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Becks at The Royal Wedding

One reason why I'm up at 2am:

Tuesday Tips: Say Goodbye to Non-Stick Coated Pans Forever! Safe Alternatives.

For years we used non-stick frying pans in our home. It was only one frying pan that we'd replace at early signs of flaking or too much wear. For some reason we falsely believed there weren't true alternatives.  I was delighted when the trend turned "Green" a few years ago and a new line of pans was introduced that boasted their PFOA/PTFE (a known carcinogen that must be removed by 2015) free coating. I remember how disappointed I was when that pan stopped being non-stick in less than a month. I thought, that's it we just need to move on from non-stick.

The problem is, we just don't know how safe non-stick cooking surfaces are. Of course our friends at DuPont want us to believe there is no risk to our health. DuPont is also the same company that was fined for hiding data on the toxicity of PFOA and for contaminating the Ohio River and the water drinking supply near it's plant in West Virginia. The Environmental Working Group, a source I heavily trust, ha…

Join Us In Giving Books To Read Baby C in The NICU

As many of you know, Carmen @GranolaMom went in for a scheduled cesarian on Thursday April 14th, to deliver her baby boy, Camden. After his birth, Camden was in respiratory distress and taken to the NICU. It was also discovered while under care in the NICU that Baby C was born with only one kidney. He has proven to be a very strong baby and his lungs are healing, but he is still in critical condition. Each day many of us are following along, waiting for updates from Carmen on Baby C's progress. The outpouring of prayers and support for the family has been a beautiful thing to witness. Follow along here #prayersforcamden

Carmen asked last night on twitter, What's a good children's book to read to my baby boy while in the NICU?
Suggestions came in and then Carmen mentioned, "can't wait to get to a bookstore". Carmen has been staying at the hospital and has two girls at home to also look after when she is discharged, so I don't think a trip to the bookstore wi…

200 Hikes Day 17: 6 Adults, 2 Kids Hit The Trail...

I've always been quite open about hiking being my happy place. It's rhythmic, it's peaceful, it helps me clear my head. I may escape in the quietness of the trail, indulge my senses and engage my body while I'm at it. It's the one place (other than yoga) where I let go of all the things that ramble through my head. I hike at a walking pace and I'm content with that. I have friends that enjoy running with heart pumping force and losing their breath on the trail, but that's not my style. Occasionally I like to run back down the trail, but that's just a crazy rush to top off my experience.

Today I had some friends in town from California. I wanted to take them hiking and they obliged after I assured them we wouldn't be scaling straight up any mountains. I actually had my girls with me, so that sealed the deal, they thought well if your girls can hike the trail, we sure can. Considering it was Sunday and Boulder has it's well known hiking spots, I d…

200 Hikes Day 15 and Day 16, Same Trail, Different Perspective

I've hiked the same trails over and over many times,
I am a creature of habit,
but my perspective is different each time.
Yet, I don't always have a story to tell from my experience.
But I always have a snapshot.

Being A Proud, Jane Of All Trades

Easing into our new home hasn't quite come with the luxury one would reap with a new or built in the last decade modern home. Our house is newer than our former home, by 3 years, but both were built about 50 years ago. 50 years isn't very old in comparison to many homes, but if I just stop and reflect upon what the demand was on our electrical system 50 years ago vs. today, I fret. 5 decades is plenty old enough for me!

Owning an older home is where being a Jane-Of-All-Trades comes into play.

I was finally doing the taxes last night when I had the stark realization of how much money I save our family. Now, I will be honest, I do enjoy doing our taxes. Not with a computer program, but rather pencil and paper, calculator in hand, re-reading deduction lines over and over out loud to solidify if I am on the right track. I very much like having a grounded sense of how tax code works and where exactly our money goes. This also in turn influences how to spend our money, knowing if it…

We Are Ready For a Revolution, Why I Support A Homemade Lunch Ban At School

I believe the audible gasp from suburban mothers was heard to the moon yesterday when they read this article in the Chicago Tribune about a ban on homemade packed lunches at one school. This story swept through Twitter and even Facebook with outraged comments and the same shared sentiment,  I've heard it all and big brother is out to get us.

