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Wordless Wednesday, For Susan @whymommy

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21 Day Cleanse, Done. Glimpse Into Day 22...

So it's Day 22. Metaphorically speaking, THE FLOODGATES ARE OPEN!!! I rushed into the kitchen, to find a smoothie waiting for me. My lunch consisted of a corn tortilla, hard boiled egg, salsa, and 1/2 an avocado. Dinner, turkey meatloaf, steamed potatoes, asparagus, and roasted cauliflower. Wait a minute... The changes I made over the past three weeks, weren't for naught. Stepping back from food for pleasure or food on a whim, had a very strong impact on me. I'm gaining more and more insight into consuming food for fuel and food that is nourishing my body and mind. My body feels the strongest it has in quite sometime and it's all because of my efforts. I've consistently upped my water intake and have been walking or hiking regularly. The record of my activity, looks like this: So far in January, I moved my body 63 miles in 17 hours. SIXTY THREE MILES , via hiking, running, or walking. I went to the gym last night and I've been practicing yoga. When I

Just Label It, Consumers Want To Know If Their Food Is Genetically Engineered!

A great new video hit the web today about labeling GMO's. The Just Label It campaign partnered with the filmmaker Robert Kenner, most notable connected to Food, Inc, to help get the message out. As you know, I think it's time. It's time for genetically modified foods to be labeled, so we can make informed decisions about what we want to put in our bodies. America loves to put corporate interests over citizen's safety. I believe this is THE year for that to change. 2012, just label it! Please watch and share. Related Post by Civil Eats 

Trader Joe's Registers Business in Colorado!

Well, the word is out friends, Trader Joe's has registered their business name with the Colorado Secretary of State. In all the lingo, April 1st is mentioned as a date that all the fun may begin to go down! Fingers crossed they will set up shop first in Boulder. I mean Denver got Ikea and H&M, can't we get some bragging rights? Rumor mill: 29th Street in Boulder! Be forewarned, I've searched their website for employment opportunities and Colorado is not available yet on the by state drop down menu. Time will tell! news source, Daily Camera

Tuesday Tips: Genetically Modified Produce, Labeled With PLU?

Now that self checkouts at grocery stores are more common, we have come to understand what a PLU (price look up) is on produce. Typically it's a 4 digit code used to ring up produce found on a small sticker or rubber band. I'm surprised Monsanto hasn't figured out a way for their bio-engineered crops to automatically grow with a built in PLU code somewhere on the outside of the flesh, cutting out that darn sticker producer middle man. Anyway, I have not tested out this information I am about to share. Maybe we can all just keep an eye out the next time we are grocery shopping. I've read a few articles which state that conventional produce has a PLU of 4 numbers, say for example bananas are 4040. Organic bananas have a 9 in front of the number, which would be 94040. I've never run across them in the market, but I heard that genetically modified produce would have an 8 in front of it, so genetically modified bananas would be coded as 84040. Keep your eyes peeled

Let's Not Be Silent...

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.  - Martin Luther King Jr. 

Mesa Trail Hike, Excuses Are No Longer My Obstacle.

A year ago I set my sights on Mesa Trail, Eldorado Springs to Chautauqua Park.  Not ice, snow, clouds, or strong winds would inhibit me today,  the obstacles I conveniently created in fairer weather have been lifted. Some water on my back, a banana, and a tangerine.  Gloves on, hat pulled down closely, I'm cold.  Sun is shining, coat unzipped, gloves off, I'm sweating.  I progress, one foot simply in front of the other.  My mind often contemplates if I'm going the right way.  Can I follow the wrong trail marker?  While I frequently seek physical confirmation,  it's a trail of prior footsteps in the snow that leads my way.  I convince myself at one point, I am just a short way from home.  I don't have to do the whole trail today.  Instead I turn away from home and just keep moving along.  I feel comfort on the trail I know, as many miles were new to me.  I turned a corner to a wide open space.  Chautauqua Park at my feet, 8 m

Photo A Day: Jan 1-14

While I haven't exactly committed to a 365+1 project this year, I've been dipping my toes in the water and seeing if I can pull it off. I suppose if I post to InstaGram everyday, then I take a photo a day. Here's Jan 1-14... Lots of hiking and food, but I've already updated many of the food photos here, so I stuck to the outdoors ones. Jan 1 & 2 Jan 3&4 Jan 5&6 Jan 7&8 Jan 9&10 Jan 11&12 Jan 13&14

[Food Friday] Best Spot For a Veggie Hot Dog in Boulder! Mustard's Last Stand.

