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A Slice of Americana, YMCA of The Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado

As I see it, Americana represents the fabric of our cultural heritage. Camping in the summer is one of those cherished slices of Americana, just as sweet as a homemade apple pie. I have very distinct memories of a camping trip I went on one summer as a child with my neighbors. There was bingo, camp fires, getting all sorts of dirty, exploring trails, and a tire swing over a lake. In June I was invited to explore the YMCA of The Rockies in Estes Park for a few days with a fabulous group of local bloggers, which I luckily also consider to be some dear friends. There was no way we would pass up such an opportunity! Typically we camp a couple of times over the summer, but it's usually in camping areas with no amenities, just back country style. My husband has a degree in Wilderness Recreation Leadership so he really enjoys all the work that goes into planning and experiencing a more back country camping experience.  We agreed it would be a fun and new experience to visit a p

The Adventure: 3 Weeks In New York...

I can clearly remember back to the moment when I was on the final purchase page for our tickets to New York, I pulled up the calendar at the same time and was double checking my days, I sensed a few moments of hesitation. I methodically clicked back and forth, wondering if I was really going to go through with it. Our trip would be three weeks long, with J joining us on the front end for the first 6 days, and I would be solo with the girls for the last two weeks. I joked with my parents, I am really doing this, say the word if you think it's too long. No, no, of course not too long, we can't wait to have you and the girls! Just do it! The reality is, we hadn't been back to my home town in two and a half years, and the girls were begging me to go. I started making a list of all the things I wanted to do with them and three weeks didn't seem like a stretch. Granted I knew there would be moments that wouldn't be all happy, happy, joy, joy, but I hit purchase anyway

The Room You Booked Isn't Available...

Finally after navigating the streets of New York City with 4 rolling suitcases, we arrived at our hotel. I faintly heard the hotel receptionist tell my husband that the room we had booked was no longer available. Then I heard the words, suite and 31st Floor... This was the view from our room, on the top floor of the hotel, on the same block as the Empire State Building! We were so close, I couldn't even fit the entire building in my camera to get a shot. Wow! What a way to start our stay in New York.