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Wordless Wednesday: A Little Package Reminds Me of The Amazing Women I Know...

Special thanks to Connie, for thinking of me during her Eat PAY Love trip to San Francisco.

Tuesday Tips: Girls Night, Games, Dinner, and a Movie.The Netflix and Wii Partnership!

Last month, I hosted some friends for a little gathering as part of my involvement as a Nintendo Ambassador. Let me be the first to say, I was over the moon about the new partnership between Netflix and Wii a few weeks prior to my party. Why was I so excited? In our home, we don't have fancy cable. We've never owned a DVR box. As of April, our basic cable was seriously downgraded, we currently have about 15 channels and most of them are the cbs/nbc/abc in regular or high definition, so technically we have about 6 channels. But I am okay with it because television is a major distraction for me and there is a laundry list of things I could be doing with my time instead of watching television. So less channels, less distractions.
With our decreased cable options, J and I would find ourselves running out to the .99 cent rental box at the grocery store or to a dvd rental chain. The second option became very pricey, every time we walked in the door we seemed to drop $12 bucks and th…

I'm Stepping Back From Facebook

I adore the connections I've made and rekindled via Facebook. I love being able to hop on the computer and see what my friends are up to. The photos are great, glimpses into fun summertime trips, watching babies or puppies grow up, and just everyday moments. But lately Facebook has been bothering me, sort of rubbing me the wrong way. I almost feel like Facebook has become a replacement for a phone call or a letter that once arrived in my mailbox every few weeks. A couple of times in conversation lately I received the fast jump to conclusion, "didn't you see my facebook update". Most of the time I missed it. Then I start feeling like shit because I didn't realize that I missed something big in a friend's life because I missed a status update. Baby on the way, engagement, a surprise litter of kittens, a new home improvement, those things once meant reaching out in a more personal way than a blast to 500 of your closest friends.


I'm not giving up Facebo…

Tiffin Lunch Box: Trip To The Zoo!

Last week we met some friends at the Zoo. With the hot days, we like going in the morning, packing a lunch, and leaving shortly after. I love my Tiffin Box for packing a big lunch in one container.
We enjoyed some whole wheat tortilla quesadillas with sharp cheddar, cheddar bunnies, graham bunnies, plain crackers, and watermelon.

Carrying the weight of transition on a little faith and a dream...

I'm feeling the weight of the transition that is looming on my shoulders. Each step forward feels like a leap to me. Selling our home and moving on is exciting and scary rolled into one big ride. Even though my memories won't fade into the abyss when I leave our home, I know a part of me clings onto the notion that being here makes them more real.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about how the move is going to affect my life beyond location. I wonder if it's the opportunity to let those that fail to be present in my life, just slip away. Does the location of my home correlate to the presence in someone's life? Currently proximity has no affect on how busy everyone seems to be, ah summertime. Or does a few extra miles mean just that, ten more minutes in the car, meet ups in a central spot, rather than around the corner? As the saying goes, time will tell.

The house hunting, has been interesting. We've been inside over a dozen homes in the part of town we are m…

Wordless Wednesday: Who Knew Choosing A Front Door Paint Color Was So Hard?


Tuesday Tips: Good Bye Plastic Sandwich Bags!

For the record, I do buy ziploc bags. We try to use them sparingly and I am quite fond of this alternative, Natural Value Wax Bags, I've been using for years. I purchase these bags at Whole Foods ($2.99 for 60ct) and use them all the time for snacks on the go. They are sandwich size, so perfect for most of the girls' needs. The bags do not seal closed so I only use them for snacks such as cheddar bunnies, puffs, or fruit. They are easily overlooked in the grocery store, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

I've also found them online, if you don't have a Whole Foods close by.

Running, Walking, Sprinting...

It seems as if I've been down this road before. Fitness, working out, running, exercising. I'm not exactly sure where the change occurs, but at some point there's defeat and I just stop working out. I almost feel like someone in recovery, telling myself this time will be different. Take each day as it comes and before I know it, maybe six months or a year will pass and I will have stayed with it. Whenever I update on twitter about running, I always add the hashtag, #trying. Really that's all I can do is try. I must add, I am certainly trying. I've gone from couch to running in just a few short weeks.
I joined a website called Daily Mile. It's a place to share your daily workouts and get inspiration from others. I've made a few friends there (that I know around the web and in real life) and they definitely inspire me. I'm always in awe of people's running times, for I am a very slow runner. I would love to go out for a casual five mile jog and run 9 …

The Round Box Is Full Of Treasures...

Pushed in the corner of the top shelf in my bedroom closet is a hat box. My hats are strewn through out my house, so you won't actually find any hats in the hat box. Funny how that works, isn't it? A couple times a year I pull down the round blue box and take myself on a journey back in time.
I'm afforded the luxury of time travel via my hat box because it has become comfortably stuffed with letters and cards, saved over the last decade. Beautiful hand written treasures.
Occasionally I sort through the box to make room for new cards, but letting go of glimpses into the past is hard for me. I recently had a wonderful light bulb moment when I discovered I could just toss envelopes and it made way for plenty of room in my treasure box. But to be honest, the letters and cards don't come in the frequency they once did. Hand written letters arriving in my mailbox are close to non-existent. The Facebook private message, emails, or quick notes on my wall have killed most hope …

It's Been A Whole Week!

I blog when I have something to say, I blog when the timing is right, I blog when I desperately need to get something out, I blog because I want to. The last two weeks have been busy and lazy all wrapped into one fun start of summer. My parents were here from New York, so we enjoyed our visit to the fullest. To top it off, J and I were able to have some quality time to go out.
So what have I been doing? This is in no particular order...
Eating my mother's homemade meatballs (grass fed beef, yum) and organic sauce.I didn't do a dish for two weeks, we cooked, nana had dish duty!J and I went to see the Crash Kings, then went to a bar with the band/crew after the show(they are super great guys). We got home at 2am. Hello, who am I?I ran, walked, cycled, or hiked 40 miles during the last 2 weeks. Tracked via DailyMile, are we friends there (search EatPlayLove)? Join me, let's support each other!With help from J and my father, we painted the soffit, gutters, trim on the lower lev…

My Twelfth Anniversary, A Day in Photos...

The meadow where we said, "I Do!" 12 years ago. Along with a 3 mile hike. Breakfast at one of our old favorites, Lucile's post-hike. Oooh, spiced tea. Creole Breakfast. Grits, red beans, 2 poached eggs, and a biscuit of course. Dinner, onto Izakaya Den in Denver. First round of wonderful sake. Dumplings with two sauces, yes those are jalapenos. Calamari Salad, wonderful flavors! Spicy Tuna on crispy rice, my favorite dish of the night. Unagi (for me) forgot J's sashimi photo, oops. Firecracker roll and the vegetable tempura roll! Onto dessert at Rioja. Lemon tart and a glass of prosecco. S'mores Pot de creme. Freshly made graham crackers, yum. The remnants of the chalk art festival. The streets were clear, but the art was still going strong. Loved the Dali piece, the mirror in the center shrunk the art on the ground, awesome!

What is a Bento?

Tell me more about this bento thing! What in the world is a bento lunch? Today I am over at Mile High Mamas with a guest post introducing readers to Bento Lunch Making! Read more here.

Tuesday Tips: Why Bento Lunch?

Today I wrote a guest post at Mile High Mamas about bento lunch making. Quite often people ask what in the world is a bento? I always answer it's creative and beautiful lunches.
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