Mustard's Last Stand is known for their Chicago Style Hot Dogs. I am sure they are delicious, but back in 1994 when I first walked into Mustard's, I was a vegetarian. Even though I eat meat now, I still opt for the veggie dog at Mustard's, I don't feel like I am missing a thing. I always get my dog with the works, a pickle, sauerkraut, tomatoes, hot peppers, mustard, and onions. Their buns are soft and the hot dogs are always pack a nice crispy skin! Oh and I'll let you in on another little veggie secret about Mustard's. They have the best meatless chili cheese fries. Sometimes a craving is a craving! Mustard's Last Stand NW Corner of Arapahoe and Broadway 1719 Broadway St  Boulder, CO 80302-6220 (303) 444-5841 Yelp Reviews

Girls and Friendships: Kindness Deserves To Win Out

Yesterday as I picked Sj up from school I could tell from the look in her eyes way across the soccer field as she walked to my car, it wasn't a good day. She somewhat angrily bounced her feet through the snow. While I did receive a slight smile and wave the body language clearly told me she wasn't happy. As easily as her backpack fell from her shoulders, so were the tears from her eyes. She sat across from me in the front seat, while my car was still parked, and just had to let it all out. Her day was awful. This is year three we've been dealing with girl drama in her class. The one red flag I would wave to any parent contemplating a multi-age classroom is the pitfalls of spending three years together, if there are issues with friendships. It's a tough sea to navigate especially when you have a daughter that carries a large weight on her shoulders when there isn't resolve. She wants to know why she's being treated so unfairly and the majority of the time, sh

Cleanse Week 2, 1 Week As A Grain Free Vegan, DONE!

Just like that, one week of the cleanse down. I'm joking of course, in the moment the week felt more like a month. But as I sit here typing away one week into this, I truly feel like I am over the hump. I no longer need a few dates late in the afternoon to carb my sugar craving. I'm not smelling my girls' grilled cheese sandwiches or graham crackers just to feel satiated. I don't even think about a morning coffee. On Sunday, I took my girls to one of my favorite cupcake shoppes in Denver and didn't have a bite. Yes, I'm THAT over the hump. I feel incredibly calm. I don't feel bloated ( even with a looming visit from the monthly bloat master in my life ), I'm eager to clean my house, I've committed to walking or hiking every single day, I am more tuned in to my girls. Today was the  first day I didn't get out to walk because I got caught up in other things (costco run w/a friend, new garbage disposal installation), I was trying to figure out

Preschool Snack Bento

As it turns out, my youngest daughter that likes to graze all morning has been famished at school. She was trying to hit up the snack table twice in a morning, which is a no no. Her teacher requested I send an additional snack for her, in case she's hungry. Every morning, she seems to be hungry and comes home with an empty snack bento. Please don't let this reflect on my breakfast selections, she eats breakfast. I promise! granny smith apple sprinkled with lemon juice sharp cheddar cheese

THE Single Best Thing For Your Health [video]

A friend of mine, Christy , shared a link to a video (below) and it caught my attention. It struck a chord with me because I simply realized it was something I could achieve. I didn't need money for gym membership, I didn't need special equipment, I just needed to say yes.  If we think of our day as 24 hours, there's no way I can have an excuse to not dedicate 1/2 hour (or more) to my health. I mean there are still 23 1/2 hours left in the day. So I took the video to heart, laced up my shoes on January 1st, and left my excuses back in 2011. Here's my record of how I've done this week so far, from my DailyMile profile . If you work out regularly it's a great place to record what you've been doing and also a great support system. Please join me. Those workouts listed are in miles. A few of the days are hikes, which I prefer, but the trails are a crapshoot in the winter. The trails can be icy and snow packed in spots making them hard to navigate. Today

The Classic Returns, Breakfast for Lunch!

