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Tomorrow is Another Day, No Tomorrow is THE Day...

Lately I've been hmm, how shall I put this? Not quite myself. Well, maybe that's not the right way to say it. I've definitely been myself, holding down the fort, dealing with some surprises at SJ's new school, preparing for her big birthday, and making due trying to keep everything together while my hubby is intensely busy at work. While I could blather on and on about how it's so hard to be running the household solo for the last month or so, other things are just bothering me more. Like what a shitty job I've been doing running my household. Laundry is overflowing from the hamper, a polka dot sock is on the bathroom floor and it's mate is in the corner of the kitchen under the cabinet kickplate. There's a birthday cake sitting on the kitchen table with four slices taken from it, uncovered. It should be put away, but its not. I'm sure the sink and counter contains at least a dishwasher load of dishes. The dog hair has gathered in little clumps o

Birthday Cupcakes, Abound!

This weekend we celebrated Sj's 6th Birthday! Even though I've been struggling to get through some days lately, I embraced the opportunity to bake for the party. A party with a dozen kids and what do I decide to bake, oh 4 dozen cupcakes. There are always siblings that drop by a party and parents, not to mention passing along a cupcake to a favorite neighbor.  And then there's the baker's dozen in my house, which is not 13, but rather 11. Because this baker needs to always taste test one first. I probably spent way too long Friday night mulling over recipes in cookbooks and online. I wasn't quite sure what flavor I wanted to make, then I had to decide on which recipe to go with. Billy's Bakery vanilla cupcakes that use the one bowl method or Magnolia's vanilla cupcakes that are just as wonderful in my opinion. Looks like New York City bakeries went neck and neck in the first round. I decided on Magnolia's vanilla cakes with chocolate buttercream frost

It's Birthday Party Time...

Every September, I find myself doing the same thing as Sj's birthday looms. Big party, little party, family party? I'm over at Rocky Mountain Moms today talking about my daughter's party this year! Read the post here!

My Bakery, My Words, Dancing In My Mind...

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night. I toss and turn, kick the covers off or cover up to my shoulders, move onto my stomach, back, flip and repeat. Then my brain seems to take over any potential chance of settling back down to where my body is. Resting body, racing mind. It's funny what enters my mind during those restless moments. You know the ones, when you feel so awake but in all reality you are really like 75% asleep. In the middle of the night is when I dream about my future. My aspirations, my inner most desires to be successful in the business world. To kick bakery ass. I lay in bed thinking of what I would name my bakery or the flavors of cupcakes I would stock. How many of each flavor I would bake daily, what my hours would be, what days I would be open. What flavors would be in my rotation, I would have to offer a gluten free cake. Dreaming of concoctions that don't exist, that i've never made. Quirky names or serious names for my cakes? Where I w

13 Reasons Why I'll Honk At You...

I've been spending plenty of time behind the wheel the past couple of weeks, with our new school commute. Today I've been inspired by all those folks on the road that think driving is a luxury like watching television. I think the one detriment to the safety and ease of driving today is that so many people take for granted how quickly things can turn dangerous for others when they multitask behind the wheel. You're not on your couch people, you are operating HEAVY MACHINERY!!! I haven't hesitated to use my horn while driving and this is what some of the people on the road next to me have been doing: 1. Eating with a spoon, like a full on meal, while driving 50 miles per hour in the left lane of a 65 MPH highway. 2. Reading a book while driving on the same highway, book on steering wheel, driver in left lane of course. 3. Driving on a highway and trying to reach for something on the floor of your car or in the backseat, please note, not at a red light, ON T

JumpStart Online Winner

Winner is Response #5: KDV! Congrats!

Getting Back In The Saddle Again...

Miss me? Consider my absence gift for your never ending reader or one less email in your inbox. What's funny about my lack of writing is that I recently had my parents visiting for two weeks, which should have made my time to write more abundant. But rather, I barely sat down at my computer. Truth be told, August and September is a rough time for me. My husband is in the thick of wrapping the movie, just like he has been for the last 10 years at this time of year. I always get the, "are you surprised" response from him when I complain about his long hours. I'm not surprised, but it just never gets easier. Long days at work, maybe a 17 hour day was the longest lately, turns into a trip to do all the post-production work out of town. A two week trip. Sigh. To top off all the fun that August and September brings around here, my oldest started school. A new school that's not right around the corner. My hubby usually does the morning portion of the drive, but i

Jumpstart: Online Virtual 3D World (with giveaway) & Pet Rescue Wii Game

For at least a couple of years now my five year old has been interested in playing around on the computer. We started off slowly, finding software for her to use that we purchased which was early childhood user friendly. I remember her excitement watching balls pop in a maze, from her simply pressing any key on the keyboard. Now that she's older, as a parent i've found it difficult to find places online that is fun and educational, while of course being safe. I've been familiar with the JumpStart educational software company for years now. The sell many software titles, but I am most familiar with their grade leveled software which provides learning opportunities seamless intertwined in a game based interface. I was contacted via my blog to check out JumpStart's Online 3D Virtual World. At the time I had no idea JumpStart had a website for children, so I decided to allow Sj to explore the online world. At JumpStart online there are two types of playing, a membershi