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YMCA Of The Rockies, Snow Mountain Ranch: Relax And Have It All!

Inevitably, I tend to put unspoken pressure on myself to keep my family entertained and to allow us to consistently have new experiences together. Now that winter is upon us, I keep thinking how we should go ice skating or try indoor rock climbing. I also love visits to our local recreation center pools a few times a month in the winter to keep the girls swimming skills in check. Living so close to the mountains, I've also considered going out Nordic Skiing or snowshoeing as a family.

But, quite often I have a reality check and realize I could quite literally book out every Saturday and Sunday through March and probably not accomplish what I joyfully set out to do. More than likely, I would be consumed by the cost of all those individual activities and be happy with J taking the girls to our local Ski Mountain a few times a month.

Enter, YMCA of The Rockies, Snow Mountain Ranch!We just returned from a weekend of having it all, with relaxation being the greatest take away from our …