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I'm Here, I'm There, and I'm No Where

Life is going a little something like this....

Conversation with my dad about him coming to help finish up the last few house projects before it's market ready. Search for tickets. Call him back and ask if he's available to fly the next day at 6am. He said yes. Move ALL of my daughters' toys into the office/playroom to see them in one space. Holy moly.
Pick up my dad from the airport before noon!Wow, that was kind of crazy and whirlwind all wrapped into one. Avoid toys.
Overhaul dining room paint, trim. Visit our local beach with friends! Yes, I said beach in Colorado. It's man made, but we don't care. Tape the President on the View to watch after bedtime, on a VHS tape. Yes, I said tape and VHS. Come home and agree, ooh that paint job is pretty. (pictures when furniture is all put back).Think about the memories in our house and how I am truly ready for this space to belong to someone else. Dwell on all the toys stuffed in baskets, bins, a…

Teaching, The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

In what feels like my former life, I was a teacher. My perfect job was teaching fifth grade. I loved the curriculum, challenging students, opening their minds to new ideas and concepts. I loved the maturity level of a ten turning eleven year old. I best describe my former students as testing the boundaries of their independence, but still very easily influenced.
Early on in my career, I found myself working in a school that had a diverse population. The majority of families were working class, many of my students lived with grandparents, aunts, a single parent, and even foster homes. None of that affected the expectations I had for them. Due to societies comfort with social promotion (pass them even if they academically weren't prepared or mastered grade level skills/concepts), my students' abilities ranged from second grade level to seventh grade level. They all had different needs and it was my job to meet them. With thirty some students it was a challenge, a challenge that…

Sisterly Love...

Every day for months, I've had glimpses of moments which have inspired this post. I hate to say I write with hesitation fearing that my acknowledgement may somehow throw off the balance and harmony in my home. But I'm writing anyway because I feel like it's time to celebrate what I see daily. So what in the world am I eluding to?

My daughters get along.

From the day GL entered this world over three and a half years ago, one of the first questions people would ask was how is Sj adjusting? Is she having tantrums, is she acting out, has her schedule been affected, does she show affection to her baby sister? Honestly, from day one the adjustment to being a big sister was no big deal. I waited for the acting out or tantrums, but they just didn't happen. Sj embraced her sister and played a huge role in my transition to mothering two girls.
Fast forward to three years later.
During the school year as soon as we arrived home, the girls would just spend the time before dinner pl…

A Glimpse Into House Hunting... The Memorable Tubs Edition...

I've joked before that we fit into the odd property category where we are looking to buy our next home. There's always something interesting about every house we view. Today, I was surprised that our usual interesting wasn't a bad thing. There was actually a lot of potential, which thrilled me to no end.
I decided to take some photos, so I could share the experience. I call this edition the memorable tubs one, for so many reasons.
Japanese soaking tub with shower attached? I think my 5'11" self would actually FIT in that tub, imagine that!
The fully carpeted master suite. Sweet. I'm going to miss my travertine! Brass accents were not just saved for the bathroom they were through out the home. I'm a brushed nickel kind of girl if you couldn't tell.
Now this one, was a big surprise. Enter the "master suite" to find a hot tub right at our feet! Woah... hot tub time machine, party time?! Oh the interesting things people do with an added on room.

Wordless Wednesday, Escaping the Heat! Carousel of Happiness in Nederland, Puppet Show, Picnic, and a Hike...

Carousel information here.

Summer of 2010, Labor of Love...

Swoosh, just like that almost a week has passed. Life has turned into a very delicate balance these days. I am trying to maintain a lighthearted happy go lucky demeanor, while my mind is an eternal reel of to do lists. Preparing the house for sale is not exactly at the top of my daughters' list of fun things to do over summer break. So instead we compromise, while J and I spend the morning weeding out closets, the girls know the afternoon will be full of adventure. While we tend to the yard, mow the grass, caulk cracks in the concrete, bag yard debris the girls sing and play on their swings and in the sand box. Work hard during the day and have a Bahn Mi sandwich served up to you by Hosea, a Top Chef winner by night (oh yeah, that's awesome)!
When the thoughts of what I need to get done overwhelms me, I start to dream a little bit. Maybe about staying at the Broadmoor for a couple of nights or heck I'd take the Omni Interlocken just a few miles from my house. I wish I had a…

It wouldn't be a holiday without 2 buckets in my living room...

Driving rain, 9 pm on the night of a holiday, means a little quick fix it yourself of course. No drilling necessary, prepare the buckets. My Wet 4th of July!!! from Eatplaylove D on Vimeo.

June Workout Summary

Total Miles Recorded for June: 82

Miles Ran/Walked (when I started): 21.5
Miles Rode on Bicycle: 32.5
Miles Hiked: 8.17
Miles RUN only: 20.19

Thanks to Daily Mile, I know my fastest mile was 9:20, it was during a rainstorm. It was beautiful! That's not my normal pace, but I sure am proud. The furthest I worked out was 9.77 miles which was a night I rode my bike to a friend's house and then we hiked trails near her house. Logged a total of 92.39 miles at Daily Mile.Saved 4.86 gallons of gasoline.43 donuts burned. Ha! Burned 2 pounds. Want to be Daily Mile friends, find me here.