But is the government out to get us, does a school have the right to tell us what and how we should feed our kids? Well, as a mother that prides herself on what she feeds her children, we all know I would stand at the head of the pack when facing a homemade lunch ban at our school. I even write a blog about lunch packing, called Colorado Bento. I have no fears that this would become a reality in my community in Colorado because we just don't face the same issues a school does in an impoverished inner city neighborhood. Which also means, all you suburban moms that freaked out by the sensationalized story, can breath a sigh of relief today w…

Review with Video: Petz Bunnyz Bunch for Nintendo DS, A Dream Come True!

My 7 year old daughter's favorite animal in the whole wide world is a bunny. For years I avoided the endless requests for a pet bunny, instead I'd buy her a new bunny stuffed animal or random bunny trinket. But after a while, the stuffed animals are quite boring and the requests would start up again, well until last Spring. Last year we found out my daughter is allergic to rabbits, so her hopes and dreams to finally have a bunny as a pet were dashed. I was a bit relieved because I would have no idea how to care for a bunny, but I was also sad for her. She had to let go of her dream of having her very own bunny.

Then I happened upon an advertisement for Petz Bunnyz Bunch game for the Nintendo DS. Funny enough, a few days later I was asked if I wanted to review the game. I happily agreed. I was sent a copy and from the moment it was received, my daughter has been thrilled!

There are 8 different breeds of bunnyz to adopt, they all have their own personalities. My daughter has dec…

Snippet: Collective Accumulation

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the collective accumulation of the smallest things. The tissue that fell on the floor on the way to the trash can that wasn't picked up, the wax from the cheddar cheese used to make a sandwich that also fell to the floor and became waxy glued to the floor, the shoes that can't make it four feet into the closet just strewn about my living room, a sock and washcloth just sitting there in the hallway. It all adds up to one big mess!

Now I realize, all these things I am most annoyed by are on the floor and I'm 5'11" so I suppose it's no coincidence I get sick of bending over.

Wordless Wednesday: Hennes aka H&M Is Hiring IN Denver!!!

Now we wait for the official when and where announcement, rumors in the former Lord and Taylor space in Cherry Creek!

Tuesday Tips: A Company That Aligns With My Values, Meet Third Street Chai

It all started with a simple update on Twitter. I joked about getting sponsorship from one of my favorite products, Third Street Chai. I was shocked when they actually responded to me, inquiring if I play a sport. Now I don't play sports, but I did tell them they can fuel some of my 200 hikes in 2011 or just fuel my daily life, I start everyday with a Third Street Chai (spicy ginger is my favorite). A light hearted conversation on Twitter turned into an invitation to come tour their facility.

Right around the time when I was invited to visit Third Street Chai, it just happened to be when the FDA deregulated alfalfa. With that deregulation I started looking into some of the my favorite products to see if they truly were small organic companies or just had that facade, but a larger corporate entity owned them (original post, parent company replies). My greatest concern was that some of these companies were using their "natural" label to actual sell products that contain Ge…

200 Hikes Day 14: Bask In The Warmth

It hit me as I walked from my house to the trailhead, that today was the warmest day in our house since we moved in, which was just a few months ago in wintery December. Then, the notion of "walking from my house to the trailhead" resonated in me.

Deep, deep resounding happiness.

While I would never say I questioned the selling of our home, I would comfortably say that I was hesitant to leave the home we created. We loved our space and made it ours over 8 years, but it truly was time to move on. The transition to our new space has been an adjustment and the longer we are here, as pictures appear in their proper place on the wall, as the wall colors transform, as the sectional sofa is delivered, as the bicycles are hung in the garage, as the washing machine is finally leveled, as the cupboards are properly organized, as the walk in cedar closet is balanced with everyday items and items for future use, our new house is turning into our home. I guess I assumed it would be with …

Snippets of California Dreaming...

Unfortunately I don't have the card in my possession that holds the photos of our amazing trip to Los Angeles, but soon enough I will be uploading them and sharing! In the meantime I thought I could quickly share some snippets that highlight my trip and the real posts will follow.

I was reminded what excellent travelers my girls are. Fabulous on the airplane and really great about long days and big adventures every day. I was exhausted, so they must've been, but they had such a great spirit about the whole vacation.DisneyLand was so much fun, one whole day was just enough for me. I don't quite know how people spend a week there. If you do, what in the world do you eat because destination food (as I have started to call it) is really, really indulgent. Sj and I rode awesome rollercoasters together for the first time ever! Space Mountain and California Screaming! She's a champ and my new amusement park partner in crime. The food, oh my the food in Los Angeles is amazing. …