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School let out in May, so we are full swing into summer. Summer sunshine gracing us from early morning until the wee hours when "it's not quite bedtime Mom, it's still very sunny out." Summer may be the only time I constantly curse those darkening curtains I paid a pretty penny for, as they don't stand a chance in the summer sun. While this summer has to be the most casual and under booked summer in the past few years, we have been incredibly entertained with so many summertime things to do, including, but not limited to:

S'mores with peanut butter cups instead of chocolate squares (divine people, divine)
Backyard camping (hey campgrounds fill up in January in Colorado, sigh)
Real camping in July
Dinner with friends
Lots of picnics, at parks with friends
Friday coffee
A special farm dinner
Cycling as a family, even up mountains
Hiking solo, with friends, and as a family
Garden nurturing
Garden watering
Garden weeding
Garden water line s…

My Introduction to Letterboxing

A week ago I kind of invited myself to join a couple of friends at a museum in Denver. Any time we go to a museum the girls think it's a huge special treat, which I love, so of course I made it happen. A convenient side note to our meet up was that my friends were going to be doing some letterboxing in Denver that day as well.

Letter, what?

The long and short of it is, Letterboxing is like a treasure hunt. When you discover a letterbox, from clues you find on the Atlas Quest website, the letterbox will contain a logbook and a stamp. A letterboxer also carries their own logbook and personal stamp to record the find. I stamp the letterbox logbook to let the person who planted it know I was there and then I stamp my personal logbook with the letterbox stamp to help me record the letterbox I discovered!

Now, I've only been doing this for a week, but I've learned so many things. For example my letterboxing lingo has grown more than tenfold. I can now explain what a hitchhiker, …

A Magic Moment, Ben Harper Style... (with By My Side video)

Ben Harper rolled through Denver the past two nights and played the Ogden Theater. I've seen my fair share of Ben shows since 1997 and last night came pretty close to topping the list of my all time favorite show. The Ogden Theater packs a crowd of 1,300 when sold out and during a hot few days in Denver, the venue was like an oven. I can nonchalantly say I've had the pleasure of meeting Ben over the years, more than a handful of times. I will admit, he really takes a moment to listen to whatever blathering on happens when you are standing in front of him, for that I adore him even more.

Last night J and I grabbed a spot in the balcony on the railing. The energy level of the show was through the roof, Ben played for 3 hours. It was an amazing night and my heart was full from the experience. Just shy of midnight, Ben was thanking the crowd, the lights were raised to the balcony, Ben was looking up in various sections. He caught a glimpse of me in my t-shirt from 1999 (hey it stil…

Thirteen: The Loveliest Number

Thirteen is my favorite number,
today is my thirteenth wedding anniversary,
although J and I have spent more than half our lives together.

It all started with me opening the door at a party when I was 15 years old,
after I picked up my heart that fell from my chest,
I introduced myself.
A couple of years passed and I made a great friend,
daily phone conversations,
a trip that separated us for months and over 3,000 miles,
finally a friendship that grew into something more.

We've never "taken a break" since 1991,
every day since we've made it work,
some days with tears,
some days with the most amazing joy I've ever known.

J has given me the greatest gifts of a lifetime,
his love and our girls.