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House Project 1: Creation Of A Pantry

Our new house has a 1960's kitchen. It hasn't been updated, except for appliances and even those could use some modernization. The cabinets are original and don't have the conveniences that we were accustomed to in our former remodeled kitchen, such as slide out drawers in the lower cabinets or a luxurious and spacious corner cabinet. Even counter top space is at a premium.
BUT, we aren't quite ready to take on a kitchen remodel. We've decided to wait at least a year to overhaul the kitchen, for many reasons. I want to do it right, settle into the space, figure out how we would like things configured in the future. Ikea is opening soon in Denver and we will probably take that route when we do the remodel. I didn't want to just throw things up here willy nilly or purchase a new appliance that wouldn't work as well in the new space. We love to cook, we want our kitchen done just right, which means having a little patience and a vision.
So in the mean time, we…

The Post-Move, Settling In, Where Have I Been Post...

I've been itching to get back here and post, but then something comes up. Take for example the photos. Our new home has undergone so many transformations in the past three weeks, you wouldn't believe it. I can hardly believe it. I'm ready to start posting before and after photos, but first I had to charge the G10 battery, so I could download the photos. Before I could charge the battery, I had to find the charger, which meant digging for the bin of electronic stuff we had at our apartment.

So after that was all said and done, battery charger found, battery charged, photos downloaded I haven't taken the time to write a post. Because of course, I'm thinking that's going to mean some time playing around on picnik creating little before/after photo collages, but I download photos onto my desktop computer which is in the family room and currently occupied by my husband and brother (not exactly conducive to writing). I am on a laptop in my bed, comfy and cozy, retrea…

Reverb10: Photo That Best Captures Me!

Who am I, who do I strive to be?A photo based reflection by TraceyClark (yes two separate links, click them both).

Of course I had to be difficult and find two photos. The first one was the one I knew I was looking for, but the second one I needed to share as well. It's all a part of my journey and reflection.
January 2010, an alley in London... So, here I am standing in a random alley in London. Turns out it's not so random, but rather a place I was drawn to and had a "dream come true moment" captured by two fabulous friends. Those girlfriends were kind enough to indulge me in traipsing around the streets of London, until we found this exact alley. We spent hours walking London that day, the sun was starting to set, my toes were cold and my feet were tired, but we carried on. The building straight down the narrow driveway is the home of Coldplay's recording studio. The place I was standing I convinced myself was a spot that Chris Martin would turn around the corn…

2010 in One Word: Opportunity

Prompt: Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word.

Circumstances that make it possible to do something is opportunity.

January started off with an amazing opportunity to take a trip to London with friends. That trip became a source of inspiration for many things that unfolded through out the rest of the year. One of the major things that was inspired by my trip to London, was selling our home. Three days back in the States and the seed was planted, I discussed with J my desire to move and it all unfolded. Selling and buying a home became one big series of opportunities. I would be kidding myself if I didn't admit, the home selling process was also an opportunity to know true exhaustion. With out testing the limits of my spirit, I'd never know what was possible.

In my personal life, this past year I really invited and embraced the opportunity to network and build relationships that took me beyond my small circle and comfort zone. Culminating that openness was a trip to Sa…