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Goodbye Knee High Socks, Hello Fresh Air

For 7 years my blog header was a photo that always contained the 3 girls of my family in knee high socks, preferably with some mountains in the background. I've decided to let go of the whimsy I once felt for socks and mountains. The view from my hike today seemed to be the best way to capture how I'm feeling about my blog.

Far too often I've been contemplating the past and future of this space. I get a nagging feeling that I need to write and then it subsides when I think about just packing it up. Truly I don't want to pack it up, I just need it to evolve and grow with me. 7 years into the blogworld experience and venturing into all forms of social media, I recognize my experience online is for me. This is most purely an outlet to express myself. I watch people tirelessly promote and write crappy content to appease brands and sponsors, hoping someone will read their soulless words in attempt to keep chasing the next brand experience. All of that has faded for me, I ha…

Go To Baking Mixes

I love baking from scratch, that's when I find myself being most creative in the kitchen. I switch up recipes a lot, write down what works and keep refining those moments of creativity. Which leads me to baking mixes. I always keep a few baking mixes in my pantry to help me out in a pinch when I find I need to whip up some treats last minute or when I just want to surprise my family.

I tried out NanaCakes baking mixes sold at Whole Foods Market, it can be used for pancakes, waffles, crepes, cookies, muffins, and cake! WOW! The results were awesome, my 10 year old made a batch of cookies with her friend, they added chocolate chips to this particular batch!

Disclaimer, I was compensated by Whole Foods Market as a WFM Ambassador for this post. Content is purely at my discretion.