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Mind + Body Challenge Continues, So How Much Weight Have You Lost?

The quick backstory is, in January I went on a 21 day whole foods cleanse which was featured in Whole Living Magazine. The basic premise was to give up 6 things, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, refined foods/drinks, gluten, and dairy. It was an eye opening experience for me and you can read all about it in these posts

After the cleanse was over I found myself recognizing patterns I have with food and it has impacted my diet ever since. I think it's also very important to note that I no longer restrict any of the 6 things I initially gave up, but I do look at them in a new light. I tend to avoid bread and buns in favor of a lettuce wrap. Last night we wrapped our burgers in a steamed chard leaf, hello awesome! Instead of a peanut butter sandwich, I have peanut butter slathered on an apple. I have finally weaned myself off of sugar in my coffee (this was one of the last hold outs for me, being a new to coffee drinker). I keep my eyes wide open when it comes to consuming sugar after I we…

A Moment

As she walked away her head was held high,
the sun was reflecting golden blonde highlights in her sandy brown hair,
even though her back was towards me I knew she was smiling from ear to ear.


Running: My Breakthrough Moment

I simply want to remember this moment. The moment I consider to be my breakthrough, mental walls collapsing all around me and there I am...

Running, smiling, and still running. Still Running?!?!?!

I've struggled with running, deeming myself a walker, but always wanting just a little bit more than walking. My body never moved at the pace my mind thought I should be moving at, so I felt frustrated. To top it off I would constantly battle my mind that would tell me over and over, it's ok to walk now. WALK NOW. You can walk now. Over and over. Every time I stepped on the treadmill it was like this mental battle, mind vs. body and trust me, my mind has some kick ass will.


I just kept at it. Everyday or as often as I could, I'd return to the treadmill and walk. Sometimes I'd run, maybe squeak out 12 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever I could. I always tried to push myself beyond my comfort (walking) zone. The oddest thing about my run or walk dilemma, is that I don't hu…