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Back To School Night: Grace, Courtesy, Respect, and Responsibility...

Last night was Back To School Night at Sj's new school. Most of us know what that means, sit around reading handouts, listening to the teacher talk about what their vision is for the year. As new parents not knowing one another the group is rather awkward. Typically I anticipate a handful of questions from one parent in particular, some that just smile, and others that want to ask but don't muster up the courage. We chat briefly making mention of our children, wondering in the back of our minds if our children play together.
This Back To School Night was different. My daughter's new school is different. A large part of the conversation was about being a part of a community, a classroom community not rigid academics or curriculum. The first words in the handout about "a day in class" are Grace, Courtesy, Respect, and Responsibility. The class is opened with greetings, followed by singing while Sj's teacher plays the guitar, and then stretching in a Brain Gym st…

Where Have I Been: Let My iPhone Lead The Way...

Lately, I've been seizing the moment and not spending much time in front of my computer. But my iPhone is always close by. During the past couple of weeks, I've been snapping photos on my iPhone that could've possibly accompanied a real blog post. Instead of writing a post, I'm allowing the photo mosaic to give a glimpse into what I've been up to so far in August. 
Top Row:
New adopted Doggie from the Humane Society Tie Dye fun Possible New Bed for GL? Strawberry Mojito with Colorado Rum
2nd Row: Sandbox Cupcakes Peanutbutter Chocolate Cupcakes Dollie on my potty Girls night, wings and fries 10pm
3rd Row: Annual check up, feet in stirrups Large bug in my shower (undetermined species) Weeding out, everything must go! Giraffes at the Zoo
4th Row: Empty Refrigerator Oops Giraffes at Zoo! (wonder which one I skipped) A NEW refrigerator Amusement park fun
5th Row: Breakfast in bed Interesting 80's party Hello bees nest in my shed! Homemade cheddar animal crackers
6th Row: Colorado beach time C…

Blog Anniversary, So That's How It Goes 2 Years Later...

For a few weeks now my Blog Anniversary was looming in the back of my mind. I thought a little giveaway would be fun and maybe even a re-design of my site. Well the redesign is definitely looming in my future, I'm way OVER the dots template. But with life, change takes time and I was certainly not going to stress myself out over getting everything up and running by August 19, my blog anniversary. 
Why is that? 
Because today I sat down at my computer and realized that I actually started this blog on August 13, 2007. NOT August 19th. Oops. And then the thought that crossed my mind instantly was, so that's how it goes two years into this. Last year this wouldn't of happened, but two years into and the start date is just a number of my distant past. Sometimes I feel very lucky to still be around two years later, even if it's not everyday anymore. 
So if you've been around for two years, gosh it's been a long journey. If you are new around here welcome, I hope you sta…

One Dollar Investment, My Reupholstered Chair Story...

Last weekend, the girls and I were headed off on an adventure to the dog park with our new boy Milo. As we drove down the street we decided to stop by a large garage sale that was just setting up. A chair caught my attention (for obvious reasons, it's orange) but I looked beyond it's 70's fabric and examined the chair further. The chair was pretty solidly constructed and while I was poking and prodding the chair the woman hosting the sale said, "One buck and it's yours".

I really need a second chair for my living room and finally I think I may have found it. And how could I pass up that offer... Here's the orange beauty:

I've never reupholstered any furniture, but rather I just went with my instinct as to how to tackle the project. I covered the chair with white batting first with out removing the original orange velvetly material. Then I applied the floral material. I stapled with a staple gun the batting first then followed with the material. I inves…

John Hughes Sampler: Amazing Film Legacy

When I heard the news of John Hughes passing, I was immediately taken back to my most impressionable years. Even though film making has evolved over the last couple of decades, John Hughes (his full work listed) ability to capture life as a teenager always left a mark on me. Although it's hard to name my favorite John Hughes movie, I would have to say Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and Weird Science topped my list. I found the trailers, unfortunately many of the clips are being removed now because of terms violation. LAME.

Sixteen Candles, Original Trailer (Classic!)

Sixteen Candles, The Ending My favorite Part! (In Spanish!!!)

Pretty In PInk Trailer! (Duckie vs. Blaine)

Weird Science Trailer (My introduction to Robert Downey Jr.)

I almost feel bad stopping at those three, when I look over John's complete list of work, I have strong feelings of admiration for so many movies he made. When you can recite movies pretty much line for line, you know the impression they left on…

Teaching Takes Heart

When I spent my days in the classroom, teaching over thirty fifth graders, the holidays were always a difficult time. My students had hard lives, many of them getting themselves off to school in the morning with no one to return home to, some of them living in foster care, and others cast off to any relative that would take them in. Out of thirty two students, I would estimate about five of those kids lived in a home with both of their biological parents that were married. 

The families for the most part were working class. The majority of them were good people that had just fallen into hard circumstances. I can't imagine the impact of today's economy on my former school's community. Not many days pass when I don't think of those students that left an impression on me. Like a stereotypical teacher I think about where they are now, how they are doing, and sometimes I even run into them in the most unusual places. There were a special few that I just wanted to take home w…

Meet Me, No Meet My Garden Vlog

So the story goes, I was given a Sony Webbie as a gift from my hubby for our anniversary in June. I'm not very comfortable putting myself out there on video, but instead of just posting a photo of my garden that's doing awesome, I've decided to put all that hesitation aside and create a "meet me and my garden vlog". The only edits I made to this vlog was in length, it was five minutes long, which is painful. Hopefully this shortened version will be just about the right. 

Here is a photo of my garden the day it was planted, in June. And here is the video of my garden tonight:
My response to vlogging, it wasn't so bad. One thing to majorly work on, breathing and talking. I think I was trying to get through it so fast I sound like I am panting. Lovely. And with that, the creation of the Vlog label is born at EatPlayLove. Eek.