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Fresh Thymes Eatery, Join Boulder's Community Supported Restaurant!

Countless times a month I find myself at 4pm in the center of Boulder, wishing there was a healthy marketplace to quickly run in and grab a meal for my family. We are all well versed into the overwhelming feeling of running into Whole Foods becoming way more effort than one can muster, but the take out options at restaurants just leave us feeling disappointed. Granted Boulder has a such a bountiful restaurant scene, but there's truly a huge gap between the casual dining market and us health conscious consumers. Finally, a new culinary concept is about to shake up the food scene in Boulder.

Enter Fresh Thymes Eatery!

Christine Ruch is an amazing chef that has dedicated her life to creating nourishing meals that seamlessly combines bright and delectable flavors with high quality ingredients (cue: GMO free, organic, sustainable, allergy friendly). Christine is not only a chef, but a teacher of whole food nutrition and food allergy awareness, which has given her this incredible depth …

A Recap of All The Mundane Things You Haven't Missed In The Past Month...

Did you ever play Don't Break The Ice as a child? I remember sitting at the far end of our wooden laminate kitchen table simply observing my three older brothers all hunched over the brightly colored plastic game. During the action they would hoot and holler, elbows were thrown, all in attempt to keep the little red man safe in the plastic ring, trying most to avoid falling through the ice. I most fondly remember pulling the game out of the closet when my big brothers were off to school. I'd carefully set up the white chunky ice blocks and have at it, all on my own, imagining I would be the reigning family champion!


That story has nothing to do with what I wanted to post about, but it just came out. There may have been an appropriate segue, but that was fleeting obviously. I've been questioned lately about my presence or lack of presence here and while I wish there was a simple answer, but there isn't. My blog has suffered because my laptop's logic board faile…