans are a bit tighter in the thighs then I care for. Honestly, I could probably stand to drop twenty pounds easily. And if you asked me last month ( Operation Good Bye Muffin Top ), I would have said I could stand to drop twenty five pounds. Oh and if we are just playing around with weight and numbers for kicks, I would drop thirty five pounds to have the dreamy stick figure I once rocked in my youth. For years I've often wondered what I would look like, how my body would transform if I actually tried. And by tried, I mean worked out regularly. It