I have no qualms with breakfast for dinner or better yet, breakfast for lunch! It's fun to put a twist on a plain old peanut butter and jelly with a waffle. Simple as pop in the toaster and go! Organic blueberry waffle w/peanut butter & jelly organic pretzel rods granny smith apple kiwi 

[Food Friday] Boulder's Best Cake Spot: Kim and Jake's Cakes

I truly love baking cakes for special occasions, but for my own birthday I leave the cake making up to my husband. Over the past year and a half, we've become loyal fans of Kim and Jake's Cakes because they are always whipping up something special. Of course you will find classics on their menu such as Lemon, Red Velvet, Coconut, Vanilla and Chocolate. I'm also delighted by their Specialty cakes like Strawberry Margarita, Vindalicious, or Nut Brown Ale! This year I was invited to their Holiday Menu tasting and oh my goodness, let's just say the Egg Nog or the Cafe Brulot did not disappoint! Why is Kim and Jake's my favorite go to Bake Shoppe in Boulder? They are always accommodating, do you have dietary restrictions or allergies such as gluten free or vegan, no problem! I will admit, there's been last minute phone calls to Kim and they have always come through for us, they are super gracious in that way. I love the new and creative cakes Jake is constantly

Cleanse Update, When The Mind Desperately Wants To Control The Body...

Yesterday afternoon I felt like the walls were closing in on me. Even though I could look around my house and see at least 25 things to eat, it wasn't good enough. I had this extreme focus on everything I had been cutting out of my diet. Then after reflecting on my thoughts, I began to convince myself that it was too much. I mean who goes in one day and gives up caffeine, gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol, and all processed foods? I know the answer, lots of people do, but I felt rather lonely in this sea of cleansing. If I could just have some cheese I would feel better or some protein, that would do the trick. No rice, now I longingly wanted rice ( may it be noted, I've never craved rice ). The bottom line is, on this cleanse I have no vices. Feeling rebellious I downed a half of an avocado right out of the skin. That gently helped me off the ledge, the teetering ledge of just fixing myself a bowl of pasta with meatballs that I was cooking for the girls. Instead I powered thro

Easy How To Turn Off In App Purchases on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch [Tuesday Tips]

All it takes is one moment of weakness, you hand your iPhone over to your child to keep them busy. Next thing you know, your bill arrives and you've purchased $39 in accessories for the FREE App that was keeping them busy. Your three year old was just happily tapping away and the charges were multiplying by the minute. There's a very quick fix to protect against those free applications that have too many prompts to get you to upgrade or add on for a fee. Simply turn off "In App Purchases" in settings. The photos shown below are screen shots from my iPhone, I used the same method for my iPad, yours may vary slightly, but this should work. Tap Settings, to find this screen. Scroll down a bit to General. Tap General. Once in General, tap on Restrictions. As you see in the photo, my restrictions are set to OFF. Scroll down and notice  Restrictions > In-App Purchases . Button is set to On! Scroll back to top, TAP Enable Restrictions . You may be prompte

Glimpse Into Whole Foods Cleanse Day 1 of 21

The quick backstory is that a friendly conversation about a 21 Day Cleansing article in Whole Living Magazine turned into a pinky swear which sealed the deal, four of us committed to how we would eat for the next 21 days. This is a whole foods cleanse, not to be confused with one that is all juice and supplements. We will be eating foods, they just have to be fresh! The six things we are giving up are all processed foods/drinks, alcohol, sugar, gluten, dairy, and caffeine.  I will not be updating my meals daily, I will be doing a weekly recap. Of course with this being the first day, I am feeling energized to share how the day went. WEEK 1 emphasizes all fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and gluten free grains are added back in weeks 2 and 3. It's funny how this first day I was really nervous and focused many times through out the day on what I couldn't have . I felt lots of hunger pangs and the article discusses how this is normal and not a bad thing. I feel like

Sometimes it's just one foot in front of the other...

I had a one foot in front of the other moment this afternoon. I was completely absorbed in front of the computer sorting through photos, finding missing audio files in my music library, and uploading some videos online. I think about how often I put those tasks off, but in the moment I realize how incredibly slow the process is. How simply sitting down for a few minutes turns into a few hours later. At one point I headed outside for a walk. The wind had been whipping for the last few days and even though there was a chill to the air, the potential for upwards of 75MPH gusts was slim, so I simply bundled appropriately before heading out. I randomly turned on a playlist just to check to see if the earbuds I was putting in were the ones that weren't broken ( we have a pair floating around with no sound in the left side ). The playlist I turned on was a Ben Harper album I don't listen to very often anymore, but for some reason I committed to it during my walk, rather than my