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Snippets From London part 3, I Haven't Been To Disney World!?!

Why London? I've had a few friends ask, how in the world did you chose London, to visit in January and for six short days? I know, trust me, I know. The travel was long and I can guarantee the weather was much nicer in the Bahamas, but the experience was one to remember forever.
London simply is charming to me. I've always been enamored with the history, the architecture, the people, of course the accent, the music, and the culture. When you sit down for a glass of wine with friends at a place that has been around since 1890, that's simply a life experience to cherish. London fed my soul and catered to my quirky nature. I like out of the ordinary things, places, and yes that meant London in January.
Another reason why I didn't pass on London, was an old friend. This friend left Colorado about 12 years ago to move back home to England. It had been 11 years since we had seen one another. 11 years. In between there have been marriages, motherhood, four children, houses pu…

Snippets From London part 2, Lunch at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen

The only definite plans we had for London was a standing lunch reservation at Jamie Oliver's 15. 15 is off the beaten path a bit, in an area of London we hardly spent any time. Rumor has it, the area is up and coming (don't ask me, I was just a tourist). The neighborhood felt industrial and was situated just adjacent to a very large hospital. Of course the day was chilly and even raining for a few moments, but when we arrived the restaurant was warm and inviting. The staff at 15 were beyond exceptional, they made us feel like we were simply a guest in their home. Take that all you pretentious celebrity chefs, Jamie Oliver knows how to treat his customers right. I felt at one moment like I should invite one of the staff members to sit and eat with us, he was absolutely delightful.

Beyond the anticipation of eating at a "cheflebrity's" restaurant, there is an amazing story behind 15. Taken from their website:
"Fifteen’s purpose is two-fold: firstly to offer youn…

Snippets From London, The Photos, part 1

Today I decided to forgo throwing photos into my posts, but rather giving my accompanying photos their own post.

Trolleys, hello American in London.
British Museum, having some fun out front.
Incredible architecture inside as well.
THE Rosetta Stone. Simply, wow. 196 BC.
Beautiful sculpture, history and splendor.
A snapshot of the weather, it's more of a feeling really.
One of the unexpected gems. Beautiful Leica cameras, FREE Wifi, good sandwiches, and hot tea. A place to regroup before taking in more of the city.

Snippets From London, Seize The Moment, part 1...

I've sat down with a cup of tea in my hands a few times to reflect upon London. The tea bags are from Harrods or Marks and Spencer, two fine shops to bring tea back to the states from. Tea has become a must have ritual since my return. I've always been a tea drinker, but London instilled the beauty of tea in me. I thought through my days and was waiting for that aha! moment to become apparent in my regards to writing about my trip. BUT, in my mind and my heart really there isn't a perfect way to create a written record of my experience.
Instead I walk away from six days in London with snippets of inspiration, moments of clarity, and many times a smile on my face. I walk away changed just a little bit, absolutely for the better from what I have learned and experienced.
Seize the Moment
Beyond truly sucking it up with regards to all the fears, hesitations, nervousness, and anxiety I experienced right before leaving, there was a turning point. It simply came, a total and compl…

How in the world did I wind up on a plane to London???

A few months ago a friend invited me to London. Her invitation arrived via email on a day I was feeling blah and unaccomplished. Shall we say generally morose? The price was fabulous and the possibility for adventure was endless. I did some soul searching, talking things through with J, some financial consideration, and when the stars were just perfectly aligned, I committed to London.
Then truly before I knew it, I was boarding my first airplane. We connected from Denver through Charlotte, North Carolina. The weather had been quite touch and go the last few days in London. The airport I was flying into was actually closed when I boarded my flight. The tumultuous weather didn't help ease my anxiety ridden flying state. I'm one of those people that listens closely to every single odd sound that an airplane makes while flying. I constantly think is that normal, is there a problem, are we going to divert to a close by city? Will I be a part of an emergency landing? Yes, as you ca…

Packing My Bags...Again

I wheeled my 49 pound suitcase up to the washing machine, unzipped it and began to do some laundry. Once the clothes came out of the dryer, I folded them and put them back in my suitcase. We just returned almost a week ago from New York and in two days, I'm off to London.
It's just a long weekend. Not even a week, but long enough to need to pack more than just a backpack carry on. Long enough to be apart from my girls and my husband, that when I arrive back home I know I won't be hopping on another darn plane again anytime soon.
Eight airplanes in three weeks. Kinda crazy from me, that hadn't gotten on an airplane in 2009 until December 25.
But I am off an adventure. Shopping, museums, tea, good food, catching up with girlfriends, a little "me" time. London, wow I am really going to London.
I'll be unplugged, so not much updating will happen. More New York stories and I am sure plenty of London stories will appear when I am jet-lagged and settled back in …

Notes From New York, How To Offend Others When Parking...

Oh New York, you are like no other place on earth. I mean that in the most sincere way. The day after Christmas my husband and I took a trip to Crossgates Mall to do some shopping at ONE specific store. It's a store we don't have in Colorado and we always like to stop in when we are back east visiting family.
Call us crazy for going to the mall the day after Christmas. I know, what were we thinking? On the upside we left the girls with Nana, so we thought hey why not embark on a little childless adventure!?!
After having to exit the Northway from a different exit (hello, first warning sign!) because traffic was so bad, just getting into the parking lot was a mess. There was some snow on the ground, it was slushy and brown. Lots of beeping horns and impatient people, gone was the holiday spirit. J is a huge fan of parking the furthest spot away from the entrance of any store, so as usual he drove straight to the last row.
Full. The parking lot was totally full, from front to bac…