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Staring At The Core Of My Being

The house was eerily quiet, I pulled out the chair to sit down at my wooden farmhouse table. I picked up a cardboard box that was broken away in the corners and dumped a handful of puzzle pieces on a vintage floral plate. My hand brushed over the pieces, I swiftly picked up a piece, the one I knew would fit right where I needed it. In a completely unexpected move, a hand came from behind me, and swiped the landscape of Tuscany onto the floor. As pieces went flying I sat, flushed, and overwhelmed. The table was now empty, except for a few strewn pieces.

I looked down at a puzzle piece that was the baskets of laundry I didn't finish folding. I saw another piece and it was the crumbs that collected in a little lip of the intersection of my kitchen and great room floors. I saw the overwhelmed feeling when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It wasn't but a moment before I realized there were emails I had never responded to perfectly represented in a Cypress tree puzzle piec…